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america : the great satan

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    america : the great satan

    When people call america the big satan i undertsand why.

    have any of you guys seen an american talk show............its disgusting.They are like animals, they dont know the meaning of the word moral.I would never bring up my kids in such a evil place.Americans are worse than the people of hazrat LUTS time........anybody agree!!!!!????????

    for the muslims that do live there can you tell me how you can survive with such people.
    In my view its the most unsafe place on earth especially for women, they are just objects and they always critisize islam.

    i dont undertsand their democracy, a country in which millions of children dont know who their father is.What abt the right of their child to have dare they attack muslim countries abt birth control.

    american chat shows one guy has 10 kids from 3 diffrent women and on the show they try and work out who screwed who with the use of pregnancy test and dna test.Sick people thats all i can say.

    i would really like to hear your views on this

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    mmmmm all I can say is Thank God I'm from England....


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      sufimaster..adab..hamara buzurg..yar i did read your post..waisa ik bath bolo bura nahi man na..agar green card but(distribute) raha hoo ga..then my dear sufi sahib you will be first in samjee bahi sahib...
      insan apna khal ma rahee..then you can live in any part of the world...
      yar you are saying how do muslim live in America..yar it is a big challenge for all of us,we are making big masjid,having sunday school for kids,and lots of other muslim activity...and let me tell you, you are more into islam living in america then in your own country samjaa meri sufimaster sahib..agar ap ko kohi bath buree lagee ho..mai mafi chata hoon.dil ma bath nahi rakhnee chaya..i am sorry sir...

      dil..dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na

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        sufimaster ji,

        Shukria for your post! Gave me a reason to start the day with a good laugh! I am serious...*smile*
        "Americans are worse than the people of hazrat LUTS time........" *Laugh*!!!

        By the way, aap nay toa apnay aap koa, iss Jahannum say Bohot Door rakha hai naa??!! *worried for sufimaster ji's Paak zindagee*


          sadly though, Isnt america more islamic than most muslim countries?

          freedom of minorities to practice their faith, social services for those who need a helping hand (although it gets abused often),
          protection of your life and liberty by the state?

          Oh its not a perfect country...but then which country is

          The fact is that the social institutions in the western world mirror a lot of what an islamic system is like in essence and the muslim countries dont come close.

          btw..forget Jerry springer and all, i suggets you do research on Tv shows in europe, japan and australia and you may find some stuff that will shock you.

          The american society has its ills but please also give credit where its due.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Sufimaster, there are many famalies here in United States who don't even have Television in their houses.
            I certainly agree with Dilse, People here in United States are more religious than people in Pakistan and India.
            If you want to avoid these kind of things then just don't let your children or the young ones watch it.


              posted by dilse:
              sufimaster..adab..hamara buzurg..yar i did read your post..waisa ik bath bolo bura nahi man na..agar green card but(distribute) raha hoo ga..then my dear sufi sahib you will be first in samjee bahi sahib...

              Check sufi ji's Profile. He is form Texas.







                  first of all to " akelay tum ****** " yes i am from toucon texas but from the one in east scotland you prat!!!!! Their is many american cities that was named after british ones like hamilton,birmingham etc etc.

                  dear dilse unfortunately i cant understand urdu can you translate some of that for me and dehatan also.

                  From what i can understand from your mail all i can reply is the facts speak for themselves.

                  let me give you a few examples

                  1) In usa there is one rape every 10 seconds
                  and this is by a report of a special branch of the UN.

                  2)By the year 2010 90% of children under 5 will be illegtimate in other words B*****s , sorry, pardon my french!

                  3)Many cases of 8 year old boys raping young girls.

                  i can go on all day abt such an evil society but shant bother.Now i know for a fact all you paki americans are going to say "all countries is bad".Yes i agree 100% but there is simply stuf in america going on you wont find in other parts of the world, like the examples i gave.In so called muslim countries children are children and 8 year olds have no understanding of what sex is.They also have respect for their parents
                  which most americans dont.

                  abt the green card then i would never go to US .I live in the uk and im one day going to leave this place also.Once i have the resources to help muslims in third world
                  i will leave.I have thought abt the Usa alot, its a good place to make money but what good is money if you get shot.One american i met in uk said the US is a good country to live in to make lots cash but dont know if you will be alive tomorrow.

