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Donkey's milk is good -Say Lucknow scientists.

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    Donkey's milk is good -Say Lucknow scientists.

    From 'The Week'
    If donkey's milk was Cleopatra's secret to eternal beauty, here is why age could not wither or custom stale her. The oligosaccharides in donkey's milk have anti-ageing properties, and it strengthens immunity and fights cancer, according to Lucknow University scientists.

    Oligosaccharides in donkey's milk have anti-ageing properties, and strengthens immunity and fights cancer. --Dr Desh Deepak, Lucknow University

    Tests conducted by a team of scientists led by Dr Anakshi Khere of the chemistry department at the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, confirmed the milk's immunostimulant properties.

    "Study of ancient literature like Charak Samhita and Sushrut Samhita and folk medicine which enumerate the properties of donkey's milk reaffirmed our belief that it has immense potential in fighting various diseases," said Dr Desh Deepak, co-principal investigator in the study, which was sponsored by the department of science and technology.

    Its potential to fight diseases is probably why people in some parts of Uttar Pradesh give donkey's milk to patients with tuberculosis and children with rickets. Scientists believe it can also fight liver disorders.

    The milk can act as a drug to fight diseases that affect the immune system, like AIDS. According to Desh, the condition of two AIDS patients, Manik Chand Yadav, 22, of Allahabad and Purushotam Das Gangolia, 32, of Jhansi, improved considerably after they were prescribed donkey's milk around this time last year. "Gangolia was bedridden then. Recently his brother informed us that he was able to walk," said Desh.

    Desh and colleagues have applied for a patent on their discovery on the oligosccharides and hope to manufacture a drug commercially after clinical trials. A 100 mg tablet would cost not more than Rs 10, says Desh

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