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Is it just me......or does everyone find it difficult to see their other half?

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    Is it just me......or does everyone find it difficult to see their other half?

    Is it just me......or does everyone find it difficult to see their other half?

    I spent the last year living in uni halls, and seeing him wasnít a problem. Iíve been back home for just over two weeks, and in that period Iíve just seen him once
    Iím running out of excuses to use, and sometimes, I wonder if all the lying and deception is actually worth it, but after spending those precious few moments with him, itís not difficult to realise how important he is to me.

    Anyway, getting back to the point, am I the only one, or do most "couples" here face similar problems?

    Also, could the religious scholars please refrain from turning this into a "having any kind of relationship with a ghair-mahram man is haram, and that I will burn in hell for this", because I already know that.

    No, you are not alone, Fraudia is having the same problem these days.



      This appears to be a serious thread so get out.... don;t even think about polluting this thread with your innuendos...


      What exactly is the question here?

      Are you asking about trying to avoid seeing your other half so one can have some time of their own?

      or you want to avoid seeing him because you feel you wanna slow down things?

      or asking about how plain uncomfrtable it is to meet the significant other occasionally?


        acha chala jata hooN baba ji, ghussa kiyuN hotay ho. Ek to Ex-moderator say ab koi darta bhi nahi


          Well, you are on the cross-roads and you've got two options, presuming that you are both are pretty close: Move in( get married) or move on.

          If I were you, I'ld just walk up to my mam and talk to her and if you think that all hell is going to break loose..then let it might not have any other choice. After all, this sneeking and hiding is bound to complicate things further. It would suck even more if your parents arrange some dehati husband from Pakistan( no offence intended).

          There is nothing wrong in having an intimate relationship, and it take lots of efforts and guts to actually 'make it to the end'. Be fair to yourself and to your parents. Talk to them, and if they disagree then you have all the right to explore other options.

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