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From Hard to Soft......

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    From Hard to Soft......

    In a moment of idle thought I found myself wondering how something so tremendously hard and heavy can in the span of a few short moments become exceptionally soft and light. The only stimulant required is a change in temperature....from cold to hot.

    Exactly how does popcorn do this?


    Muzna.....i was really caught up with the (life!) situation you wre talking made so much sense with life...

    but nope, it'z popcorn!!



      .......where's the soap and water so I can clean the filth from my mind!!!!


        Somehow I was sure to know that next thing mentioned in this thread would be oil.

        Soap and water was my 2nd guess.


          Originally posted by Muzna:
          how something so tremendously hard and heavy can in the span of a few short moments become exceptionally soft and light.
          I know all about it ; it happens to me whenever i see a beautiful lady. And it does not happen in a few moments but just in less then a second. I agree with you, its a strange experience.
          OOOOOOOohhhhh im sorry, i forgot the popcorn.

          Farhana, farhana, farhana !!!!!!
          Take a piece of paper and write 10,000x POPCORN

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            Excelent scientific explanation with emotional touch

            Never assume anything before you are done with reading.....


              I am really amazed that Muzna made this fine observation on this amazing natural phenomenon Most people see this phenomenon and keep going with their lives with out even asking why? and how? the popcorns are made!

              Lot of times my pathar dill melts like a piece of fresh butter on a hot aloo paraaNtha in a matter of seconds......but in case of depends upon how many and how short those "few short moments" are....if they are too few and too short...something might be wrong with your popcorn machine...sometimes the heater is turned too need to fine tune it to the way you want your popcorns.


                Tootsie baji jan... Kin've (can I) Shome pweej? Pweej?


                  DB, that was like no contribution to the thread. tsk, tsk, tsk...


                    There is this stage called “in-between”, or “cute”. When the best thing to do is to do something different to get your mind diverted from thinking whether it is Hard, or Soft.


                      None of you has answered her question so far.
                      When the popcorns become hot, they just kind of explode. It's as simple as that.



                        You're gonna hafta explain your answer a little bit more cuz I'm so perplexed by the popcorn mystery that I can't really focus on other deep thoughts right now.


                        Geez. I have to supply EVERYTHING!! Kuch tau khud kar lo!


                        Get with technology dude.....air poppers have been around for a while. No need for oil and extra caloric content. No soap and water needed to clean the popper either.


                        Seems you need to be writing the same lines as farhana. You forgot the popcorn too.


                        Scientific? Really? Hmmmm....more food for thought.


                        I've recently decided to spend at least some of my "idle" time pondering phenomenon such as popcorn. There are many things in life that give great pleasure but remain neglected in the grand scheme of things.

                        Why should popcorn play such a vast role in our lives and not be recognized and understood?


                        Of course you can. Popcorn is a very healthy food.


                        When does that stage occur?


                        Sorry. That answer is not good enough.




                          Muzna baji it is all because of hormones. We do not have any control over it

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                            Muzna let us compare it with real life...
                            Once I had a teacher in the college who was believed to be the most strict among all. She would never allow anyone to fool around, boy oh boy.. she was strict like hell......
                            But one little change in life changed her completely.. Hooa yeh keh she got married. And that strict teacher was not the same anymore... She started talking sweet and start taking interest in us as a person.. Gosh I was amazed to see that change... Shaadi can do wonders..

                            See how things go Soft from hard

                            change in temprature in the case of popcorn
                            and change in environment for a human.

                            Do I make any sense???? Ahhhh! who cares..
                            if you get my point.. good.