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It is Long, but I wish it was a Little Longer.

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    It is Long, but I wish it was a Little Longer.

    My train ride to work. It is about 45 minutes ride, and I read my NY Times only on train, I go through all the summaries, some Local news, read a couple of editorials, and by the time I start reading an opinion essay, my stop to get off is there. I hate it.

    On the way back, the routine is the same except I read 20 or so pages of the book that I am reading.

    Man, I wish my train ride was longer. As I really donít get any other chance these days to do any reading.

    yar I wish I had that opportunity, at least that way I'd get to read something. Personally, I'd skip the news part though... just the opinions column.

    For past few times that I had to travel recently, I always had a book with me and quite pleasantly, I was able to read most of it on the plane. At least there is something about travel that I don't whine about anymore.


      NYAhmadi sahib, I am sorry to hear that it is not as long a ride as wish it were but look at the bright least you enjoy every mile of it. There are people who have long long flights but spend it sleeping all the way through.


        Well you can't say that ppl who sleep on flights don't read at all!!!
        I'm very fond of sleeping in long flights and drives
        Because normally I don't have enought time to sleep.
        But NY why don't you read news paper during lunh or breakfast or dinner? Or even in the office

        Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


          I can see where you would encounter issues with length.

          How about this suggestion? Change your priority list.....adjust it so that you can spend more time doing what you feel provides you with more enjoyment.

          If it's the opinion essays that you prefer....attack them first.