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Gupoos evalution session/ Tribute to Gupshup *click on, be there u all*

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    Gupoos evalution session/ Tribute to Gupshup *click on, be there u all* alaikum wa rahmatullah Gup-il-awam

    How have you all been doing so far? Hoping and praying that lives are rocking for everyone by the grace of the Almighty one above. Ameen. When I come to think of it, Gupshup has come a long long way. It progressed from one single page to a highly organized, lively, a firmly incorporated Top quality and well-regulated establishment. Many, many congratulations to the admin and their loyal, dedicated staff as well as rest of the sincere chumchays j/k. tehee… I don’t come very often on the forum now, but I would really like to take a few moments out… and recap on a few things. Those of you that don’t know me… Hello, I’m Daysee Behna… an oldie, now perhaps forgotten by many. Smiling. And those that do know me… howdy do folks… and gosh I miss you all. . . sniff.. Ahem! Now back to the matter of subject.

    I really don’t know where I’ll end up with this post… however, I do know what I want to talk about. I want to share with you all…some things…those that are not important, but if one does acknowledges the other… it makes a big difference. So I encourage you all out there as well.. to contribute fully to this thread, and let your thoughts flow freely and give them meanings by sharing them with us through decent and constructive words here. So shall we proceed ladies and germs?

    We see many, many people coming and going on this forum. People we don’t know, but we know they make up part of the overall reality out there. There are people, you don’t even have a clue about, can’t help wondering which planet they reside on, there are people that you can relate to, there are people that are too good to be in existence out there, meaning, rare people, those that you do not meet on every day bases, those that you want to look up to, and then there are those that you can not stand at any point, you wish them dead, all horrible thoughts come to your mind when interacting with them, then they are those that you wish may life never sting them, may they always be protected from harshness… my question is what do these strangers mean to us? And these strangers that are being mentioned here, are you and me. How do we learn from them something productive that we can apply to our selves, in our own livelihoods? Or do we learn anything at all? Personally, I see this whole process as a part of the overall reality of our own authenticity. What does it mean to you? Would u like to share?

    Now changing the subject, here’s the all times ahlay gupsh’s favourite portion of the post. The gupoos evaluation session. Yaeey… c’mon ya’ll join me in this one. We all love doing this. It doesn’t matters if you don’t know too many that well yet, feel free to comment, and contribute. Ofcourse we all love to know what others think of us, and what kind of impressions we’re leaving behind on them. Its simple… follow my lead if so.. here goes… and here it comes…. What impressions, I’ve taken to, or what I’ve learnt, I’d like to share out loud about the following people (my friends, foes, and the one’s that falls on the gray spectrum of the prism…tehee… I don’t think there is an obvious gray on the prism in scientific terms but ohwell…) of gupland on bases of the discussions here… is this.. * drum roll * Rrrrrrpm… PrarUmmmp! Rumpa, rumpaa.. prrrRrrrrrrrr RummMmp..!!!

    Presenting……….few GupOos of Gupland that I’ve bumped into…

    Anokha UK Hmm… well basically, me and Hayaa had lots of fun during that wedding thread right in the beginning, throwing the nastiest, harshest, and funniest teasers your way . However it was a superb discovery to find our dulha bhai with a great sense of humor, and a well-calculated sense of balance. I had a time of my life with Tootsie baji’s wedding thread, for though we couldn’t make it to the real wedding, we had our share of fun thru the posts here, for they were so real and your contribution made a big difference. Thanks for being such a good sport during that while, and not taking any offence by our craziness. All we’d ask you for this later while, is that ..Oh bhai ji… keep our dear baji jan very happy, and take utmost care of her for us..many, many thanks (btw…apka report kafi acha atha hie ab tak..shabash.keep it up!). *Hayaa… yaar Dolha bhai nay abhi tak humain wo doodh pilai kay paisay nahi diyay, kuch karo yaar *

    Azkar Ji tuo Azkar chacha… hain humray gupland kay ustad ji. Aray wohi, jin kay haath mie 2 feet ki chari hothi hie, agr koi line say bahir niqlay, tuo ahem..kam finito. J/k. Nah! He’s one heck of a chacha. Aur in ko sun kay insan ki batheeci mon kay ander ziyada dair nahi reh pathi. Agr kahin comedy show mie apply karain.. tuo baray kamyab rahain gay. Thanks Azkar ji.. for creating such an amusingly interactive gab_on_unlimited_land for us. * the crowd claps their tribute *

