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Net interaction - control and exposure

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    Net interaction - control and exposure

    I've been interacting with people on the net through chatrooms, emails, and different fora for a bit over two years now. Like anybody else, I myself have gone through different phases of learning how to interact with others in the manner I see fit for myself.

    I too have found countless posts and comments from others to be offensive, boring, insulting, unwanted, and idiotic. I'm sure I myself have contributed to the above from many others' point of view.

    No matter how much idiotic or unwanted I find the material that I hear (yeah, we do have a mean for that in terms of voice chat now) or read, the fact remains that just because I don't find something agreeable to talk about does not mean that it shouldn't be discussed by others.

    The question becomes apparent in such a case that what to do? Well, I think one thing that many people fail to realize is that the level of exposure that they want themselves to have from a certain type of discussion/conversation is controlled mainly by themselves, not others. Criticizing and complaining won't just do it.

    I think it's not others who irritate you, it's you who do that to yourself at the very outset. The simple rule is that if you don't like something, don't participate in it. Don't expose yourself to it. I personally don't really like the rule but the only thing I can do about it involves me alone, not others.

    For example, I get along well with some people around here, and I don't with some others. I don't like stuff some people say/write, and I don't read their threads or replies. It saves me the irritation and/or judgement of their thoughts being idiotic that I might have experienced if I would to do otherwise. It's people's freedom to talk about about whatever they like (for limits and restriction of the material, we have moderators for that), and it's much as an individual's freedom not to participate in it.

    But of course, like any other rule, you can't consistently abide by it. It's human nature that you lose you cool or you err. What important is that how often you do abide by it though.

    Now the second part. Somebody in the chatroom today said to me that I'm too proud. I think he meant that I'm a snob. I admit that I only talk to certain people in chatroom same as, more or less, that I interact with the selective few on fora. But what's wrong with that? Who said that I'm supposed to talk to everybody around here? Just because I don't regularly chat with everybody does not mean I disrespect them.

    And I'm sure there are a lot of people who won't want to talk to me as well, which is absolutely understandable. I mean, you don't start hanging out or make friends with everybody you meet, right?

    I don't see anything wrong with it, do you?

    terribly confusing.. nova synrome is catching on..


      Roman Said

      <<I too have found countless posts and comments from others to be offensive, boring, insulting, unwanted,
      and idiotic. I'm sure I myself have contributed to the above from many others' point of view.>>

      Let me see.........
      I am Counting..............
      Well I'll let you know when I am done counting.....
      1002, 1003.....

      Now seriuosly, I am agree with you, and if you see my posts I do believe in ignoring certain type of peoples. There is nothing wrong with picking friends but same time make sure you don't hurt their feelings....


        Rom, I like your approach with this, but I believe that an opposing pov should also be heard. When a bunch of knuckleheads gang up on particular country and a particular race, I take of it as my obligation to offer a response. You are absolutely right that no one can make “them” change their views because most times such views are bequeathed and handed down, but then again, most don’t realize that they are achieving totally the opposite of what their intentions may be. Many’s idea of showing how great Pakistan is to point out deficiencies in India. Isn’t that brilliant?


          Well it's only natural that birds of a type flock together. This is the internet so you don't have control over who posts what here.

          I don't mind different long as there's some reason behind them - and there usually is, even if it it's pretty ropey.

          NYA>>When a bunch of knuckleheads gang up on particular country and a particular race, I take of it as my obligation to offer a response.

          well maybe knuckleheads also feel the need to respond.

          >>Many’s idea of showing how great Pakistan is to point out deficiencies in India. Isn’t that brilliant?

          No, but it's one way to show that if you live in a glass house it's no good throwing stones.


            Xcellent points Xtreme. You know what I meant. You rascal you! I like as much mirach misala as you do, but I prefer, unlike you, a good mix or all masalas, not just one kind. I like some Western spice (girls) in addition to your regular ones.

            (When I post something for Roman, it is not meant for general discussion, and is not open to scrutiny, specially your’s). Kapeesh?

            By the way, you are not a knucklehead in my opinion.


              right extreme.... check out the number of sentences starting with "I am this" and "I am that" in roman and ahmadis posts..... seems like they have gone dilusional over the whipping.

              since there is nothing to defend the existence of 300 million shoodars and millions of devdasies..... hindus have no choice but to hide. Isnt it ironic that there are more hindu religious prostitutes in one state of india than the entire woman population of Afghanistan. Yet the likes of rani zz and others dont hesitate for a second to blame Islam and Muslims for their condition.

              Yet we are the knuckleheads if we explore the sick hindu customs.... while there is nothing wrong with putting down Islam which only prescribes women to cover their bodies.

              The point in bringing up the sick hindu customs is so that all Pakistanies and muslims can watchout for their sick customs and religious practices. Its in no way meant to glorify Pakistan.

              Who is the real knucklehead now?


                Nai yaar Ahmadi, I was talking solely in terms of net fora, not counteries. But I see you point.

                Well, I think that even if those views have been handed down to them, it's none of my business to "correct" them. I mean, where is the sense of individual freedom there? Everybody is free to learn about life on his/her own. Plus, I have not taken the "thaika" of "correcting" certain behavior etc.

                johny, did I hurt your feelings


                  Mundyaa you probably have no self esteem to begin with. That is the reason you dislike those who express their thoughts (in MY opinion). Stick the Afghan pipe in your hiny and see how many “Is” come out of you. the biggest “I” in your asinine brains is the religion that starts with that letter. It is called "I"gnorance (you might have guessed it wrong).

                  Rom, you used too many “I’s” in your last post. Some feelings were hurt.


                    >>>>>>>Everybody is free to learn about life on his/her own.

                    Every body "must" learn about life on his/her own.

                    ps. there is nothing wrong in being a snob
                    every one has a right to select his/her own society....


                      Hey Roman Long time no see...

                      Nice post (like always)... there are some good points u've highlighted... and I can't agree with you any less on what u've mentioned in ur post about the set guidelines or related prospects to the overall philosophy of interacting with ppl via net. Quoting BoSS here..."there are some unwritten rules, that some don't abide by" but those who do, good for them. For they have sense enough to remain above the average and be on top. And about who ever called you a snob... no worries at all. The poor dude/dudet might've been purty burnt up with misery that someone was not responding to them.
                      And by the way... being a snob is good sometimes. I don't call that snobery, I call it decency, and calmness. I dunno, but I could be one too Sooo brother, u're not alone
                      Oh and if others want to say, and that gives them something to whine or talk about, let it be so by all means... ppl don't have a life, and those who do, makes them smoke up in flames

                      Oh I gotta run, there's some fire alarm in our building (school) and they're telling us to stay in, while they figure out if its a false one or a real one. Oh gotta run!!!



                        No DB, he's a nice person, I kinda like him I just don't know him that well or don't know what to talk about.

                        It's funny how with some people you hit it very well right away and with others you sorta never.


                          Ah. I see... then it must be one of them dang moods Roman **DB feeling blue all of a sudden** Lets post up a thread asking ppl, why do we get mood

                          Ohwell...then I guess it must be one of those days, when u don't feel like opening up ur mouth, and let alone talking to someone... u wanna listen to what they're saying, but dislike it at the same time what they say *tehee* Thats like me sometimes