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    Suitable Suitors Sought......

    Hey! This is definitely not what you're thinking Just read it, trust me
    Go on...

    Gentleman Sought

    Vivacious female seeks qualified male for matrimony. Eighteen years old, silky, jet black, soft hair. Body shines like the reflection of a glistening stream. Cheerful and down to earth. Eyebrows perfectly curved and thin like a sword. Gazelle-eyed, meaning wide sparkling black eyes. Lovely oblong face. Superbly shaped nose. Lips are soft, tender and silky like rose leaves. Pearls would become ashamed by my teeth. Skin is red and white in complexion. Voice, sweet and attractive. To say I am a idol of beauty and elegance would be an understatement. To marry this heavenly body there is no condition of religion or faith, colour or family tree, money, respect, education or age. The only condition is that the candidates heart must be saturated with my love. For this marriage no documents or agreements will be signed. All the candidates are requested not to establish any means of contacting me. If you require further information please proceed to the address mentioned below.

    153 Dowsworld Blvd.

    This ad was brought to my attention, but after I read it I was astonished, that such a female did not care about religion or faith, wealth or education. Even though I knew that this type of marriage was not right, I still set out to the address that was given on the flyer. After a short while I found the designated area. I went straight to the manager, but before I could place my concern in front of him, he shot a question at me with total disdain, Dont tell me! Youre here regarding the marriage, right? I answered in the affirmative. The manager replied, I am perplexed by the amount of candidates. The flyer is still being reproduced and sent everywhere. That is why I cant reject any of them. Daily thousands of contenders from all over this country are meeting me. What I request you to do is exactly at four pm tomorrow be present at Burjetson Park. Madam will be there along with all the candidates. Madam will remove her veil and bestow upon the candidates an opportunity to see her lovely face. Ah, let me inform you, now a condition will also be set, to narrow down the amount of contenders. He concluded by saying, Do bring with you a bottle of rose water. In my mind, millions of questions arose, but the manager sent me to the next room. My heart didnt want me to leave, but I had no other business here. Dont ask me about the feelings and thoughts that were racing through my mind. 26 hours seemed like 26 years. Time passed with great difficulty and finally it was evening time. The night was unusually long.

    At last it was morning. Immediately after I had awoken, I filled up a clean bottle with rose water. Then I set out to Burjetson Park, but the time was only ten oclock. After a great deal of pacing around, sitting down and glancing at my watch it was finally three oclock. I decided to change my clothes, so I proceeded towards my house. Upon reaching there, I quickly changed my clothes and to spare some time I caught a taxi on my return to Burjetson Park. I noticed taxis, cars, trucks, bicycles, horseback riders, rollerbladers and pedestrians all traveling towards the same direction and destination. Ten minutes later, my taxi pulled up into a parking lot of Burjetson Park. The amount of men that had gathered were well over a few million. The field was jam packed. From where I stood I could depict at least a thousand people I knew. Some were Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs. Among them were honourable Sheikhs, Priests, Rabbis, Hindu and Sikh gurus, doctors, engineers, newspaper editors and many more with different professions. Exactly at four oclock a super stretched limo pulled into the parking lot. From this limo seven cloaked women and the manager emerged and proceeded to the stage. The manager caught everyones attention by saying, Whoever would like to marry madam. I suggest you all be blessed with a glimpse at her lovely face, so everybody grab your rose water.

    Believe it or not, as soon as we heard that, it seemed like we all mustered every ounce of power in our body and stored it into our eyes. That heavenly body stood in the middle of the stage, to her right and left stood six of her friends. Silence struck the park and we all had our eyes glued on her. For ten minutes we stood there without even closing our eyelids. The silence was broken by aahs and oohs. It seemed like the sun had dismounted itself from the sky and appeared on the stage. Aphrodite stood no chance in front of her. Never had anybody heard or seen anything like her. Nor could I describe her beauty. I glanced to see the state of the other contenders I noticed many of them dropping like flies by the immense beauty and light originating from her face. At that moment I understood why he stressed the point of bringing rose water. Those who were on their feet sprinkled rose water on those who were not. After the candidates that fainted or those who were wonderstruck returned to their senses, the manager questioned, Are you satisfied by this sight? Simultaneously we all replied, Yes sir, we love it! The manager shot his next question. Do you all want to marry this heavenly being? Without hesitating we all responded, Yes we are all ready with our hearts and bodies! The manager pleased by our answer replied, Good, the condition that we have decide is, whosoever accumulates the most wealth regardless, how he does it shall marry this heavenly body. At this point the manager descended from the stage and proceeded to the limo. At his feet was the idol of beauty and her six friends.

    Like roaches the contenders split up and started to look for ways to acquire money. I headed to my taxi and returned home. Through out the whole night the thought of gathering the most money and marrying her kept me twisted and turning. The next morning I heard about a jewellery store that was robbed. One million dollars worth of goods were stolen, but the thief was arrested with no trouble. Many people went to see the thief, also went with a friend. To my utter amazement I recognized the thief. This person had stood beside me at Burjetson Park, meaning he was one of the contenders.

