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Are women in west honorable???

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    Are women in west honorable???


    [This message has been edited by NaikLarki (edited July 07, 2000).]

    >>Salam...please do not take this personally...just answer the question.

    Do you think women in west are honorable???


    Yes Jawaan. Women in west are as honorable as in any other part of the world. insaan bura nahi hota usske halaat usse bura bana daite hain....regardless of where he/she is.

    Now let us move on......iss tukkbandi ko tasbee haath mein pakaR kar na parhna shuru kar is only tukkabandi....get over it man.


      #3 about being stubborn...



        I will not repeat this warning. You have been asked by numerous members of this site and also by the moderator of this section to "honour" the rules. I anticipate that your behaviour in this thread will not break your commitment.

        You continue to ask the the same question. This means that either you have not been satisfied by the answer or that you refuse to be convinced by those that have chosen to particpate in your thread. Let it lie. Obviously your view does not match the views of other folks and nobody is interested in getting into a mud-slinging competition with you.

        If you wanted to discuss a subject seriously I'm sure that there are enough members here that would oblige, however, you have proven in your other thread that this is not the case. The quality of your discussion deteriorates too quickly into slander and vulgar language.

        Your open animosity towards the moderator and your sarcasm shows your disrespect for her volunteer efforts and for those dedicated members that frequent this site. I suggest that you visit the Guest Book section and read what other members have to say to you regarding your behaviour.

        This is the second time that I am asking you to keep all of these things in mind when composing your posts.

        Thank you.



          Muzna fikar na karain..yahan koe personal attack nahi ho ga..aur na he koe wordly fight ho ghi...we should be alowed to discuss any matter in there and no one should have no problem with long as it doesnt develope into some kinda personal thing like naiklarki has...just because she is a women she wouldnt let us discuss women...thats is JUST not fair. Andin the other post you mentioned "open threat to naiklarki" what are you talking about??? what sort of threat are you talking about? Is there some case against me developing that i dont know about? Please do come clearly. Thank you

          I asked very nicely chann bahi jaan as said >>>please do not take the subject personally..just answer the question.
          Thank you. Good luck.


          Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***

          [This message has been edited by Jaawan (edited July 06, 2000).]



            I refer to the below shown comment that you posted in a previously closed thread.

            "A NOTE TO MODERATOR:
            Naik larki mujey paata hia app ko kharishh ho rahee hia but please could you not edit my posts again...i know it should be in poetry, please do not do it again, i already hate you and dont make me hate you more, it wont be good for your health and mine. Subzii khaaoo "

            I need provide no further proof of your open animosity.

            All sorts of subjects are discussed on this bulletin board and that has been the way for many years before your arrival. There is, however, a decent and appropriate way to communicate with members and moderators. You need to adopt that way.

            It would also help you to understand that there is no "personal" issue here with NaikLarki. Your comments and your approach have offended several members. Many of them have advised you openly and many others have communicated their discontent privately. It is Naik's responsibility to ensure that the rules and regulations of this site are followed. She has done nothing but that and will continue to do nothing but that.


              Thanx Muz!!

              Dear Jawaan,

              You are not trying to understand what we are talking about here. I have not developed anything personal here(i donno what gave u that idea), and you are not the only one or the first one who has been told to respect the rules and policies. Those rules apply to all members...

              ...and about your comment....

              we should be alowed to discuss any matter in there and no one should have no problem with that...
              Well you r not getting a very simple point here....these r "moderated forums".....and we do have the right to delete or edit anything we think is inappropriate or against the policies of the Bboard.

              Now if You don't like the way i moderate this forum, as being a member of this site you have every right to file a complaint against me That wud be the right way sir

              Thanx for your understanding. I do appreciate that.



                Enuff is Enuff is Enuff is Enuff....

                you are right it might be appropriate to u...but the problem here is that "I" am the moderator of this it???

                Now this is the last my lips...

                Do Not Post It Again!!!!