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    ordering online

    Has anyone here ordered something online before? If so, what was your experience like? If not, do you think you ever will?

    Would you feel comfortable ordering desi items online?

    I'm trying to get some input before ordering something from a desi online store....

    I did it many times and actually I do it at least twice a week, every week, booking & buying my airline tickets online. I never bought anything from a desi online store though. If u are going through SSL (https) then its alright u use ur credit card on the internet, because its encrypted otherwise becareful.


      I had a very good experience from 1-800-Mubarak. I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wifey on her birthday. I specified a specific time that I wanted the flowers to be delievered and the service promised to deliever the flowers when I had asked them to. When the day and time came, they couldn;t find the address and therefore didn;t deliver until the next day.

      The service refunded my money and still delivered the flowers, expenses on the house! As pissed as I was, they still won me over as their customer!

      With that said, I think there are some very reputable online desi vendors. Webdukan appears very professional. I 've seen them all over

      I guess its a given, but purchase stuff online with a credit card. This way, if you have any problems with the vendor, you can fight the charges and don;t have to pay the disputed amoutn until the claim is settled.

      Good Luck!


        Babez burjai ....check this link


          Did three or four times...
          Never had any problems..



            I've shopped on-line several times....however, never for desi items.

            Wonder what kinds of desi items one would want to purchase on-line.....? Any ideas anyone??


              Mostly Desi CD's and literature. Also, if you need greetings delievered to your loved ones in Pakistan along with bouqet or mithai or cakes, these services are pretty nifty..


                mmm Desi online.....
                depends what you want to send..or buy...
       is a good Pakistani website, always delivers well on time and good service.

                I ordered some CD's but heard nothing

                I recently ordered a bouquet from Interflora.. and they delivered it a week early then they came to collect it again
                a total f*** up to say the least...

                SO just to make a point ke so far desi's have not let me down but pardesi's have

                We always think that watch the desi's and trust the others blindly.
                mmmmm but after this experience...I won't be so quick to judge the same !


                ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~



                  i was actually thinking of ordering desi clothes on line...but am a little hesitant...


                    done that for cds and problems...


                      i have ordered toyz cause they are much cheaper plus i send gifts to my family on their bdayz and stuff

                      always has worked no hassles

                      i am thinking of doing groceries over the net too
                      time saving


                        Had flowers delivered to Grandparents in Pakistan on Grandparents' day. The transaction went through smoothly and totally on time.