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Is 'Sadness' relative or subjective!

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    Is 'Sadness' relative or subjective!

    I am not convinced by the inverse logic related to seeing a 'Glass as half full' compare to 'Glass as half empty'. Common factor is that it is 'HALF' and not 'COMPLETE'.
    The phrase commonly used by people to comfort others or to reconcile with ones situation:
    "There are people who are in a worse situation/state/condition then You/me"
    It acts well for sometime but gives rise to immunity as well. How can one makes his/her self happy by convincing themselves about the much worse plight of people around them and in the world.

    It is better to realise it, accept it and live with it rather to fool yourself by giving logic that communicates through brain and not heart. I think that way it is easy to cope with things.

    Your thoughts are most welcome.

    [This message has been edited by Durr-e-Shahwar (edited July 07, 2000).]

    Durr Yar, I have a few questions: First Question is: are you related to Nova?

    Now the next question: Optimism or Pessimism are two common traits, that scientists are now in the process of establishing, are more genetically influenced than previously thought. It all depends on our genes (for the most part) how we view Glass.

    I don’t know about others, but my genetic makeup dictates that Hell with the Quantity of fluid inside. I am more interested to find out if there is a Hole on the bottom of the Glass. If such is the case, I get it repaired.


      """" Is 'Sadness' relative or subjective! -""""

      I think it is compulsory


        Nova - I don't really know who is he but I am sure he won't be happy to hear that

        SCIENTISTS! Tsk tsk tsk…beragharq hu inka - is there anything in this world they have spared

        I think pessimism and optimism haven't got much to do with genes. Nature can be track down by scientist but not Nurture. In my opinion pessimism and optimism have their roots in the type of events in our past. Just like in forecasting you economist use past trends to predict or establish some rough trends for the future for different dependent variables. Same way our attitude towards life is determined by past happenings.
        In forecasting as your forecast can go wrong some time for the better or the worse, just like that in life some BANG! can happen which may be 'Negative' or 'Positive'. I don't know what is that called in economics but in terminology of life, it is called 'FATE'. I believe there are some dimensions of this life that are beyond the perception of scientists, but still they are most welcome to carry on their work, they need to earn their bread as well


          Durr, I said “for the most part” and not wholly. You are right, that environment in which we growup does have a lot to do with how we view things. But also, if drugs can alter our viewpoint that tells that our genetic makeup influences the way we look at a glass. Try taking some uppers and see how full the glass may seem to you.

          But in a general sense, I do agree with you. Mind is a complex thing to understand. Scientists can only answer a tiny itsy bitsy part of how it works. The rest is just too cumbersome a task to even think about it.