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    Abusive Nicks

    I don't know whether you have noticed it or not, but I think that a lot of new comers have got abusive nicks.
    Do you think that they should be allowed to have that?

    Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


    Adaab Yahoo ji!

    What are you taking about?
    I haven’t seen any

    Cyber execution


      know whta i'm starting to think?
      i think haramzada=r---ka-bacha who was here yesterday but then had all his posts deleted..all of them..
      dun't you think so? i know nova, NY, Xtreme & janu had noticed rkb's posts...

      moderattorrrssss/adminnnss....can something be done about what yahoo is talking about



        we will be dealing with these ppl.
        Please let the moderator of the section know of such things via email as well in the event it has been missed.

        Your friendly neighbourhood fraudiya loafer luccha lufanga awara ayaash aubaash ghunda badmaash man


          will do x2


            Dear members,

            We wanna make this place "The Best Place" on net for you guys. But we can't do that wid out ur help and cooperation. We all have to work together to make this a better place.

            I think that the best way to deal these kinda "attention seekers" is to ignore them. therefore, i am requesting u guys to ignore these ppl and donot respond to their silly posts.......thanx



              Naiko, good advice. But what if a gang of similar minded “attention seekers” start replying to each others’ posts? You are absolutely right that it is “our” netplace, and we have to make sure that it stays within the limits of decency and an environment that nourishes greater understanding of each other as well as our culture. I personally don’t mind controversy and hot topics, but sometimes some people take it a little too far where one’s MaNN BeHn becomes a Salam Tanga for a few.

              But generally, you Mods are doing a great job in keeping this place sane.


                >>>>>But what if a gang of similar minded “attention seekers” start replying to each others’ posts?

                Mods(Selfish baqaul Azkar and Admins are here to take care of themofcourse we won't ignore them....

                Ps. and thanx for ur kind and good words for Mods


                  Well, I think mods have done a right thing by deleting them.
                  If ppl are sick enough to not even think of a decent name then they shouldn't come here.

                  We cannot ignore this type of things. Atleast I cannot see such typ of names and then ignore it.
                  But yes we can together keep this place a nice and kleen place to visit.

                  Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?