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To all Pakistanis who hate India/Indians II

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    To all Pakistanis who hate India/Indians II

    I am starting part II of a vastly popular thread by Haroon.

    He asked a profound question. 'hey pakistanis, u hate in indians, right, why do u see indian movies then. For example, i dont see indian movies any more' ([erhaps he hates indians more than he used to.

    I am sure like part I of the thread this continuation will attract 100 responses, after which I will start III.

    Ye subject jiye hazaron thread, thread ke post ho pachas hazar.

    Ullu thank you for creating this, kabi kabi acha kaam kar letey ho buhat achi baat hai.

    Anyways rahee baat hate karney ki i have reasons to hate indians: but i dont understand why you guys are not questioning what i asked you about your countries killings in kashmir? You guys claim that you dont hate us(pakistan/pakistani/muslims)

    Than why kill thousands and thousands innocent people in kashmir??? (they might not be pakistani but they are muslims) [ to a muslim its his or her religion first than nationality ]
    Why threaten to use your atomic bomb on us(because of kashmir) if you guys dont hate us?
    Hate is bad always no matter where it comes from, but when its THERE its there you cant do nothing about can live under denial oh we dont hate you and still spent billions $$$ on to creat ways to destroy pakistan and pakistani people(muslims).

    It might sound like im repeating what i said in other thread but i dont think you guys understood any of those no wonder no one answered!

    HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


      there is a complete forum devoted to kashmir haroon. so let us stick to indian movies and why pakistanis should not see them.


        Hi friends,
        I'm new here and I find this topic quite interesting. I think we can't stop people from watching indian films, because it is a normal thing that people want to see films on their own language, on their desi values (ok that they r hindus and we Muslims, but we still have some common values in our societies, and they have a big muslim community too).
        I think that what Pakis should do is to develop a strong film industry & make better films than Indians. Then nobody will be interested in Indian films, but our film industry is getting worse & worse...

        And do u really think that our problem is with Indian people? I think it is with Indian government, of course they are elected by people, but most of the people want peace. It is just that there hasn't come any Indian politician with guts to say okey, let's talk about Kashmir matter and let's solve it. But No, they prefer that this remains a problem to use this topic in elections propaganda of their political parties.


          Haroon, i am all on ur side.i dont watch indian movies. so dont worry about me.

          In fact, even if one does not hate indians, if u watch indian movies u will start hating them. Indian movies is a good enough reason to hate India.


            ullu by name.. ullu...


              Many people in NWFP would not get to watch Indian films or listen to Indian film songs even if they want to. Few days back many people smashed their television set before Taliban authorities.

              Cable television is widely watched across Pakistan and networks often offer a mix of Indian and other foreign channels to supplement the two channels operated by state television.
              Wednesday's order by the governor will apply to the whole of the Frontier province, which together with the adjoining tribal areas, contains about 15 percent of Pakistan's population of nearly 138 million people.
              Pakistani mullahs view Indian cable and satellite television networks as a threat to the local culture and Islamic traditions.
              ''This is an evil,'' Hassan Jan said in his speech at Wednesday's Peshawar meeting.

              The Taleban say moving pictures of human beings on television constitute idolatry and they view music as an insidious temptation to stray from the Islamic path, whether it is Indian or indigenous.


                -----In fact, even if one does not hate indians, if u watch indian movies u will start hating them. Indian movies is a good enough reason to hate India.

                hehe.. Ullu you're very right!!

                I am with you guys (Haroon and Ulluu) I hate indian movies myself.... Never watch 'em.


                  Originally posted by mohabbat:
                  Many people in NWFP would not get to watch Indian films or listen to Indian film songs even if they want to. Few days back many people smashed their television set before Taliban authorities.
                  This is a very positive move. I think taliban shoul build a big wall on the eastern side so that even the air coming from India does not enter NWFP.


                    Who are you ulloo?


                      Waisey. Indian movies do have one thing in 'em that I like and that is that they're better than pakistani movies. Trust me on this one. Eik dafa main ney eik pakistani movie dekhi jis main an actress falls from a mountain and the hero who "incidentally" was standing down catches her. LOL
                      I mean had hee ho gayi hai bhyee.

                      Hairan Pareshan.


                        I'm asking you in the friendliest way possible (who you are), because it seems like you might be an old guppo with a new nick?


                          You know i have had it with this topic but...few comments!

                          ZZ..sure this is about indian movies...its about we hating indians and indians hating us, THAN why should we watch indian movies when all they offer is filth to our society,(your objection to this would be, hey western movies are as bad, but west doesnt show their hate towards us, as indians do) why take out some sharam that is left in pakistani people and just give it all away to some country's movies whos people, political parties, military build up is for PAKISTAN and to kill its people(who are muslims).
                          In islam, a muslim man is not soppose to watch naked women danceing(yeah yeah half naked or all naked same thing).
                          Anyways the thing is about hate, movies is just one thing the pakistani public(most of) loves so...why hate and still put your money in their pockets dont make sense.

                          There is this hadith where some islamic schalor saw a ankle of a jews women and he couldnt study, couldnt remember hadith or quranic verses. *** maybe i am not quoting this hadith right if anybody else has the knowledge of this hadith please put it on...maybe not for educational purpose of islam but for to show how bad it is to watch those half-naked 2 cent nooky showing off her powerderized body and god knows what else.

                          HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


                            Originally posted by zaraatif:
                            Who are you ulloo?
                            har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ke too kya hain
                            tum hi batao ye andaaz-e-guftgoo kya hain

                            thora zara ne puch liya. phire hain itarata
                            waran is hehar mein ullu ki abaru kiya hain.



                              This is the reason Indian channels are banned in Pakistan's NWFP because they spread obscenity and dirt. Indian channels impose other culture on people of Pakistan.
                              We have proof that these organizations are promoting specific causes," said Maulana Fazlur Rahman Khalil, an Islamic leader, in a recent interview with a Pakistani newspaper. If women are allowed to work and travel, he said, "it destroys our system, our families. Fathers suspect daughters. Husbands suspect wives." In Europe, he asserted, women are "ruined in the name of freedom" and "change husbands every night."

                              Rahman said also that he opposes the proliferation of satellite dishes in Pakistan, because they spread "obscenity and dirt, which is being promoted by the Western world. . . . I say don't impose the culture of others on my people." In some areas of Pakistan, Islamic activists have destroyed satellite dishes and cable TV operations.