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Dating The Final Solution

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    Dating The Final Solution

    There are a lot of problems in Pakistan and our culture else where. I think a lot of it has to do with frustration. People specially young boys and girls are suppresed by a conservative society. They don't allow them to breathe free. So I think there is one good solution to all the problems. Dating should be legalized and encouraged in our backward and boring culture.
    Imagine if a lot of guys had girlfreinds they would not be shooting people on the streets. I think they would be too busy singing and dancing with their beloved. So I think dating would solve a lot of our society's problems that suffers under frustration.

    Yeah I guess instead of killing they would be having sex at home on their sofas and producing babies, as if the population aint enough a problem. Heck, the next thing we know is that Aids is on the move.
    Listen Bro, our society is way too backwards, it wont be able to handle dating as it is somewhat in control in the west. People in the west are known for creating remedies, but we are normally known as antiremedies.


      Dating is common in Jamaica and violence is also rife in Kingston and elsewhere.

      Dating will not necessarily reduce violence.

      Girls do have a tendency to reduce aggression. Many nightclubs will enforce a strict male:female ratio to ensure there is a healthy balance. Too many males and not enough females in a club can increase the chances of a fight.

      I think Pakistani women need to become more involved in Pakistani society. We need their calming influence.

      Farouq Taj.



        While I agree that dating should be encouraged among pakistanis. I do believe that it should be among educated civilized class, not the type of Lalukhet hoodlums who insist on grabbing and fondling women their mothers age at chand raat etc. There are reasons that new years celebrations are strictly controlled now. While on my last trip to Pakistan, I missed the parties at the hotels and was salvaged by private parties. I did not miss the cheapskates on honda cd-70s running all around harrassing people and banging up cars with hockey sticks n stuff.

        heheh maybe we can create an exam like SAT and one hasta pass it in order to get a dating permit. ahahahah and the peshawar test would HAVE to be of a slightly different nature, if ya catch mah drift *wink*

        As far as Pakistanis in UK, USA etc, I dont think there is any reason that dating should not be allowed. Most Desi parents abroad are still living with the idea of a Pakistani society that they left in 50's 60's that does not exist now. Dating has been going on in Pakistan for years, just hidden.

        I think people get the wrong impression of dating and assume that physical intimacy is an integral part of it, which its not. Heck I would not be with my sweets if it were not for dating.

        Oi, superman didja start thinkin bout dating after Doomsday almost sent ya to kingdome come?

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Who can stop dating .... it depends how you train your children .... I dont think dating is necessary in our society ... but if you want to date you can and you will and if you find that dating is not good (religiously or moraly or by any reason) then you wont ... but I remember my granny used to say "when a boy and girl meet they can start 'burai' any time because it is the tendency in them" and agree with it ....

          Now I tell you about myself .... I used to date girls, but never went to their homes or brought them to my home .... I preferred public places where there is no chance of committing anything wrong. The only problem with me is that I didn't (and still dont want to) date a pakistani girl (dont say that I am racist or something) but an asian girl doesn't attract me. But I was a hypocrate ... I didn't have courage to tell my parent that I am taking someone out for a dinner, because I knew that my mum will be furious, even then I did date ... why I stopped dating .... I dont think there is a point dating someone because if you dont find someone compatible with your personality .... you might dump her ... and by dumping her you migh hurt her feelings (I did hurt someone and I still feel guilty). OR she might dump you. You might commit a wrong no one is an angel .... and so on and so forth.

          Now I think my mum can find a good girl for me because she understands me more, I am her son and there is a saying "Gunga kia bolay uss kee maa(n) janay". Your mums knows you more than you can think. So she is an experienced woman she know which type of girl can be compatible with my personality. Apart from all this I dont to marry a goree ..... though she can be a good wife but I dont want a woman who is not able to communicate with my mother or other older family members, and, I dont my children blaming me with mixed or no roots. Anyway ... I am just prolonging it ....

          In the end what I want to say is .... if you want to date someone .... make your mind up that you want it ... becareful .. you never know what type of person is you are gonna see or thinking of prospective relationship ... and if you date .... do tell your parents (I dont think at this time they should mind it) ... but asure them that it doesn't include any sexual thingee ... and dont involve yourself in sex thingee .. its not good ... kal ham sab nay apnee apnee qabar main bhee jana hay.

          If you dont want to date .... end of everything and it is the full stop ... dont date.


            Nice idea. I have heard this before but wonder why we dont suggest other nice, tension reducing stuff such as allowing drinking, nice adult magazines and adult tv channels. I am sure all this will help not only the youngsters but the elders too. To start with at least light social drinking should be allowed.

            But I hardly believe this to be the FINAL solution for ISLAMic Rep. of Pakistan. Ultimately drugs should be legalized to contribute to economic prosperity and easing out pressures.


              I am not sure if we should go as far as you suggest but I think that social drinking is again a matter of personal choice.
              I think in Pakistan , people are too worried about their " reputation" rather than enjoying their lives. This leads to suffocation , then the same frustrated men are seen around harrasing girls in colleges , and the streets ect. I think if they were exposed to the opposite sex at an earlier age they would learn to respect and understand females as humans and not as objects.