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Election Commission wants winner to secure 51% votes:

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    Election Commission wants winner to secure 51% votes:


    The Election Commission has recommended that the present 'first past the
    post' system should be combined with the run-off elections system, requiring the winning candidate to
    secure 51% of the total registered votes.

    In the first-past-the-post system, any candidate getting the largest number of votes, irrespective of the
    percentage of those votes, is declared elected. However, when it would be mixed with the run-off
    elections system the winning candidate would have to secure 51pc of the total registered votes. In
    case, the EC says in a set of 15 reforms, there is a constituency where three candidates are
    contestants and nobody bags 51pc votes, then repolling will be carried out.

    An EC official said the run-off elections system was in vogue in France and added that EC
    recommendations were being studied by the National Reconstruction Bureau.

    Besides recommending changes in the procedure for appointment of election commissioner, the EC
    has suggested that the term of chief election commissioners should be extended from three years to six

    "The election commission in its previous reports has been recommending that the terms of office of the
    chief election commissioner should be six years instead of three years, enabling him to plan and
    organize at least one general election. The government may like to consider this recommendation while
    making future appointment of chief election commissioner," the EC said.

    It has been suggested that the election commissioner may be appointed by the President in
    consultation with the leader of the house and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly and
    the chief justice of Pakistan.

    The EC has recommended that the statements of accounts and finances of the political leaders should
    be audited by the auditor-general.

    The office-bearers of the political parties, who failed to submit their statements of accounts and
    finances to the satisfaction of the auditor-general, should not be allowed to contest elections and bye
    elections to be held in that year.

    It called for the restoration of Ordinance CXVII of 1996 regarding submission of statements of
    assets/liabilities and declaration about defaulters of loans.

    "This may be restored and all candidates should submit their statements of assets and liabilities in
    respect of themselves, their spouses and dependents along with their nomination papers. Thereafter,
    the elected members should submit these statements annually," the EC said.

    It further recommended that the election campaign should be restricted to a minimum period as may
    be determined by the commission after the list of contesting candidates is published for an election.

    It also called for strict observance of code of conduct by all political parties and contesting

    The candidates and political parties should refrain from speeches calculated to arouse parochial and
    sectarian feelings, and controversy or conflicts between genders, sects, communities and linguistic

    The commission should be empowered to disqualify the candidates for violation of these provisions, it

    The provisions relating to election expenses in the Representation of the People Act, 1976, which
    were omitted by an act of parliament, should be restored and strict compliance of these provisions by
    the candidates may be secured, it added.

    The violation of the provisions of elections expenses should be made punishable and the chief election
    commissioner may be empowered to disqualify those candidates who exceed limit of election
    expenses, fail to submit their expenses, or submit false statements.

    The expenditure by the political parties on election campaign may also be restricted by fixing a
    reasonable ceiling.


    Will it work guys?

    It will not work as long as the candidates remain the same.

    .....So they turned away from him and said, '' A man tutored, possessed! ''
    Paagal Insaan!

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