    BoSS ..and ha.. BoSS?… Oh…BoSS! ..aha… BoSS?! kalma is “wohoo”… his belief is “hehe…” his presence in gupland is “hoohoo”…he talks like “tehee”… he walks like “hai, hai”… He is! Beware ppl… da BoSS! Angreyzi but desi face, Da KaKroach killer * and now if I don’t run fast, he’ll be Daysee Killer * Screeams Hayaa…dunda to rescue yaar..bhagoo..! wink.!
    hmm… now seriously folks…letme think of one good thing about him…think!..think.!…think…! God this is hard…still thinking……! … Think..! hmm…!…Umm…hmm…think..!….humpf..! *scratching my head real hard to think.. *
    …umm…..!..Think…! Ok, I’ll tell ya folks tomorrow….(arey wohi tomorrow, the one that never comes)…remind me okay?

    Chan Mahi Chan Mahi… first of all… I really don’t know what ur nick means? I know Mahi… but chan? Hain ji? Ok, ppl, I really don’t know much about the where and what abouts of this guppie … Chan Mahi looks like a sincere person… hmm.. tell us bhai…when are you going to buy that farm or sumfin? Chan Mahi the name makes me imagine u as a person, with bara gaz (12 ft) wali monchain, and a wrapped dhooti aur us bunday ki tarah jo kay apni bhainso ko baray thaat baat say chara dal rahain hothay hain future me. Teheee…

    Dehatan Ahhh! Dehatan ji. Kiya zabardast cha janay wali personality, kiya style, kiya dehshat, kay wah hi wah! Mie tuo bilqul impress hoon ap say. Love your strong character… your capability of zealous debating skills, ur cool sense of humor, gosh you’re hilarious beyond measurement. Nahi nahi exaggerating nahi kar rahi, just writing out exactly how I perceive u as. And I love your tanga style. I think you would be among one of the most successful lawyers, inshAllah (or u already are), because you have a strong ability of convincing people, because when ever I’ve seen you making a point, there’s always sincerity and honesty reflected back in your words. Which add so much meanings to what you say, and it makes utmost sense. Wish may life always give you its best. Always.. .and .. Always. Ameen.

    Desi Munda Han ji..ab nazreen ayay is namonay ki taraf. Hmm.. to begin with.. Oye who the heck are ya first of all?! Anyway, getting back to the point… tuo junab ahlay-gupsh.. yay bhi ike fard maloom hotay hain who contribute significantly to the overall population of gupshup. J/k. Desi bhai (dunno, but Munda sounds too obnoxious ahem.tehee)… I hope you r feeling much better by now. I’m sorry to hear about ur uncle. I guess its part of life, its like a transition a human being goes through.. death doesn’t mean it ends all ties… or it perishes all memories. Its just a reminder to us all, that life goes beyond the earthly affairs that we so ironically are indulged in. Although the pang is felt extremely when the moment is still fresh.. but inshAllah time shall heal you brother. Hang in there.. though we hate it when ppl tell us to be patient in a troublesome time, but that’s all there is to it. Sometimes, some aspects in life are bay-ilaj… but hearing yourself vent out, or getting all the outburst out in open… does helps us clear up our inner systems. And anytime you need someone to listen to what u say… click away on “new post” icon on this forum, and u’ll find many willing to listen and understand the words u need to utter to get over with the anxiety within. Wishing you well..may Allah give you the strength to cope with the pain. Ameen.

    Dilse Hmm… a friendly guppie, trying to be a friend to all, and foe to none. However, Dilse ji, ap say ike guzarish hie,it would be so nice of you if u cud cut down on the frequency of the mushy terminology while addressing ppl, please take no offence, for it’s a sincere request. Thanks. Bhai twadi bari bayrabani howin giin. And keep your chin up in times of sorrow, have faith in the one above. InshAllah life will unfold its beauty before you by and by.

    Elmo with head phones This kid in kinda new on the block Still under research in my books. But overall quite an amusing personality. Esp’ the cute sense of humor is remarkable. Take care.. gupland’s lil ‘un. May life always treat u kindly. Ameen.

