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    I am OK....

    When can we tell ourselves that we are OK..
    Do we have to measure up to teh expectations of parents/family..
    Do we have to measure up to the expectations of the society....
    Do we have to be better then our peers,,,
    Should we just be, and be OK with whatever we are....

    we gotta be OK with whatever we are --> led to a better state of what we are.

    <<novaa...too many hard questions ji.........tehy hurt my headd>>

    Ofcourse i gotta be okay with myeslf. I gotta get what I want -- which is to be sincere, faithful to my peers/family/society. & then they'll understand as to that it's OK with how 1 person is......... being a teacher, as you said that you truly like (right?) is totally wonderful to the society & to the students......

    *head hurts*

    It's like we already knwo the answers to these's kinda difficult to word it out, sorta, haina?


      nana jaan, there is no OK
      ...i will never measure up to my own expectations let alone others' but sometimes it feels like others' exceed mine

      if it were so easy to reach our OKs, things would be much easier. i think this ties up with what i was just babbling on about satisfaction... u never achieve it ?


        I think the goal is to be
        -OK by everyone's expectation
        -OK by society and peers' expectations
        -OK by parents and beloved one's expectations
        and be OK with ourselves.

        you have to approach is bottom up...menaing

        First you have to feel
        -OK with yourself
        -then OK by parents
        ans so.....
        otherwise it is goign to be a mess.

        Beautify of it is that once you find to be OK with yourself nothing else matters much.....


          know what?
          you make it/say it for it to look so easy!!
          like you've made a concise guideline as to how one's own belonging life should be lived:-
          - BOOM: here's Step 1
          - BOOM: here's step 2
          - Step 3..


          know what i mean?

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            i really believe that you have to be ok with yourself first before you can worry about parents/family/society/peers..

            you only have the ablity to change from within yourself.. and if you wanna continue/andor find contentment with what you are doing then that must be satisfied first.. if that coincides with your family/peers/societies views with what is okay... then hey great..if it doesn't ..too bad so need to find contentment with yourself based on your own guidelines and not what is expected of you....otherwise life would be such a burden.

            You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can always adjust your sails.


              All of us want to be considered okay by our family/peers/etc,etc, to a certain one way or another.

              But i mean there's no limit to the expectations of others, and if we base our lives upon running after other ppl's dreams will we ever be truly happy, as opposed to living for ourselves and pursuing our own goals/ideals...maybe we will suceed and maybe we wont, but then at least we will have known that we tried, hey and who knows maybe the trying/pursuing would be a form fulfillment within itself.

              'It is not enought to understand what we ought to be, unless we know what we are; and we do not understand what we are unless we know what we ought to be.'-Elliot..i think