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I need help.....seriously, plz

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    I need help.....seriously, plz

    How do you say good-bye

    Come on guyz help me out. How do you talk about moving on, going from one place to another, leaving behing all thats safe and secure and taking a step into the unknown,--exciting and exhilarating..but then at the same time you feel sadness,etc., for what you're leaving behind....

    Okay I need inspiration/motivation/encouragement/farewell/send-off material...anything mushy-sentimental or abstract is A-OK ummm well...ummm lets just say the reasons why i need this are classified

    ps1. HELP!!!! Anyone-everyone...i'm drowning pull me out..especially/sincere request ROLL: Naik, Hayaa, Nova, Kohal, Rare...and Muzna Baji if you're still out there

    ps2.Hey Boss! yeah well we finally got together..yapped till five in the morning, prayed fajr and went to bed yes i repeat FIVE AM

    ps3.Reason why i didn't put DB (my shweeto coz'n) on the most wanted list--see ps#2

    Make that six..after fajr we went for a walk


      oh wow gfq...that's alwayz tough...there's no ez way around it


        Girl, saying goodbye to the old stuff and people we have known for a while, is always difficult. However, sometimes moving is something which you have to do and there is no way around it. Think of it this way, moving from one place to another can be for one's own benefit. Maybe there is a better future waiting for you at the place where u are moving to.

        And always remember, that no matter where you go, how near or far away you are, the people and things we love, cherish, respect, hold dear to the heart always stay with us. No one can take away the good and bad memories and your feelings towards others and things from you. So be content. And hope the future holds many more "rare"and"precious"friendships and things as well. Amen. Go for it sis.

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          and... to top it all off, we spent how many hrs making that omelete Kishtella?

          BoSS we were out yapping, on the front door steps, 5:30 in the morn.. and it was raining like crazy... now thats a cousin whoZ there, in times of need winks at KFC

          ps. Oow... I can't talk no further on this subjct no more girl... I'm drained out.. by now.

          ps2. come to think of it... we ended up the discussion talking about Jem dolls, mattel world and My lil' ponies

          ps3. Ok, ppl plz give her ur 2 cents worth.. its like a transition mode one is going thru... while shedding the older version of life, and steping into a braoder horizon..which is more challenging.. and exciting. What do u say to a group of silly old ducks out there when its u who've to tell them, what all that trasfering from one phase to another is like, how it feels, and how much the past meant to you, how much it helped u grow, and will account for many things in future, cuz it was the past that built up ur former foundation, on which the new building will be based in future... and this new building will be the final resolution to one's overall quest in pursuit of reaching ur true destiny... sorry if I made no sense here, blame it on my coz up here. thx!

          ps4.Aaaa...KFC...if u can work around words, I'm throwing in a whole bunch here too.. Okay me out! out! Out! NO more!

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            Aslkm ya'll here

            ok, GFQ... I know u can do this all by urself as well... just relax, think about ur past, and evaluate it... oh c'mon if u can score 90's in timbaacktoo's class...this shud be noting fer ya... I mean it! Ask ur friends, ask them what motivates them...or what the key that attracts them towards future...what inspires them etc..etc...

            btw.. Ya'll... if I were to ask the same qs and direct it to ya'll ..what wud ur answer be...what motivates u or what do u look fwd to in life, which helps u wanting to live further and live to see more... Comments?



              Originally posted by Girl from Quraysh:
              Come on guyz help me out. How do you talk about moving on, going from one place to another, leaving behing all thats safe and secure and taking a step into the unknown,--exciting and exhilarating..but then at the same time you feel sadness,etc., for what you're leaving behind....

              gq, here, i did my time thinking about this & i think i've thought of some useful stuff to say. however, i doubt it if it's useful enough <<sorry if it isnt'..>>. but you can't say i didnt' try....

              kay, here it goes:
              Firstly, "the unknown,exciting and exhilarating" situation/place you're going into must be TOTALLY hype thing to be doing if you described it like that! so obviusly you're looking forward to it... so just do the best you can there. YOu never know what can happen there. Cuz you know how the Future is all unknown & yadda yadda.

              Secondly, as for "leaving behind all thats safe and secure" does sounds, like you said, upsetting. Cuz your'e leaving something that you've gained your total trust in. Even though it's kinda sad of leaving that place, just remember that you ought to be glad to experienced what you did. "Everything happens for a reason" right. So what you faced, (possibly) gave you the character you have today. Just remember, um, be proud of where your coming from. <<am i making annnyy sense here wrt your situation..>>. Basically, you're taking a risky, sharp curve on the road of life <<hehe, Volkswagen advertisment>>.

              & according to the sensible person i've slightly gotten to know lately, i think that person is to have a safe drive & is taking a risk/change that is worth as well.

              Oh! but 1 more thing. Sometimes, if at all, things can begin to look bad in your once "exciting, exhilarating" place -- in contrast to your earlier secure place -- & you don't know if there is any good/hope there at all. Just remember, things will always turn out for the better reason in 1 way or another <<& sometimes, you don't realize it's reason until years & years later. so dont' regreat it whatsoever!>>. Just have hope while you're trying to handle that bad situation. Um, i kinda think of it from this quote: "Hope is like an anchor; it holds onto the Unseen."

              I know i havent' said anything you dont' know already. Though, i hope these posts of other gups & I have put things into prospectice for you, at least i hope so!
              Best of luck on your upcoming situation GQ!
              i'll talk to you laterr


                Ofall the things i have lost i miss my mind the most.
                Of all the things i have loved ,i cared for my heart the most .
                Of all the places i have visited ,i love to be out there ,where no one has gone before .
                Of all the achievements i have taken,i did that mostly by travelling .
                of all the experienced i have learned ,i leared 80 % of that by trekking in the mountains .
                Of all the friends i have clamied to know better,i took them with me for a journey.
                of all the goods i have in mylife ,i got that by cimbing .
                Of all the reasons that i might claim that there is aGOD,i have felt HIM by going places to places .
                ......The one who sits is a loser
                ......the one who moves is a leader .


                  Okay well to be absolutely honest with you guyz, i'm graduating from Hs, and they asked me to speak at the cap and gown ceremony

                  And umm well aside from the fact that i can't speak at all..hehehe-but thats not your problem--i don't know what to say. I guess i know what sort of things i want to talk about, but not how..and then so whenever i sit down to write it i keep drawing a blank

                  Kohal, Rare, an' everyone thanks--i mean it...its all good.

                  I guess i want to inspire everyone, cuz thats what grad is about, i mean, we're done with school and in front of us the future and that which determines our we are all going to pursue our own interests, follow our own paths--do what we want. Then there's our parents,teachers,friends,etc, who have each given us something in their own way that have helped us get where we are and made us what we are. Also then there's stuff like the future as well as the past, and how everything is important, and to remember,appreciate all that we've been given, and even though we're leaving and it seems as if we're stepping off the edge... we aren't cut off by absolute brackets--I don't know what i'm trying to say People keep telling me i'll do fine and don't need help...but i keep thinking the exact if u guyz have any ideas at all....plz could u maybe pass them on....honestly,guyz i'm desperate..han's an' knee'z...scrounging around for all the crumbs i can find..

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                    i had a feeling it had something with you graduating from hs..