                  Its true that i ahve to give credit where credit is due.Americans are very open minded
                  people- too open minded for evil acts however i got to give credit for the fact some americans are becoming muslim.

                  also the fact that few muslim families is better than ones in pakistan and india is true.

                  im glad that in pakistan theirs no dirty posters of women all over the place and no pubs everywhere.Iknow that theres prostitution in muslim countries but thats because they are poor.In the US many women prostitutes do it because they enjoy it, watch a US chat show and laugh.

                  i think thats enough american bashing, i just hope that dilse will have the sense to agree with the truth and dehatan wont laugh at the facts.

                  if you want to take this up in private then dont hesitate and no be shy

                  [email protected]


                    Akelay Hum Akelay Tum..adab..wah wah zindabad..ap na sufi sahib ka dress public ma utar diya...hey sufi ya kia ho gaya gaya...

                    dil..dilsee..dil to



                      I have just one question ??
                      WHY ?

                      Why do you feel the need to sit in the UK and go on and on about all the bad things in America... ?
                      You claim you won't live there, so it doesn't affect you ?

                      There are many people from this forum who live in America...
                      ( FYI I am from the UK ( born and raised here )
                      so why are you slagging America off for ? - For alot of people America is HOME so why are you saying bad things about other people's home ?

                      Alot of bad things happen ALL over the world.... here in the UK the other week a nine year old boy sexually haraassed and beat the crap out of 4 year old girl.. and tests proved that she had been sexually assaulted...Prostitution takes place here too...people can get shot down here too... so what does that say about the UK.....that this is a bad place....that this is a satan place too ??
                      Noooo These are just societies problems and like any other country - each one has it's problems ??/

                      I just don't see how you can sit there and slag of the Whole of the United States by a few things you have heard on the tv radio or heard personally..... and please.... If you're going to judge the US on Jerry Springer and Oprah Winfrey then you're just showing your intelligence....
                      and it leads me to think why the hell I am bothering writing all this ?????

                      anyways...Home is where the heart is - be that America... UK or Pakistan..or anywhere else for that matter...

                      Understand ?????????


                      ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~


                        Mem Sahib..adab..wah ..thanks for the support..yar you are great...kuch logon ka dimag shareef ma bath nahi ahtee hai..

                        dil..dislee..dil to akhir dil hai na


                          Originally posted by dilse:
                          Mem Sahib..adab..wah ..thanks for the support..yar you are great...kuch logon ka dimag shareef ma bath nahi ahtee hai..

                          dil..dislee..dil to akhir dil hai na

                          m Thank you dil se.... actually support ki baath nahi hai, I just don't understand the logic behind this - ke na America mai rehthay hai yeh janaab na hi aisi koi baath phir bagair kissi vaja se kissi doosray mulakh ko qu burra bhala kahay koi ?

                          Seedhi si baath hai ?


                          ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~


                            Mem Sahib...adab..i am with you 100%..
                            kuch logon ke zahaniyat nahi badaltee hai...
                            No posting from desi larki..hope everything is fine..ameen

                            dil..dilse..dil to akhir dil hai na..


                              sufi sahab, makes some valid points. with all the good things that you see in US. there is a price to pay. thats what he is trying to get across.

                              he has quoted points that we all know are true. given quotes from UN... and not just what goes on on jerry springer. divorce rate, deteriorated family system, increased amounts of rape, public displays of disrespect for women etc. are prices that u pay with whatever freedom that u claim u enjoy here.

                              and how much freedom u really have in this country thats also debatable. ask the country boys living in alabama they aint got any. and these country boys represent a majority of US population.

                              now instead of bashing sufi saab by saying things like "he would be the first one to get a green card" and other idiotic things why cant u make any valid points in US's defence. im sure there are many.

                              sufi saab, the only thing going for this country is vast amounts of resources and an excellent education system. but how bad is the moral situation well thats quite obvious by the deeds of its president in oval house isnt it? the higher educational institutions today are also filled by mostly chinese, asians, and other foreign minorities. You can take a walk into Intel today and you will find mostly foreigners. Nortel a leading manufacturer of voice and data communication equipment has a Pakistani vice president and beleive it or not there are cricket teams of sargodha, gujrat, lahore and karachi... all the folks who work at the company.

                              Which shows you that due to this deteriorated family system and other problems you have pointed out more and more americans are paying a heavy price for it. So very well said.