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HeLLLooo HeLLLooo Bole kayy!!

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    HeLLLooo HeLLLooo Bole kayy!! i was saying that, in pakistani dramas,, PEOPLE R TRYING TO BECOME NON MUSLIM AND INSTEAD OF SAYING SALAM ALECUM ,, THEY R SAYING hello,,, or hi OR BYE,,, i mean o common,,, just because they r trying to become angrez,,, they r trying to act like nonmuslims,,,,,,,,,,,,,lets not be changing ouir religion ,just because you want to be modern,,, NEWAYZZZ

    Salam Amna Khan
    I completely agree that we must not forget our Islamic values in any circunstances- period.
    I mean please tell me that if I start to say hi and bye I will be modernized, this is so stupid and foolish and dum you name it.

    Besides that when they say hi or bye their whole purpose is to get the attention of the other person but" hi " or"bye" does not mean anything itself it is just a word which is used to get the attention. On the contrary in Muslim society and culture when we say"asalam -o-alaikum " it means "MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU IN PEACE" and in return we say"WAI LAIKUM ASALAM" which means" AND MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU IN PEACE TOO". Notice the difference one is just a word used to get the attention and the other is a prayer for each other and sentiments of good will. Why we should give up the good thing for a bad thing , we must not. It is like that you give up food and eat ****, only idiot will do that.
    And what the hell is wrong with this PTV what they are trying to do, they should discourage this type of writers and producers.I am so mad..., so I better leave now and drink some water.
    Fee aman Allah
    Sultan Ahmad


      Get some water for me too PLEASE,, I'M thirsty ,,,,,, thankyou so much


        It will be right up..
        waisay bhi pani pilanay say sawab milta hai aur milanay say gunha