    Fraudia Whoa boy! Fraudia.:scared icon: I kinda get the creeps talking about this person. Kahin ulti seedhi taveez na karwa lay apun pay. Waisay bhi zindagi kuch ulti, ulti chal rahi hie aj kal. Ah hh em. J/k. Hmm… ok, seriously, this person freaks me out with his afeemi Ooops, I mean hakeemi posts. So I try as much as possible to stay clear. However jokes aside, the serious part of his personality is cool. His words make more sense, when the moment is called for. His posts are short, precise, to the point, and concise. Gets the job well done in briefs. *tehee * (no not those duh! I meant words selection wise) Overall he tries really hard to be funny alas..but in vain*Daysee ducks a wildly flying 2 ton shoe*

    Felicity Aww… Gupshup is having a shortage of Felicity supplied posts these days. Been ages since saw her last around here. She’s the neatest person u’d ever run into. Talks phsycology, philosophy, and all the goodies. Some one that u feel comfortable talking to. Her posts make so much sense to me… and are sufficient with all the logical, legitimate reasons that one really yearns for while looking for answers to their questions. And she really out brings the dough and meat of the phenomena that is under investigation at that moment. A very intellectual guppie. Girl show up quick, before I go on a strike against you…

    Girl From Quraysh Ditto! Girl from Quraysh is yet one more noticeable and intriguing person among the new ones. Her posts have insight, and depth. Good sense of humor too. Very responsive on the sensitive matters involving religious aspects, provides concise pieces of literature, and excellent quotes plus hadeeses (in times of need). young spirited youth who is ready to face challenges head on. Love your attitude Girl. Keep it up, and always make sure to make me proud (no pressure) * s mile * j/k. Its not a blessing though that life had sanctified me with a coz like you, however, I think I’ll still survive regardless..wink! ok, ok, I’m kidding… smile already now. Love ya!

    Hayaa * Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams * Hayaaa… Hey ya..hiyya!!! My bery bery goodest friend first…phir baqi sub kuch bad mie. I can’t say much about her, because obviously I will sound biased, cuz I love her too much. Everything she does, is great! Everything she says Rocks! Everything she bites is Sweet! So back off whoever are intending to hurt her here, cuz remember I can become very witchy like if so. Hayaa may Allah give you the strength and ability to bear all what life gives you, and may you be so strong, that when the world is crying, may you have a gorgeous smile on your face, uplifting the weak spirits of others, and dashing the sorrow outta their lives, spreading sunshine all over! Ameen. Hayaa’s charming humor makes me laugh my head off, and aww she’s just so cute!!!

    Hinna hmm… Hinna aka Hinzie Binzie girl. I find Hinna a girl who speaks her mind, doesn’t gives a * crum * to what others wud think or say to her regardless of what she has to say, just plain blunt and fearless. She makes sure she is heard “well” with open eyes and ears by others, and won’t give up until she’s got all her questions answered. I find her confident, and strong while making a statement. In a way, I admire her, cuz the way her personality reflects here, seems to me that she really doesn’t falls for how others would judge her as. But rather, she falls back on her own perception of how she sees her own self in her eyes. Which is a really rare trait to find. Good job Hinz… have faith in ur self just like that.

    Hmcq… Hmcq doesn’t know anything, except laughing his head off, esp’ during the while I was almost in tears “wanting” to hand over my moderator chair to him/ or her and he refused all the while. When I’d lecture him/ her… he’d/she’d laugh as if I’m some clown off some lucky rani circus… showing kartabs…esp’..dedicated for his/her royal bald-i-ness. Haha j/k. Good guppo Hmcq seems like. Decent, and noble. (hopefully) tehee…hmm…although he has a beard… and needs fertilizers to grown his hair. With Hayaa & co corporation, InshAllah that mission shall be accomplished one day.

    Humsa ho tuo samanay aye Humsa ho… has been a mystery for a long while. She sounded pretty familiar… well lets sum it up this way… she has come a long way. From a hot tempered, she has covered a long mile, being a cool cucumber ok, almost close enuf)… ever since I’ve discovered the real person behind this nick, I can’t help thinking of the past gupshup, the old one… where there was only one page to begin with.. and every person had to post up all the messages on that one single page. Back then the population of gupland was quite little. Well all I’ve to say.. its been so nice knowing you, and seeing all the accomplishments u’ve made… man u’ve developed a strong tolerance level. So proud of you.

