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Well and the frog.....

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    Well and the frog.....

    I know it is possible to get the frog out of the well.... is it possible to take the well out of the frog?

    khooh choN daddo niqal sakda ay, lekin ki asiN daddo choN khooh kaD sakday aan?


    Chann ji,

    If we consider you a frog (ohi, daddoo wala) then what's khoh, you are sat sumandar doongay.

    But however, if we are to talk about Fraudia in the same sense (dadoo wali, i.e.) then I'm not sure what to make of it (both dadoo and the khoh) :-P

    I'm out, johny you are next.


      Well Guys, frankly speaking

      Mere Khoh tey sukha Peya jay, Pani Muk Geya aey, Dadoo dey key gul kardey aoo, aaj nahee tay kal geya.....

      I am Out


        On a serious note Chann ji... lucky are those frogs who can get khoh out of their system. The word education is such a trite but it still applies here, among many other things, of course.

        Frogs who are mentally leisure prone still dwell at the bottom of the khoh even if they are physically out of it. And it requires courage and ambition to get something out of your system (khoh in this case).

        PS. Are we still talking about the same thing or I flipped over into the khoh again?