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Are women in west honorable???

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    Are women in west honorable???

    Salam people...please dont make a fuss out of this...just answer the topic and dont make it a personal dilemma.

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    donno if they are honorable. but honorable guys of east will give anything to kiss their behind.



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        Women are honourable in all parts of the world ... wether it is East or West ... I am telling you from my own experience that honour is not confined to east or any other location ... honour is a human trait which is revered by humans in all parts of the world ... now the definition of honour can vary from one society to the other and it is quite natural due to the differences in culture and values ... Things which are immoral for the people of East might be quite acceptable in the West and vice versa ... I have come across many women from western descent who migrated to the East (Asia and Middleast) and having adopted the new culture and society cover themselves much more than the local easterns ... where as I have also come across women from the East who are very eager to expose as much flesh as they can ... This is just one little example to prove that Honour and Dignity are not dependent on global coordinates ... They are defined by social and cultural norms and we should always treat others with dignity and respect no matter what their descent is ... That is what would make us dignified and honourable.


          Me22 Very well said.

          So you think women in west CAN show flesh and act as westerners and do things as western culture is? Despite the fact that a muslim women from east, whos religion is off course islam. Are you saying that islam, gives women from east permission to show off their flesh and sleep on new bed every night when they come to westnern culture because in western culture its ok to do things that are NOT part of eastern???

          What is important to you culture or religion?


          HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


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            Naik larki mujey paata hia app ko kharishh ho rahee hia but please could you not edit my posts again...i know it should be in poetry, please do not do it again, i already hate you and dont make me hate you more, it wont be good for your health and mine. Subzii khaaoo

            Continue people just a little disturbance, by our moderator here NiakLarki(***yyaawwnn***) <thats her other nick name really> Get a grip naiko aight?

            No one is fighting or using bad language here...could you please stay away now!


            Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


              Jawaan did it ever occur to you that using ’bad’ language might not be the only problem here, some ppl don’t like racists comments either.

              And now that I’m here, I might as well answer your questions – btw you’ve already made up your mind so why are you wasting your time? Anyway, I think I read this poem somewhere and I still think it stinks, and I’m sure the poet never ever sat his feet in the west. You probably know some western girls, don’t you – do they change partners as frequently as this person wants us to believe? No friend of mine does how about yours?

              I think the west is slowly realizing that our shareef men don’t have any respect for western women, I was told that 90% of rapist in Maltase jails are Arabs. Why should they respect us, your Muslim or eastern sisters if you can’t respect their western women?

              Hmmm…na I guess I don’t have anything to say anyway. One last comment though, I see you often in the religious forum, what does Islam say about honoring other religions/sects/Casts/Culture’s women?

              Ps. Referring to women as *Things* shows how much you honor women in general.


                Sabah jee...those women who let them selves be used are THINGS and very useless things and i have NO respect for them what so ever and i never will as a muslim! I look at it what islam says about it and than what culture says, but in your case it might be other way around.

                you ask honoring womens of other culture well, you cant make a wrong, right by saying its a different culture, now can you? I dont think so, islam doesnt say "oh if you stay in this culture than its not OK, and if you go to that culture than you can do what ever you like and islam does not apply to you"; islam doesnt say this....if you are a good women it does NOT mean that all the women out there are good as you are, and if you are a bad women it doesnt mean other women out there are bad as well.

                Some people just cant take the reality and they make excuses for making such issues bad and wrong in the eyes of others, how typical.

                BTW: women is not a race and i shall put more on this issue as other people respond, and if i have to open up a little will do so...

                And editing, well we should be alowed to discuss what ever we like here, you cant just delete the whole post because it is related to your sex...
                As said before please DO NOT make fuss out of it, just answer the topic and DO NOT make it a personal thing, thank you very much! I see this topic getting uglier as hours pass. good luck to me!


                Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©

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                  given the way we honor the women in east, western women are saved that they are not honored similarly.

                  and they are not begging to be honored by men, least of all asian men. they look at them a) in racist contempt or b) oh.. how different colored people live in the world kinda feeling as if they are going to a zoo or c) in rare cases, genuine friendship.

                  And in east a nice, genuine friendship with woman is rare. what honor, when even friendship is so rare.

                  P.S. I think moderator should allow this debate. The views expressed are stupid. But they are held by a majority of desis who have come abroad recently or never been abroad. Maybe knowing other side would help them. Jawaan, u also give Islam a break. These women are not Muslim so no point expecting that they should obey a strict islamic code of conduct when even muslims do not behave that way. just tell us on plain commonsense why u find then not honorable.

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                    Mohtarum Jawan Sahib !

                    "suna tha Jawani sub per attee hai.....lekin app per tu kuch zaydah hi Wakhari type ki Jawani ka asar hai

                    aaram say meray bahi "Jawani ek munah-zoar ghoray(horse) ki tarhan hutee hai, dekh ker chaliyo kahin buhut buree tarahn na gir jaoo"


                      >>I look at it what islam says about it and than what culture says, but in your case it might be other way around.<<

                      Dearests Jawaan what does Islam say about it, I mean about honor and women? Btw which culture are you talking about? Mine yours or what?

                      What exactly do you mean by ’Honor’?

                      >> you ask honoring womens of other culture well, you cant make a wrong, right by saying its a different culture, now can you? <<
                      No, but how can you make it right by not respecting them? Can the west say the same about us?

                      >> Some people just cant take the reality and they make excuses for making such issues bad and wrong in the eyes of others, how typical. <<

                      Ehhh…not understood. Who’s making excuses and for what? Do you need excuses to respect others?


                        Well ... Haroon Sahib, When we talk about culture and society lets not forget that religion is an integral part of both ... infact it is the religious beliefs which promote values in any society ... so the question on choosing between culture and religion does not arise at all ... becasue both are inseperable ... now coming back to the point, I didnt try to scale down the evils of the western way of life, but we should never forget that our religion does not allow us to poke our noses into other's personal lives unless we are responsible for their deeds ... now If a person or colleague sleeps with a new partner every night but he/she deals with you fairly at work and treats you with respect, Islam obliges you to do the same ... You have nothing to do with his/her personal life as long as it does not interfere with your personal life .. Lets not forget that in Islam "Huqooq ul Ibaad" are much more important than personal piety ... if a man doesnot pray at all, does not fast, sleeps with a different partner every night, Allah Almighty might over look all these sins ... after all he/she has only violated "Huqooq ul Allah" ... but if the same person misbehaves with the neighbours, disobeys his/her parents, mistreats other people, then these sins might seem trivial, but Allah says that He Almighty will not and cannot over look them as these involve a violation of "Huqooq ul Ibaad" and as long as the affected persons dont forgive him/her .. so my friend the evils which you mentioned are not trivial at all ... but again they should not be made the basis of our dealings with western women ... if they treat you with respect, you are obliged to do the same ... Quran says, "The return of a good deed is nothing but a good deed" (Surah Rehman) ... so lets follow the true spirit of our religion which never approves of disrespect and hate ... So we should treat everyone with honour and dignity no matter what religion, culture, society or race is involved ... So my friends, If we are treated fairly we have to do the same wether we are in the East or West.


                          Oh Jawaan.......

                          You just ask for trouble !


                          ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~


                            There is not really a concept of honour here in the west so western women don't feel the need to adhere to any code of conduct, in sexual terms anyway. Neither do western men.

                            I don't know about America or the rest of Europe, but in the UK the most popular holidays for teenagers are the 18-30 package holidays to Spanish resorts where young people get zonked out of their heads on drugs and basically get their leg over as many times as they can. According to the frequent documentaries and news articles anyway.

                            I think honour is probably taken to excess in some eastern societies and freedom taken to excess in some western societies. Maybe both could learn a little from each other?


                              i just say jawan u raise very good point, and u made up ur point.