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Pakistan and YOU!

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    Pakistan and YOU!

    Saallamm how is everyone doing lately??? Hope everyone is good and kicking!

    Anyways i know this topic or this question has been posted before many times, but since we have new members new faces at this gupshup, why not ask them again.

    What can YOU do to fix, rishwat-khori, be-imani, fraud, sex bazars in pakistan, and other social problems of pakistan???

    Remember this question is to YOU, and please i dont wana hear kill this leader and kill that molvi, i wana know what YOU can do. I wana hear you ideas, you opinions, maybe if you cant do something maybe your ideas will be benefit someone who WILL or is willing to do something about those problems.

    Remember we wana do something, without being in power or in any kind of political circles.

    Lets hear your input on this, please open as possible!!

    *Masaley abi paata chalta hia kitney paani main sub!


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***

    i dont care just bite me



      but *ahem* on a more srius note ppl...


        I do not exactly no. It will be a difficult job, I will try to handle it the easier way. I will be honest to my country that is what is required.
        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          I'd like to be a teacher and go to Pakistan and teach in their schools and teach the newer generation the decent and honest way of life..

          Pakistan can only change with education, they need to be educated...

          Now I'm not gonna write anything else coz I know what Mr Rude Awakening is like.... He'll rip me too shreads...



            Couple of things....
            First, Ideology as a nation and consequently Goals need to be that clear policies can be made accordingly...
            Second...Very Very important..population needs to be controlled..
            Education , freedom and tolerance all have to be there, but that would come through teh changed policies.....


              I'm not exactly sure myself either...

              Whenever I meet Pakistanis anywhere, this question tends to come up in some form or another...

              Jawaan is exactly right... Political leaders and many powerful people tend to be written off too easily whether or not there is a case aginst them... Then some ( not all ) people who do write them off are not exactly innocent themselves... They have a routine of getting into bribery, fraud, piracy...

              fantastic1 is correct because if an individual practised and maintained correct honest behaviour without being preachy to others i.e. teaching by more action and less by speeches, it would be more effective than simply talking hot air all the time...

              Speeches occur a few times and are forgotten easily. Good practice persists by definition. Good correct action is good only if a person can maintain it and improve it...

              fantastic1 said this was the easier way... I'm not so sure... this is probably the hardest solution because an individual trying to be honest in an environment where corruption is almost second nature must be unbelievably difficult. And then, where is the incentive and motivation to act good to come from? Good practice tends go against a individual's daily mentality, habits, routine and the like... It's more easier to go and just stick with the status quo...! And the older a person gets, it's more difficult for him/her to change their own mentality...

              But the wonderful thing about one individual practising honest behaviour is that it is more rewarding... It sends a powerful ripple effect through the people around him/her... Give it time and the effect multiplies like as if it is going out of fashion...

              So what should a person like me to do...?

              Begin with a smile...!!!!!

              And everything else will follow as a byproduct...

              ( Oops! This post is a tad bit too long! Did I just sound like a preachy maulvi...? )

              They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


                Guys i will reply back soon, but as for now i have some words for some confused ones here...
                Kohal and 2pak...if i was to put a thread about sex instead of pakistan, that would really interest you. and kohal seems to know whole alot too much about 69's and 96's shame!

                Mem sahib please dont be like that, i always have reason to be rude, you know if your post is excellent and is GOOD why would i say something bad likhoo jo marzii likhoo! please guzarish hia! bye

                I NEED IDEAS!!! PEOPLE IDEAS!!!


                Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                  This is somewhat unrelated to current topic, but it has to do with our education system.

                  For undergraduates, there are four different fields to choose. This is how people think about each field:

                  Medical: the kid must be a genius...
                  Engineering(any field except civil): Mashallah .. Allah aap ko kamyab keray..
                  Commerce : ... the kid must have failed in some subject...He has no future...bla bla...
                  Arts: He would be better off selling chips and fries.

                  Commerce and business has low requirements
                  for admission in pakistan universities and hence people really consider it as a poor field! Everyone in Pakistan wants to become either an engineer or a doctor, the commerce students are considered dumb. Most of the talented students, are all in engineering and medical department.

                  Effect: Extremely pathetic and lousy bunch of idiots are sitting in banks as directors and managers who cannot make their policies properly. I actually know a guy who worked in State Bank of Pakistan. He bribed his way to the top and he was a Director in Finance department when he retired!.
                  People bribe because they don't have the education, skill and talent. They bribe to stick to their position, get promotion cause they know that they are not worth getting it legaly, and to get a certain job that requires a skill that they don't have.

                  So we really need TALENTED graduates in business field .. who can start their business or work in a professional manner .. manage it.. and keep investing and control their quality.. Now, that would be really neeat!

