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Jinnah-The movie (help wanted)

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    Jinnah-The movie (help wanted)

    I have been trying to hunt down this movie since 97. Missed it the 3 times it was shown in London Film festival. Called the production company's office to be left hanging.
    Now that it has been on general release in Pakistan .. I was wondering has it been released on Video?
    has anybody got it?? if so can I borrow it ? otherwise folks living in pakistan can i persuade someone to go in to the theatre with a camera and make a pirate copy?

    I have waited toooo long ... Besides I wanna show it during international Week on campus.



    I'm transferring this post to the Shor Sharaba section....perhaps one of the movie buffs in there can help us cuz I've been wanting to see this controversial flick as well and though I haven't tried as hard as you obviously have, I still haven't found it readily available either....

    Let's see if we can find it together.