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i don't want to sleep in a new bed every night...

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    i don't want to sleep in a new bed every night...

    Well, I am very shareef but that is not the reason.

    I am so used to my bed that aur kisi jagah neeNd hi nahi aati.


    CHaan jee lookaan de dillaan wich agay ee aagh lagiii hoo-ee eh tussii aur tail paaoo upar... YES!
    Mujey be new bed par neend nahi ati...


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


      ki gal ay chann ji badan tot tot janda ay?


        O paa cahnn Ji
        Kee hoya??
        ( bed ich khatmal tay naee???
        ((( is it rite Punjabi?? )))

        first clarify the exact meaning of bed, in your syntax

        He he khe khe


          Well, I am very shareef but that is not the reason.
          We know this is not the reason
          the reason is our "Sher di bacchi" parjai ji te unhaaN da DanDa

          PS.. kal tak mera khayal si chan ji Rom nooN bigaR re ne....hun mera khayal ay Rom chan ji nooN bigaaR rya ay:-P


            Ohhhhhh Chan Shera,
            Assie yara pinda de rehne walla kidder beddaN te hallie geh haa? Kia hoya?

            Didnt u bring ur maanJi (charpai) to America?


              chad yaar. aaj kal de sardara de nak thallay kithoo manjiya aanday ?chaar chaar siraanay sirr de thallay dittay honay mera khayaal


                i got a solution to all ur problems. chittar subah saveray uthan toan baad... tai a chittar soan to pehlay... and a chittar waqvaa waqvaa naal jadon lor pai.

                this will fix all ur other problems that you have been having for a while. pata nahin kithon uth kai aa janday nein sher-e-punjab. share this treatment with rani, ahmadi and others too.


                  Chann Yar? New bed every night? Man if you have that kinda money, why would you want to sleep to begin with? Mundyaa's suggestion suggests that he comes from a community known for sleeping around. Don't follow his recommendation.


                    Chan Yar, I have a suggestion for you, just use the new Bed for few hours and than go back to your own before dawn, that's the way nobody will know anything and you will still sleep in your own bed.
                    Or take your bed with you and whenever need arise just put your bed down and .........

                    Rest Is History......


                      You know what guys, I have not seen a group of people on the face of earth that has minds dirtier than you guys.

                      Seedha saadha sawaal pao aur yeh loag apniaN maarn lagg jaanday ne.

                      Is this only me who has this problem of not getting sound sleep on a new bed? I hear lot of people have this problem of not getting good sleep on a bed different than their regular bed.

                      waise yar manji da kiya kehna...agli vaar punjab gaye te eh vi kamm karke aavaNge