                  My suggestion: Admission requirement for business and commerce should be increased more then engineering so that only TALENTED and GOOD students who have good ambition get admission and so that business becomes a prestigious field.

                  Today everyone wants to get a good sourcethat would help them for their so called future. My question to such people:
                  what happened to their grand parents and fathers ? what happened to their future ? Did they use a source for their future and income or they died from hunger ?

                  I hope u know what "source" meant.
                  Well I meant it as "someone other then allah , someone who would help them cause he has money and power..."


                    personally i think pk problems are so fundamental and dep rooted they are going to take a awful long time to solve. i think the younger generation needs to be educated about the outside world how ppl live in other countries, and what other governments and nations are doing to bring thier countries forward. the biggest problem i feel is corruption and rishwat, if we could only get rid of that we would be well on our way ahead to a brighter future.
                    on a personal level, when we were in pk recently we refused to bribe officals( banks and in gov post) and as a punishment we had to wait hours 4 small tasks that would otherwise have been performed in mins. so all i can say is its a thankless task and a upward struggle, and it will need a hell of a lot more to turn pk around then the good intentions of a minority who as well as being abroad are also lacking in political clout.



                      I think we need to question our own values very deeply then throw out all the politicians.


                        Helloo sorry for being late.

                        Yup education is the key you guys are right but, this needs to be done quick not in 100 years. But we need to IMPROVE the education system already in place and NOT to bring NO western systems...because that will only confuse the minds of young ones like MOST of us are here in UK and USA! EXample: Kohal and 2pak!

                        Masaley There is ALOTS of talent in pakistan, and with having no rules and regulation that talent is used very very illegally. This friend of mine his friend made a room temperature regulator out of sewing pins and some kinda motor, which droped the room temperture by 10 degress so there is ALOTS of talent like that in pakistan, but having just talent doesnt help, they need resources to make that talent work and put it to good use for public.
                        I think biggest cause of this is the Jaggeerdaari(zaameendaarii)the IGNORENT ones, with alots of land and too much land it seems if they have crass filled in their heads, and other reason is the corruption and corrupt leaders who give and get support to the corrupted ones.
                        If you are a politician in pakistan and your son is a total idiot, he will get the degree and get jog to where he likes even if he doesnt qualify. But if your a middle class man with no connections in political circle then you are doomed, no matter if you get 101% in tests and pass with BEST grades in pakistan, you dont have no values unless you get some connections in or safarish from some blood sucking monster(politician!)
                        So now the questions comes to mind how to get rid of corruption???

                        My theory, ones hungry for power always hungry for power, only one solution line em up and kill them, cant line em up, get into their lives and KILL each and every family member there is so the bad seeds is GONE fromt the soil.
                        Is it good way to do it, i THINK not, is there any other way; i dont think so? Can you think of something else? I bet you can! But why?


                        Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***



                          You're right about the education system in Pakistan Garam_Masale!
                          I chose the field of businss for myself, but this is what I had to listen, "MBA to har galli koochay main hotay hai, eint uthao to MBA graduate nikalta hai magar jobs nahien hain.... This field is not for the girls" and I say, " what the heck jobs kion nahien hain..." I will be moving back to Pakistan soon as my studies have finished, I will show the world that a person esp. a girl can do a lot in this field. And my plan is to appear in CSS exams after sometime. So that I can serve my country better.
                          Reason I ran away from Pakistan: Corruption. No one realizes your potential, seats are given to those who dont deserve them. Now today, when I have reached the point I wanted to reach but couldn't get in pakistan, I wanna go back like anything and start working for my people.

                          How to get rid of corruption?
                          First of all, there is huge sum of Pakistani people like us living outside the country who really want to help the country, I say, why wait guys? It is the time you get back and start working for your country, the country needs us. Instead of sitting here and thinking about the ways to save the country won't help. We've gotta do something more practical.

                          The most dangerous thing ruling our universities is politics... we have to take steps to stop that.. the students have fights with eachother kill eachother and sometimes the innocent people also get shot in their fights.. i personally know a lady who got shot in the cross fire between the students on the busy road in Lahore. She survived though, but why should the people pay the price for the politics?

                          And for each individual, realize the corruption around you... raise your voice against it, you might get hurt but you will have to do that... No one is really happy there in Pakistan, they just need some guidence and they will follow you if you do that. This is JIHAAD. dont close your eyes if something suspecious is going around you. Stand up against that. I did the same thing back home, I fought for something which was not right. Result: Although I couldn't fight for that alone for long, but those people now know that if I don't like somehting I can do anything... They're afraid of me.... So wouldn't it be better if we together stand against the corruption. and please eliminate this element of fear from your hearts... Just don't be afraid of anything if you're fighting for the right thing, Allah will help you.

                          Its right to teach the children how to live an honest life but the most imortant thing is to teach them to stand against what they think is wrong.