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Rulez ... A Warning .. A Request

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    Rulez ... A Warning .. A Request

    I was asked to make a few things very clear. So here I go.

    1. Azkar Choudhry is not the rule-maker of this board; Moderators and Administrators are. These are the selfless people who devote their time and energies to provide you a stable and healthy environment to engage in friendly conversations. In order to accomplish this monumental task, they have come up with a set of rules that everyone needs to follow. These are not targeted rules, but the general and common sense principles that anyone can use and participate here. While the Administrators of this forum make the site wide rules, every Moderator has the ability/authority to make their forum specific rules. And this is to ensure diversity and range of control. Pak.Org administration has 100% confidence that each and every Moderator/Administrator is doing an excellent job and we fully support every decision they make.

    2. Although Jawan aka, Haroon, was repeatedly told not to start the kinds of threads he was opening, he chose to ignore the mModerator. Although fully authorized, the Moderator asked us (the administration and site webmasters) to devise a way to restrict Jawan from posting in the General forum (rather than full view/write permissions). This selective feature is not in place yet, but we are going to see that this restriction is enforced. Jawan has accepted this restriction voluntarily. We will see that he adheres to his promise.

    3. Please use common sense while engaging with others here on GUPSHUP. The site moderators are people like you. Do not make their lives tougher. Your cooperation will be appreciated. For those who choose to be kicked and banned, I promise, their wishes WILL come true. We are very proud of our leadership position and we intend to keep GUPSHUP the #1 place on the net!

    Best Regards,

    Azkar Choudhry
    President, Pak.Org

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    Azkar ji,

    Adaab and Shukria for Finally doing something Constructive about this....

    I have been watching the posts of Jawaan/Haroon, not since the last few days, but since a couple of months.

    Almost ALL his posts are Personal attacks and address Members and Moderators in a Very Demeaning manner...

    I for one, have been APPALLED at the way he has been behaving the past few days, specially towards NaikLarki!!

    Knowing how GupShup has dealt with such members in the past, I Strongly Disagree with the fact that he is being allowed to post at all!!

    Hope Admin will not take my post negatively and will remember, that whenever I have voiced my opinion, it has been because I CARE, not only for the contributors, but for the Reader base.


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      Yes i am, just last comment before i NOT post here.

      First of all thank you azkar paai jaan. Second please keep this thing to member named "Jaawan" and NOT go on what HARooN has posted please, if you read haroons posts and than compare them to Jaawans, they are pretty differnt. Thank you, see ya in one week, and have a nice week in general forum.

      Message to MOD>! Jaa Tujey muuaf kiyaa phir millain ghay inshallah. miss me im sure.


      Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***



        With this attitude you are only going to make Dehatan's wishes come true. As it is when she speaks we all sit up and take notice.....we don't need much convincing when we're done reading her opinion. So tread carefully dear member, tread carefully.


          slaam azker saheb,
          i am a new mamber at this site for two weeks. i experienced here at some post, that no body has patience not even mambers not even mordrators. if both of them just make there attitude little flaxable and come out of there " anna" circle. i gurantee that there will be no problem, but both people are not ready for that. both mordrator and mamber fight and doing " zid" for nothing.
          i dont know after that kind of comments what is goin to happen with me, but no problem. if mordrator has some power than he also should act with big hart in punjabi " jedoon allah kosh devay te jer kay khana chahee da" but there is nothing alike. i m not against respactable mordrators. mambers are also gulty. they also dont behave properly, that they suppose to do.
          wise man said, balnce make every thing proper. so i request both mordrators and mambers, plz keep balnce in ur attitudes.
          mordrators if u have power than dont act like faroon and mamber if u want to say some thing than also take care others.
          fi aman allah
          share from faisalabad,

          bera meza oss melap mein hai.
          sulah ho jaaee jo jung ho ker.

          Wafa karo ghay, Wafa karain ghay
          Jafa karoo ghay, Jafa karain ghay
          Hum admin hian tumarey jesey
          Jo Tum karoo ghay, wo hum karain ghay

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