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    London OR Newyork?

    I dont know what is the best forum to post this article so I selected General.

    Visit the article direct,


    A personal view by
    Sun's New York Correspondent

    TO live in America is to live on the edge.

    The report on a top U.S. news show that Britain is more violent than the States is a JOKE.

    Every day, newspapers here are filled with horrific stories of murders, shootings and stabbings.

    Around 600 Americans die every week from gunshot wounds. There are two murders every day in New York alone. That compares to one every two days in London, which also has a population of around seven million.

    Hundreds of people get mugged EVERY DAY in New York alone - the crime is so common that is rarely reported.

    There are 500 robberies in New York every day - compared to just 118 in London.

    Admittedly, there is more burglary in the UK than the U.S. But even in a safe area such as Manhattan, you are only a five-minute taxi ride away from danger.

    For in parts of the Big Apple, fear lurks on every street corner. During my six months in New York, I have felt terrified on some streets. In Britain I felt pefectly safe in almost every town and city I visited.

    The same cannot be said for America.

    In New York you never know if the person standing next to you on a subway train will suddenly pull a gun.

    Or if the surly youth who asks for spare change will produce a knife and turn violent.

    Never flash your headlights at another motorist - in case they get an attack of road rage and pull a gun.

    Once, while on an assignment in Harlem, I was approached by three youths after I got out of a taxi at the wrong address.

    As they stood menacingly on the pavement you could sense they were looking at me as a potential target. They were dressed in the U.S. teenager's uniform of baggy jeans, sweatshirt and back-to-front baseball cap.

    It might have been the suit and tie that offended them or perhaps they thought I was a police detective.

    Maybe they were just angry that I had dared to set foot on their turf. The fact I was tightly holding a leather bag containing a Ł2,000 laptop computer must also have attracted their attention.

    For the first time since I had arrived in America, I felt threatened. I did not hang around to become just another crime statistic.

    In New York, and most American cities, you simply don't take chances.

    I had only been in the States two months when I witnessed a youth snatching a handful of cash from a store's till. Scratch the surface of any major U.S. city and you will find similar shocking statistics to those of New York.

    The country is notorious for its gun culture. Parts of MIAMI, a popular destination for British tourists, are a virtual "no-go area" for tourists.

    This year there have been more than 200 murders in Miami - many of them drug related.

    In WASHINGTON earlier this year the world famous national zoo was the scene of a gun battle between rival gangs.

    Only a handful of the violent U.S. crimes are reported in the British Press and TV.

    The recent "wilding" attack on a British tourist in New York's Central Park grabbed media attention.

    Shooting sprees like that at Columbine High School, Colorado, last year and the shooting of a six-year-old girl by a boy the same age in Michigan in February made headlines around the world.

    New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani boasts that his city has become one of the safest in the world thanks to his policy of zero tolerance on crime.

    But the statistics show much of the city is still a dangerous place to be.

    One thing we do suffer more in the UK is the "yob culture" that blights so many towns and cities at night.

    Ask any Chief Constable when his men are busiest - it's is chucking-out time on a Saturday night.

    In America licensing laws are far tougher.

    Only over 21s can legally get a drink and bar owners are likely to lose their licence if they serve anyone who looks drunk.

    America might be a safe place to live if you are lucky enough to have a home in the right place.

    But if you're an ordinary American forced to live in one of the inner cities or any other depressed area, the CBS News claim is simply ridiculous.

    London's safer
    than LA

    The West Coast view
    in Los Angeles

    GUN-CRAZY Americans may be shocked by British football violence - but sporting hooliganism has now joined their long list of crimes.

    Basketball fans rioted in Los Angeles last week when the L.A. Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers.

    They torched police cars and lit bonfires around the stadium - trapping players, fans and celebrities inside. A dozen people were hurt.

    But in America violence isn't just for special occasions - it's an everyday event. And the biggest thing that frightens you is guns.

    In the past 18 months I've reported on two school shootings, one in a church, another in a photocopying shop plus the guy who had a bad day on the stock exchange and blasted workers in his office.

