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'Land' of "Irrational hostility"

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    'Land' of "Irrational hostility"

    Saalllamm all, except some. I hope the general forum is doing great, so am i, feeling fantastico haha anyways dears lets get to the point, and lets THINK&reason. shall we? Off course!

    As you all know this Gupshup, our intragroup of discussions among people who are different in their culture(some of), ethenic backgroud, way they think, and gender<<Opposite sex>>, tolerance of diversity becomes a social necessity(most of the times).Too often however, people have evaluated others negatively because they are members of particular group or are different gender or hold a different idea(s) than 'theirs'.
    Still haven't figured out what i am talking about??? Yes its called prejudice; a behaviors of some mentally disturbed and (emotionaly)weak human beings or a "group of people".

    Stories of prejudice are found every day in everyday life. For example take lets say this Gupshup, people have bullied, dictated, and shown anger and detest towards people who hold somewhat different opinions or ideas on a particular issues/subject(s). (<<just because they sit on little higher chair than others.>><they THINK they are right> ) To give you other worldly examples, the fight between Israelis and palestinians, a affair which seems like an enternal battle, and on the LIR(Long Island Railroad) a man expressed his Black Rage by shooting a carful of white commuters. Stories like these have made headlines in the news papers of past and still do today.
    Some quotes:
    The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.
    Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher.

    Prejudices are so to speak the mechanical instincts of men: through their prejudices they do without any effort many things they would find too difficult to think through to the point of resolving to do them.
    G. C. Lichtenberg, German physicist, philosopher.

    Prejudice. A vagrant opinion without visible means of support.
    Ambrose Bierce, U.S. author.

    He who has a task to perform must know how to take sides, or he is quite unworthy of it.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, German poet, dramatist.

    Please do deliberate on these questions. And please if you can, do list some personal experiences with such insane behaviors.

    How is prejudice a by product of the way we think?
    Is sterotyping inevitable or can it be controlled?
    what motives seem to fuel prejudice all over the world/or around your neighborhood?

    Please do try to answer those questoins and think about the subject before you reply back. Lets keep this thing healthy and running.

    "Ciao"! Thank you, have a pleasant day!


    HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<

    [This message has been edited by HARooN (edited July 12, 2000).]


    Haroon you are right, i have seen the big fishes show prejudice towards the little fish. Which i think is very wrong, and shouldnt be done. I dont know others have not replied to this message, although there was one reply which i think the moderator has deleted, another example of dilike and prejudice against God knows who. I think the mod should get hold of her weak self.




      Hmmm..i guess all you guys are clean of this prejudice "bemaari" hmmmmm or maybe NOT.
      Thanks for input leo. Mod usually has a problem of her own, she kinda blends everything else with it. Anyways...God may help all of us.


      HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<