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From Lahore to Gatwick!!

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    From Lahore to Gatwick!!

    My hubby sometimes asks and I fail to explain how I feel when I fly from Lahore Airport to land in London??.. hmmmm... !

    His idea is something like ... from a small backward town compared to a city for which I donot blame him!!

    I believe it is a flight from des to pardes!!

    same is the case with many couples I know around here. what is it with men? is it the responsibility of getting settled with a respectable job and all ... which is so huge that everything else fades away???

    >>>I believe it is a flight from des to pardes!!<<<

    join the club gooni-2000. It is hard to explain how one must feels leaving behind a life that one has know to a strange land, full of people unlike you. Settling in pardes is an achievement enough. Most do not realize that how rigorous it can be.

    But please share how you feel.


      well I believe there is more to life than a mere job when you can try a bit harder back home with a medical degree and get settled!!

      But then I may not be able to feel as responsible as a man!!
      Europe is enchanting ... but There is something in the air about Pakistan!! Something like a perfume that you would only find in your mother's clothes.

      say what...I hate walking about in the streets of Pakistan where everyone seems to be staring BUT I'd be far more MYSELF dealing with the stares than I'd ever be here dealing with the sirs and mams!!