    Two days later it came to my knowledge that a man poisoned his own blood brother, to inherit this wealth. This cruel man was taken into custody and put on trial. Out of curiosity I went to the trial. I was astonished to see that he too was one of the contenders. A counterfeiter conned a business man into making counterfeit money together. The counterfeiter took fifty thousand dollars for the plates, ink and other equipments. He was arrested at the train station. Out of eagerness I went to see the forger, he too was one of the crazed lunatics that was in love with the heavenly body. Now where ever there was a robbery or murder reported, I would set out to see the person who committed it. Since she had uncovered her face, not just in my city but in this entire country, the amount of evil that had spread was unbelievable. Larceny, homicide, poisoning, forgery, deceit and doublecrossing had become so frequent. The amount of crazed lunatics that were put in trial had the judges so preoccupied that they had no time to breath. The jails were jam packed. The love for pleasing that heavenly being had made them blind. The greed for money had obstructed their thoughts and they no longer could differentiate good from bad. Among these people were a few friends of mine. At this point, I find it appropriate to direct your attention to some examples from which we can learn a lesson.

    One Sheikh who was well known for his fear of Allah. He strictly used to follow the Quran and Sunnah so much so that every breath he took was according to Allahs command. He was in his early 70s. He had sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. Nobody could have anticipated that this Sheikh would be caught up in this mess. He also though of a way to acquire a substantial amount of money. Some people who planned to go for Hajj had entrusted him with their money and their goods. With the money and goods he was entrusted with he placed it in front of the goddess of beauty. Pleased by the Sheikh she uttered, Enough, now I am your personal slave. Tomorrow afternoon we will have our marriage done. The Sheikh was about to burst from the amount of joy and bliss he had experience. As he was about to depart, the goddess of beauty signaled one of her friends to take the money and deposit it into her box. Another one of her friends brought a glass of juice and placed it before the Sheikh. The Sheikh thought, if my soon to be wife if offering me something then why should I hesitate. He quickly downed the glass of juice. In this state of ecstasy he returned home. On arriving home his stomach began to ache. Soon he was frequenting the washroom and coughing up blood. Before any medical assistance arrived he breathed his last.

    Now listen to another incident of one of her other suitors. He was an English scholar. His knowledge was so vast that he had memorized Oxfords and Harvards libraries. He too was caught up in this mess. As soon as he returned from Burjetson Park he began publishing three or four magazines, the fame that he acquired was unbelievable. He began condemning outcasts, sects, and racism, etc.. The government and public were astonished by his courage and started promoting his work. In a matter of weeks he collected five million dollars in endorsements. With this five million dollars he set out towards his Juliets habitation. Upon reaching there he placed the money before her. She accepted the money and deposited it into her box. Overjoyed by the money, she decided the wedding to be that very day. Then she gestured one of her friends to bring out a plate of sweets. This heavenly body with her own hands fed him. The editor was thrilled by this whole incident. He decided that he would return home to make the necessary arrangements for the wedding. Before reaching home he fell ill and fainted. He never regained consciousness after that.

    A young innocent man stole his brothers and sisters entire wealth, and placed it before the person he idolized. He too met the same fate as the others. However, not one or two died this way. Thousands faced death at her hands. Muslims filled the graveyards. Hindus had the cremators working overtime. Christians and Jews had doctors performing autopsies. I observed all these misfortunes and noticed that whoever got caught up in her bait never walked out alive. Unfortunately, she still exists. Many intelligent people are her puppets. She does not differentiate the rich from the poor. Never did she reject any money that was placed before her. As gorgeous and beautiful as she is, she is ten time more conniving and deceitful.

    Let me tell you the truth. When I returned from seeing the goddess of beautys face, I also pondered over ways to gather money. I also tried to poison my father to inherit his wealth, but by the grace of God, I was saved from this infatuation. From then on with my utmost power I began informing people about this deceitful lady and tried to pull them away from becoming her bait. Anyhow, this flyer is still being distributed and still hordes of people die at her hands daily. I am begging you to save yourself and others that you can influence from her. Do not lose your mind and pieces of your heart over her. Also let me unveil this goddess of beauty, so that if you ever come across her you will know how to handle the situation. Her name is..

    See wasn't so bad..

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      God that was boringggggggggg



        hmmmmm................. very good
        makes u think i suppose.
        what was mem sahib expecting? a bloody joke?


          hmmm...gets u thinkin...




              Thank you Hamsa Ho... aka Girl from...!


                Face up aka thoughtful of you!




                    яQξξ is dead now

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                      No, no, wasn't me...i wish that i could write like that. Glad u liked it though



                        Excellently written, captivating, and mysterious. Simply marvellous.


                          how true


                            Ok it took me 5 mins to read that time i could have gotten 5 TiTLies :-(


                            HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<