    Iqra Bhabi She came, she conquered and she vanished. Or perhaps she’s using another nick that I haven’t picked up on yet. She was one of the many funniest comedian, and a very decent baji of gupland. Now that she’s not around… gupshup has lost its charm in a way. Sniff! Where ever u are, plz show up.

    Jawan Ya illahi khair. Here goes everything. Ahem. Aslkm! Peace fellow gupoo. Hmm… there’s a lot to say about this feller here… he’s declined to having his ego blown outta proportion on some occasions, maybe he means well, but perhaps due to our short fuses, we get offended. Just one sincere piece of my two cents worth Jawan bro human beings we’re entitle to show atleast some respect to each other, by considering the fact that we are human beings, because if we don’t , we shall not get any in return either. However, I need to tell you this for sure. When you ask ppl for personal information that they cannot provide you on other members, don’t assume that they are frightened to death to share it, but the fact it, there is a policy for them, and that is the reason they are selected to do that precise job. And if you ask any moderator to provide you that, none of them would do it. And neither did I during the while I was moderating (it was last year). And this is my last and final answer to you on the whole issue. ( I know I’ve kept it in for long, but ohwell as long as u know this, even if its not even worth it anymore!)

    Jewels of insignificance A stupendous gupoo with superb poetic style. His poems are outrageous, and so close to reality. He’s been missing for long now.
    Khalifa Another clown of gupshup. He goes by the nick Baqra too. If anyone can locate him, plz direct him to gupland. He is missing his qurbani wala date.. and we all need to do that fast. Thx.

    Kohal A great writer! A rising star! Able to write in depth and bring out the essence of main subject. Seems like a quiet, quiet personality. Someone who’d spend most her time thinking about life and its surroundings. Sensitive and perceptive. Very unique and intellectual.

    Muzna Ah! My loving Tootsie baji. Intellectual, the greatest writer, strong, and determined. Someone whom I’ve adored since quite awhile. Where R U??!!!! * frowning with misery * Jo daikhay tuo hosh kho jai… han.. She’s like Buffy (destroyer of evil ho ha!)… or so I see her as… the one and only … no one else is the same as her… to sum is up really well… She is none but Muzna Da GREAT! ** need I say more ** beep, beep.

    Naik Larki She’s my Jamisherin Baji. Someone who has more depth in her personality, than she actually shows. Very insightful, and sensitive. I find her sweet and caring. Jami I miss the films oye. Baray dino say pop-corn khanay ko ji chah raha hie. Smiles…

    Nadeem One of its kinds. O bhai… yay mazaq ap zara acha kar liya karain, tuo apko shaid larkiyon say dant bhi kum khani paray gi phir. A nice guppie bhai.

    N Y Ahmadi A very successful guppie in his aim. Never fails to tick the gupoos off when he wants to. Which is hilarious sometimes. But he must have a good side to his personality somewhere in there.

    Nova Uncle Nova by now, is remarkably well known in the jungle here. His posts makes one think, they are like mind benders, forcing the neurons to bump into each other to triger numerous trails of thoughts. Funny too.

    Punjaban A sincere and sweet person. Just bumped into her once over chat. I find her honest, and very decent. Nice humor side too.

    Roman……Long five mins pause of silence……. Hmm…what to say of Roman... folks two words * No Comments * (now Roman, isn’t this one hell of a teaser?)

    RareDaimonds Hmm… interesting new guppie, I’ve recently bumped into on chat. Looks like she’s gone top the fame category too. I like her the way she stands up to take up on a rough climb, and kind of sticks to the journey till its over. The fact that she doesn’t minds getting her hands dirty with mud, being all prepared to face up the challenge, but do the job right. That’s great Rare.. its called determination in order words, and persistent to accomplish what u’ve set urself out for. Good going! Two thumbs up fer ya!

    Samreen I have no clue where she is these days. She is quite an interesting guppie and compensates for the joker population of gupland.

    Sabah A very nice and a pleasant person. I wish you happiness for the upcoming life. May all the goods come your and forever. Ameen.

    Sadaf She’s the karnani of gupland. Will sing all the nursery rhymes and sing all that is crazy. Loads of fun to interact with!

    Shanzay A new person I met over chat. She funny and cute. Still under research…
    Umar Talib hmm… in order words UT is aka Pardaysi babo. A very peaceful and gentle person. Often quiet and shy --> I guess..well why else do u not show up around here no more huh! Some one who’s got this sign hanging down from his neck engraved with the sayings… “Na chayr malanga non!”

