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One Nation, Indivisible

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    One Nation, Indivisible

    Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and to the lovers everywhere of Freedom, Equality and Justice for all, and not just to the select ones. USA is a great nation.

    Have fun everyone, throw some dogs and burgers on the grill, drink some bud and relax and reflect back on the courage and uprightness of the fathers of our nation.

    God Bless America
    One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All


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      yea, Happy Independence Day to u too Ahmadi Saab and to All American Guppies out there....

      i am going out to buy some patakhay, shurnaiaaN, tiRtiRiaN




          Well shucks...I can almost picture Ahmadi draped in the Stars and Stripes...can of Bud in one hand, mini US flag in the other and a nice fat hot dog stuck in his kisser. A single tear running slowly down his cheek as his rusty old gramaphone plays 'The Land of the Free'

          I'm touched, truly I am.

          Happy 4th of July, Americanos. One day perhaps the English will come and teach you some of the finer points of life to compliment your commendable bluster

          God bless America!!!


            Xtreme yar, thanks for your lovely wishes. Why don’t you come and join us in celebrations? I will even keep some at the room temp as you English like it. And man, I now have a CD player, I am going to blast it full on with Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America!”. How do you like your burger done?

            I am planning to spend the day at the beach, in my stars and stripes shorts.


              Thanx ppl and Happy 4 of july to u too(those who live in the States)
              Did anybody c dat new ship? i 4got the name of it.

              Everything has been figured out, except how to live.


                Same to you Ahmadi yaar, and to all my American friends.

                I like mine medium done.



                  and I AM CANADIAN


                  enjoy urself guyz


                    Happy Fourth of July to America Have fun NY Ahmadi...must be a hell of a party in New York...

                    And to Desimunda and all the rest of the Canadians...HAPPY belated CANADA day!

                    We're still the number 1 nation in the WORLD!


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                      im gonna go see me some american strippers!


                        Yeah Achtung, there is a big party in NY. We have Macy’s fireworks, Op-Sail 2000, with tall sail ships from all over the world taking part, and the biggest attraction of all, USS JFK, the biggest US War Ship. I am taking my boys in the morning to see all of that, then we have a softball game, and then a few hours at the beach followed by a cookout. I hope it to be fun.

                        Happy Canada Day to you too. But my friend, Canada may be number 1, but New York is the best!!!

                        If you ask me what are the two best places in the world, it will have to be Lower and Upper NYC.


                          ahhh here comes fourth of July!

                          I think the best part is watching the fire works. Have a safe, happy and sound fourth of July everyone. Be careful with the fire works


                            Is anyone in Houston going to watch the fireworks downtown? I think we will be going to Allen Parkway to watch the show! Last year it was lots of fun, we ran up and down the hills, played with other people's dogs and kids, made new friends, etc. See you there. Zara


                              NY ahmadi,
                              Thnx for posting this...
                              Hats off to the greatest nation on earth....
                              Its not perfect,,,,merely on the right path...
                              Lets all celebrate the birth of a nation that subscribes to , freedom tolerance and pursuit of happiness..
                              Lets hope that the rest of teh world follows her in the quest...Its not just for the Americans,,,its for all the individuals who value freedom...Lets hope we can do our part in improving and strengthening this nation...Lets hope we can take this message to the rest of the world....