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On completing my first year in pardes....

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    On completing my first year in pardes....

    Where I live is very different from US and UK. You'd hardly see any desis around!! So after a fun packed 24 yrs in Pakistan.. best part being in Lahore.... This was a Truly strange envoironment to me... I felt extremely allienated and antisocial which is unlike myself .... hence ..the depression!

    But living here has done a few remarkable things to me. Did you ever notice how cold weather can actually help you control your temper??;

    how weired you feel for the first time in your life when you go out there wearing a qamees shalwar !... everyone staring at you like you were from mars!;
    you really realize that you come from a truly outspoken .... very expressive and quite a witty line of ancestors;
    and the most remarkable thing of all, everyone is NOT like you and the people you have known all your life...!!

    many of the folks here wouldn't have felt how I feel... but it actually feels good sharing it with you...!!

    Where do you currently live?


      You forgot the most important part...the name of this place.


        sooooooooo, u live in ICELAND?????? Good for u!!!!!

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