    Utopia A totally new person, ran into Utopia over chat. Brings up quite interesting topics… pleasant and decent chatting skills, some day will turn up ending famous around here I guess. Good on philosophical side of things too.

    Alrighty then. * didle deeep, didooLoop * that’s all folks!!!

    Ps. I’m sure I’ve missed more than a half of those that I know but haven’t mentioned them up there… sorry..but will do soon.
    ps2. nOW.. who was complaining tat I'm quiet?

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    DB, i can do one of two things I can do the 'words can't express what...' thingy or i can say one word u are...amaaaaazing!!!!...oh wait here are some more naah there's way too much, how about i just save it all up and deliver it in a humongous **HUG** next time i see u Luv ya!

    ps. Guyz don't i have the greatest coz'n?


      Oh DB..
      *hugz* you're awesome. & GQ is right: you must be the best cousin/sis in the world.


        Cappacio...**Hugz**u r da sweetest

        Girly Pearlie....You r sooooo lucky...u have someone like Cappacio as a cuz and Naik as a friend *hehehe*smoooch*


          Thank you for the compliment Daysee Behna. Things gotta be taken care of at the right time. I don't think we have had a chance to run into each other yet, but you surely seem like quite an interesting person yourself. It would be interesting talking to you on chat sometimes and sharing your ideas about things. Stay cool and sweet


            DB, I think I am goign to buy the farm very soon in Canada and hire you to take care of it. You have too much free time on your hands. bhainsoN ko chara daalogi tou naani yaad aa jayegi


              UFF DB majboor ker dia tum nay anay pay

              haan tou kia kah rahi thi tum k main decent:0thanx

              sorry DB iqrabhabhi ka password bhool gaee tou socha bhabhi na sahi BB tou hoon na
              so here i m pahlay jaisi baat pata nahi q nahi tum nahi hou ayo na hungama karain doubara u too

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                D.Behna....what can I say? U put me right at the top....I assume it's in order of 'favourites' and NOT alphabetical.
                Glad to see U haven't forgotten me.
                I promise to keep your sista' happy...only as long as u keep remembering me ....otherwise......!!!!!!!!

                P.s....did u know we're moving to your country next month...what more can I do to keep her happy? any ideas?!!


                  i wasn't gonna reply just now...because i know i need to sit down when i have plenty of time and "evaluate" everyone and anyone..

                  but i couldn't resist saying this...and who knows when i can log on again
                  I LOVE YOU TOOOO! My patoooti!

                  Guyz, Daysee Behnaa is the sweetest, most adorable, have to instantly fall in love with, beautiful inside & out kinda gal! (behna, and i am not being biased. thanks for just being u...and at times, for keeping me from going insane..i totally honestly mean it! u have a special place in my cracked up heart (waisay i am cracked up in the head too) can't wait to meet you some day! *a big bear hug*

                  *teary eyed* *smooch*


                    oy DB
                    What du ya mean " Ladies and Germs" U have changed letter "G" instead "Sp".
                    Should we address "Guys and Ovas".
                    ab tu ne mera "josh" nahi paya kya.


                      Looks radical faminists are in arms. I feel among manopaused women whose hormons are surging.


                        ahem ahem wooo ahem......
                        So i read it and u wanna know what I think about you or what impression I have made of u? kya? not interested hmmm ok cuz I know that u r aware of my answer



                          DB, it took me a good 25 minutes to read everyone’s kartoot-nama.

                          Since you have been away, we have a few more Guppos who have joined in. Some young, some old, and some sex carazed middle aged. The point is that this forum represents a pretty good insight into Desi culture. How we relate to one another at various levels.

                          Good to see you back. Hope you will be staying for some while. We miss your Bakwas! I mean it sincerely. While you were on leave, KG left, Achtung makes guest appearances, Xtreme is getting mellow, Asif wants advises on girls (a big change from last year). I hope that msaqibj, Stud, and Ironman are somewhere doing well, and hopefully will come back some day. We are all growing together and it is so much fun. Everyone except Naiko has matured.


                            Daysee hal hai ap ka..well i quote mushy terminology while addressing ppl..upar sa guzar gayee,can you explain what do you mean by this...ap ka shukryia..yes allah bohat bada badsha hai,and have full faith on him..ameen

                            dil.dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na