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They think Paradise is for free

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    They think Paradise is for free

    Most of us think Paradise is for free, we will be asked for what they have been contributed. Do not believe that Islam is spreading in the west, it is a rumor, (less than 5000 white American are Muslims and less than 100,000 African American are Muslims) rather 100,000s of Muslim girls and boys of Pakistani and Arabs .. etc are lost in the west, reading Koran without knowing the meaning, also loosing their mother tongue languages, going to clubs and dance patries and what not. Imams reading same khutbah every week, Muslims competing in which one is richer and his house is bigger, .....

    What do you think?

    Koran warns that if you turn away, Allah may replace you with people who are better.


      It has to start with ourselves...we cannot expect anything or take anything for granted, neither can we shift the blame or make excuses. I have this quote, "When the knowledge of Allah touches the heart of a human being, it would be transformed from one state to another. When the heart is transformed, the individual would be transformed. When the individual would be transformed, the family would be transformed. When the family is transformed, the community would be transformed. Indeed, the community is just a collection of families and individuals." Imam Hassam Al-Banna

      Here's a poem i got through one of those fwd things...


      Still I fail to medicate myself
      Still I continue to devastate myself
      By doing what I know to be a sin
      Have I been given a guarantee that in the end
      I will win?
      Just because I’m still alive and have an easy living
      Doesn’t mean that I’ve been forgiven.
      Yes I’m still alive, but how can I expect to survive
      Life in the displeasure of Allah!?
      I say I “love Allah”, but does Allah love me?
      Let’s see, just how real is this so-called
      “Spirituality” that you profess to possess
      But when you’re alone you digress and don’t confess!
      Thought that you could fool ‘em with that beard
      And that hijab
      Not realizing that at your own heart you have
      Taken the deepest stab.
      Thought that you could fool them with that thaub
      And veil over your face!
      How dumb you must have looked in front of the One
      Who’s knowledge, hearing and sight pentrate every place!
      Why do you feel so secure that Allah is going to forgive you
      Do you really feel secure as you drive home from
      The scene of your crime?
      How do you know the wrath and punishment of Allah
      Isn’t waiting for you around the corner?
      Don’t you know that the Angel of Death stikes without
      A warning?!
      How long do I think I have to make things right?
      By Allah! If I knew the reality of my sins,
      I couldn’t sleep at night!
      Afraid of closing my eyes from fear
      Of dying in my sleep!
      Only to wake up in a grave so dark, lonely and deep!
      -Who’s your Lord? my own desires...
      -Who’s your Prophet? my own desires...
      -What’s your religion? following my own desires...
      -Well welcome to the Fire! -Welcome to the fire!!
      What an awful place to retire!