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Why are they so cheap?

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    Why are they so cheap?

    I've been visiting various chat rooms and message boards to do some research....and you won't believe what I've come across. guys....starved for attention, dying to get any kind of reaction out of women.

    There was this one site where a particular "hero" hits on anything that has a female nick. He's constantly line-maro'ing and so obviously that it's sickening.

    The girls are either "playing" with him and responding (at least I hope that's the case cuz if it's not I'm seriously concerned about their mental health) or they are also frustrated and attention-starved.

    What's with this?

    Just a growing up phenomenon. Nothing else Muzna. Let the children play! Let the children have their way.


      Well, I don't think doing it once in a while lightly is bad at all... but I know what you mean as I myself have witnessed such sort of thing couple of times, and it just gets too idiotic.


        I am not a great chat fan but yes there will always be sick people around . however as far as this thing that he was trying to chat to any female , then the reseason for that is very obvious
        +ive attracts -ive
        and I can n't see thing wrong with it .unless you r a leso ,well no offense if you r but theory applies to normal people


          know what i wonder.....
          i wonder if the guys belonging to the ethnics of the arabs, orientals, americans, europeans, hispanics, you get my point, all act the same pathetic-like ways as some of the cheap desis guys on chat.....

          i'm sure they're all the same, right?


            I agree with NYAhmadi. Everyone does this in his youth age. Girls get mature at early stage but boys don't until 20's I suppose. So don't take it seriously.

            Shezi, Whats with +ve, -ve thing???
            Do you think a girl is -ve???
            I find it offensive and rude!
            You are trying to say that men are always +ve this is a discrimination on the basis of sex.

            Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


              did I say girls are negative
              and you have taken it as what??
              whats your sex goffy?
              well free take it as an offense


                I think shezi has gone mad.
                1st you called that men are +ve and women are -ve then you said leso to a very sober girl, a very cheap comment and now you are trying to say something cheap about me.
                Welldone man you are on the right path of destruction

                Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?



                  I don't think that you have understood what shezi was referring to. He certainly did not mean that girls are negative. He was simply implying that opposites attract. Male and female attract one another....that's all.


                  Dude, it's not kids! That's what dumbfounds me....these are people, some of whom I've known for a long time, that are well above the age of "play". (Some are even beyond 35 years of age.) Now, I don't mean to imply that one is too old to play...not at all...but to have nothing else to do?

                  Perhaps it's just my take on life, dunno...I think I believe that there is a time and place for everything, and watching them flirt ALL the time is just not for me.


                  Everyone enjoys flirting. I recognize that. It's been done on this board several times. But rarely does anyone walk away with the impression that a certain individual is nothing but a flirt (n.b. BoSS is an exception to this rule

                  I mean, how often do you see guys displaying "chichorpun" here? And if you do, how long does it last?

                  Anyhow...the more I see of places like that, the more I realize how much I like our membership.



                    Well whatever he was saying, it was bad
                    Anyway, I think old ppl have the right to play there is a child in every person, let them grow. mybe they are not grown up yet.

                    Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


                      Muzna you hit the point straight on the nail. Most people on chat sites are really very cheap and it hurts the most when one knows that they are from Pakistan, a country whose every single person I used to respect a lot.
                      Life is only a dream.



                        I guess probably low self esteem...and lack of maturity. 35 year old acting like teeny boppers..what can we say.

                        All goes to prove that geekiness and nerdiness does not end with age..


                          Well Muzna, in my personal opinion, age has nothing to do with it. There are 40 50 year old people out there...who act the way even teens don't act. And then you have teens who act like "typical teens." But regardless of age, it all has to do with the kind of brought up one has. The kind of values and morals one grows up with. The settings which create one's environment and one's own willingness to benefit positively from everything which comes their way. I think maturity and decency comes from within. It is seeded inside a person.