    The moment I arrived in "safe" Santa Monica, I was warned NEVER to walk on the beach at night because I'd be attacked, mugged or shot. In daylight the beaches are packed with people sun-bathing, jogging and roller-blading.

    But three months ago five people were shot on Santa Monica Pier after a pub argument turned nasty.

    If you get involved in a traffic dispute you NEVER get out. Odds are the other driver will have a gun.

    At night there are no-go areas even in affluent parts of town - make one wrong turn and you could face a violent armed gang.

    There are many great things about America. Gun control is not one of them and I feel a whole lot safer wandering around London.

    Two things for the writer:

    - We like NY the way it is. There is no place like NYC in this world.

    - Compare London to some other village, because it does not come anywhere near NYC.

    And an additional thing:

    - Sun a newspaper that give more covers to Samentha Fox than to Tony Blair, so the writer has no business being in NYC.


      I think London is a better place to live if you are with a family, but if your'e single than NY is a better place.



        i heard abt that, it was the funniest thign ever! NY, it was some american tv dude attempting to make out the UK is more violent then the US. LOL. I haven't laffed so much in ages...

        Whether London or NYC are better I can't comment, but one thing I do knwo is I feel safer here in the uk, then i did when i was on holiday in the US. Part of it was down to the fact, fewer ppl here own guns, coz its illegal, whereas in the states, despite all the killings that occur its stil believed having the legal rite to own a gun/firearm is a good thing...

        thats just my opinion....but in addition i dont think this american reporter was right to compare the us to the uk, because crime is measured in a different way here....i dont knwo the exact reasons to y tho

        anyway thats my tuppence worth of comments

        me gone


        " Some people just cant find true friendship and what they think is true is just an illusion" ---Confusious

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          Newyork will be just fine if the can detonate a strong explosive device in Harlem, Take out parts of Bronx and some of brooklyn as well and all's cool.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Fraudia man , what ya' talkin' about..these parts are like the heart and soul of NY. I have visited my friends in Bronx many times late at night and never encountered any kinda threat.

            The Newyorkers make it the liveliest and fun city. Whether, cheering up for their Yankees or getting down-right nasty in any Newyork's political capmpaign..I think style of Newyorkers' is as unique as the city itself..and I JUST LOVE NEWYORK..


              NY better than London??

              London ..village??


              u crack me up NYahmadi ...
              i'll be laffing for months ..


                Originally posted by outlaw:

                The Newyorkers make it the liveliest and fun city. ..
                Yeah the definitely made it lively in Central Park on the puerto rican day parade eh

                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Fraud Yara, I think you are experiencing “Khuglee” today. Is that due to the new project you are working on? I think you have a couple of New Yorkers on your team.

                  I just spent some 70 bucks on up a Sound Card, and a Mic. Now someone has to show me how the bloody thing goes inside the PC. It would be easier if the instructions said, stick it up your nose, or someother place. I don’t even know if I have enough bytes in my PC to accommodate all of this. So, I look forward to chatting with all you guys. I have been told that you have a very “sexy” voice.


                    Originally posted by Fraudz:
                    Yeah the definitely made it lively in Central Park on the puerto rican day parade eh
                    Well, there are bad-apples everytwhere. It would be ludicrous to think that these people represent the spirit of Newyork in any sense..


                      and unfortunately the big apple has a large number of these bad apples
                      The central farm that produces most of these bad apples is Harlem :>
                      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                        Fraud Yar, as Outlaw said, Harlem is the “in” place. Seriously, Harlem is experiencing a second renaissance now. It is attracting a lot of middle class and some of the old houses are being renovated to their old glory. In fact, it is next to impossible to get a town house in Harlem for less than ˝ million. It is becoming a pretty vibrant place to live, once again.

                        In terms of crime here in NYC, there are other parts that surpass Harlem by miles.

                        There are no bad apples in NYC, only a few sour ones.


                          so where are the syah-faam people moving to? Queens the new reigning ghetto-supreme?
                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            syaah faam..

                            that was such a racist comment! :-/


                              Fraud is experiencing some Khujlee today. Haya, he is trying to get me started, he is not anywhere close to what you might have thought. Pir Jee himself is like MLK, the liberator of our culture.

                              Pir Jee, Jan deo yaro.