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    Are U a leader...

    Its 9:00am friday morning, work is slow so I fugure I share some of my thoughts with my friends in Gupshup land.
    Have U ever thought of your individuality? What is it that makes U stand from other people? Do U have an air of confidence, when U walk in the room, people turn to look at U and wanna talk to U. Do U have that presence about U?
    OR are U 'One of those' people who are easily impressed by the world around them. They have such a low self-esteem that they're eyes pop-out, and they're voice gets shaky and an air of humility to the level of disgust surrounds them when they meet someone of different race and culture.
    I have seen both sides. I wanna know what are U..A leader or a follower?

    Remember ALLAH and HE will Remember you.

    Asr good post but there are some inherent contradictions in there.

    One can be very individualistic and have attributes that make one stand out yet not have an air of confidence. Or someone who does not stand out much but is very confident.
    One can walk in a room, with people turn to look but not want to talk. Your average stereotypical high school geek for one. On the other hand there are tons of people that are great leaders yet don’t really stand out….napoleon, hitler, gandhi, Edhi, Hakeem Mohammad Saeed, Maggie Thatcher. If I was walking down a street and saw them in usual clothing I would not give em a second look.

    There are people who get impressed by everything around them, yet don’t suffer from low self esteem.
    There are people who have low self esteem but you can not tell at all on the surface.
    There are leaders with low self esteem and there are followers with high self esteem. There are leaders that on the surface lack charisma (look at some of our ‘leaders’ for that)

    The traits are important for leadership, Confidence, Charisma, Individuality etc etc.
    Too many times people try to emulate too hard to showcase and display these attributes and wind up looking arrogant, overbearing and tacky instead of confident, charismatic and unique. (Go to ANY desi event for a live demo)

    As for myself…of course everyone is biased and thinks that they are unique and charismatic..and maybe confident. It is what others perceive that is more objective and what the person has demonstrated or accomplished..and listing that could be a bit against general modesty.

    And furthermore the age old debate, are leaders born or made?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I agree with fraud,
      Last question is easy to answer: Both.
      Son of a leader will have much more chances of becoming a leader itself than an ordinary man on a street. But there are many leaders who are brought up in poor circumstances and yet become a leader in their later life.

      Some ppl have leadership qualities in a cirtain respect but they may not be upto the mark in others.

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        I am a leader for the fact
        although the team is pretty much screwed I think I must have a few qualities


          Well shezi by saying that you are a leader doesn't make you a true leader. You don't have much leadership qualities. But yes u r a leader who is leading its team to destruction

          Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?