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Pakistan Earthquake Victims Need Your Healing Hands

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    Pakistan Earthquake Victims Need Your Healing Hands

    Dear friends and all,

    Doctors and Nurses, Country Needs You!!!
    Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, ER personnel, and
    Specialists are desperately needed

    Since begining of this month, calls received back from NWFP and AJK has tremendously doubled, of shortage of doctors.

    Anyone Doctor here? or you know someone? Can forward this request or email to your contact list. Would you mind to travel back to Pakistan in earthquake disaster area.

    We Urgently needs Doctors,

    Its been three weeks I am back, stayed for more then two months, so I can really understand, feel the pain, with what our injured brothers would be facing.

    If you have any doubts or questions about any kind, please feel free to write back. I ensure you, wont come across any problems.

    Urgently Required at Fakhar's United Pakistan.
    If you re in Pindi, Islamabad, Lahore or nearby cities, please visit all listed sites.

    I am trying to get contact with some Pvt airline authorities, for Voluteers from Karachi also.

    If you want to donate, or you wanna visit areas for distribution of funds, I can get you complete info or can direct you to right concerned contacts, aurthorities, NGOS and organisation. Will try to get pick and drop service for the donors.

    So friends just step ahead.

    There is a critical shortage of medical doctors to treat the injured.
    Local medical staff is overwhelmed.

    Please visit

    By registering on this site you will be contacted by APPNA, HDF, SKMH, AAI
    to facilitate your travel logistics, airfare will be provided if requested,
    courtesy of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines).

    Please volunteer your time and expertise to heal earthquake survivors.

    I will get back soon with details of my visit with images, interviews and video clips as well.



    Re: Pakistan Earthquake Victims Need Your Healing Hands

    I hate both men and women, and am afraid of animals, so basically I am very very lonely.


      Re: Pakistan Earthquake Victims Need Your Healing Hands

      Good to see u back YKKB.. InshaAllah i will be going back in April also..
      Pakistan Zindabad