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She should be forgiven...

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    She should be forgiven...

    A woman with a 1 year old , who hasnt eaten for two days , and has a toddler who has been hungry for a whole day, stole milk from a store ....should she be punished...?
    Along the same lines.....What are principles? Why do we develop them ?When are they of most use,,
    What principles would apply at the above scenario....?

    Nova..adab...yar ya aisa lag raha hai kohi indian film watch kar rahao hoon...well dear just kidding..majboori mai agar kohi kuch ghalti kara i think she should be execused...and allah bhee maf kar deta hai,,wo bohat hee azim o'rahim hai,and wo bohat bara badsha hai...kai samja meri dost

    dil..dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na


      what you should be asking is why did she do that. what majboori drove her to it. No one wants to steal, they do it out of desperation, well some.
      The government has failed to provide for her therefore they shoukd be held responsible.


        >>should she be punished...?


        >>What are principles?

        Something that should be appreciated.

        >>Why do we develop them ?

        To show us the limits of Darwin's Theory.

        >>When are they of most use?

        All the time.

        >>What principles would apply at the above scenario....?

        Assuming the mother can't afford one likes to see their kids starve. So she wasn't necessarily committing a crime by stealing the milk. Each individual case is different depending on circumstances.


          Hello there folks...
          My understanding of principles is , that firstly there is one major devision...
          we can have them as a society , where they help organize it....Different ppl may have different opinions, but when they all have to live together , they have to follow whats agreed upon..There will always be a few who would disagree , but we assume that majority has a greater chance to be right......It becomes important however to keep the rules to minimum, otherwise more and more folks would get excluded and consequently be dissatisfied...
          Secondly , we make priciples for ourselves as undividuals, so that we can make appropriate choices in times when emotions ( passion , hate etc) can get the best of us..
          In the above example...This lady broke a rule...We should not steal...If we will condone this behaviour, soon there will be many others following her example, and justifying their needs...Why did this lady not plan for the future, why did she have a baby when she couldnt feed him....why didnt the society have mechanisms to help someone in dire needs....What about the poor guy whos shop got broken into...
          when a rule is broken , its a comment on the whole society, ,,it needs to be understood, and rectified...
          As far as punishment is concerned, its a whole different discussion....


            What about the person she stole the milk from? What if he was taking it home for his hungry infant too?

            Who has the responisibility to feed the people? God or the Government? Does the modern Government take the responsibility? If it fails to, does it give us a right to steal for food? Does God take the responsiblity? If he does, can we steal for food? Are religious principles more convincing than the social principles? Are they more rigid?

            Should we believe in Absolute principles and Absolute Morality? Or should we consider them relative and situation-oriented?

            I'd love to hear opinion.

            .....So they turned away from him and said, '' A man tutored, possessed! ''
            Paagal Insaan!

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              hmmmm.... she stole food ... a pack of milk. she should be questioned, alright!! ... If she has her kids there ... means her intentions were not right!! if not and says she has two... for whom she stole ... there is no proof and no one is going to believe her... though her intentions were right and guess what ... Islam actually allows this kindda theft. So she choses to steal rather than beg... now which one do you think is better?? Islam ,i believe thinks begging is better... !! It's a hard life.

              Principles are made to be applied offcourse but there is a beautiful story of Moses (moosa alihussalam) and a teacher in Quran .. read it in surah kehaf and we'll talk about principles!!

              principles are needed all the time .... to see how much you are capable of deviating from them when humanity is in question!!!


              no agreement today Nova!!


                If she did that in the USA, this falls into 5 or 6 different tiers of discussions. The harshest one is "3 strikes and you are out" (e.g., California) where if someone is caught in a petty larceny, such as stealing milk, and has two earlier minor violations, that person is in for life. The least severe one is in NY, where only a summons to appear before a judge is given, and after a pep talk, the case is dismissed.

                We don’t know, the woman might have resorted to stealing as a way to get imprisoned. Where her child will be given access to “free” school (on public expanse) and both of them will be fed.