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desi clothes in america

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    desi clothes in america

    What do you guys do when there's a function coming up and you need clothes at the last minute?

    you mean a desi function??
    well, get creative as much as possible.

    -if you're a girl, then i'd say make some nice combinations of shalwars & kameezes or with lenghas/ghararas etc.
    - i get creative with accessories so that the suit is even more exquisite. nothing tacky or anything, just very nice/simple/traditional jewellery.

    no point ordering suits off the net cuz they usually take 3-4 weeks to get delivered.


      i guess it's much ezier for guyz



        are you planning on another trip to Devon???

        I thought u wanted to find out where to get embroidery done.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          yes i was referring to a desi function...weddings in particular. How do people (i guess females have more of an issue than men)over here manage to get the latest trends in clothes if noone they know is coming from pakistan?

          OR if you come up with a great idea for an outfit but lack the resources for manufacturing it (i.e. kaam waala, dupatta waala, rang walla etc) what do you do????

          and no fraudz...i am not going back to devon...but i AM determined to make this outfit for Ahmed's wedding!

          Too bad ammi is over here otherwise I would have gone to visit her (and the darzees) in july!


            Well babez, you don't have to go totally out of the way and try to get a hold of something full with kaam and all that stuff. How about something just simple, exquisite and elegant. How about something western with a bit of eastern touch. It's a suggestion from a pro Take it away from here. Let your creativity lead you away.

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              Thats why i luv NY & NJ.....
              we have all those fancy boutiques here...

              and wud u believe...u can go to those boutiques and tell them ..."i want the lehnga Kajol wore in kuch kuch hota hei.."


                wait a min..
       all those girls with ur suggestions..
                are you saying u all know how to sew?

                aarkh! i miss the darzees too!

                thank goodness for all my aunts.


                  Originally posted by hayaa:
                  all those girls with ur suggestions..
                  are you saying u all know how to sew?

                  no way! i can't seww! it's hard enough for me to neatly sew a button onto a shirt or something withouthave a web of a thread criss-crossing a hole in 1 hole & then 1 here & then 1 there.
                  so much for those 4 yrs of home economics claases....

                  btw, babez ji, can i suggest one more thing which i'm not sure you'll find useful or not <<blah, it'll probably be useless info>>:

                  - if you're short, then dress in one colour. Dress in maybe in a vertical striped suit, or has a few vertical stripes on it or so. It will make you loook taller -- that is ofcourse if you want to.
                  - On the other hand, if you're tall, then dress in different colours colours; that way, you're making like a sandwhich effect. Also, if your'e tall, then dress in horizontal stripes rather than vertical, so that you can cut down your heigh. Oh, but don't hunch your shoulders, cuz then ppl will notice your height more.

                  god, i feel like a coordinater for a fashion show or something.

                  anyways, hope that helped, babez ji.


                    Originally posted by kohal:
                    creative as much as possible.
                    Thats exactly the thing to do! Hmmm well if you know how to sew it helps......ALOT. But if you don't, i guess the easiest thing is to mix and match like Kohal said, or take a plain suit and dress it up. Something really easy is to add small beads to the edges, its really easy and its looks great, u just use the slip stitch..ya know the one for hemming???? Vest/jacket type things work good also....hmmm what else? oh yeah, fabric paint, yep u heard right fabric paint, especially the tube kind, u can use it like a pen to outline,detail etc; the glitter ones are especially good. And afterall there must be some good desi stores where u can get ready made outfits as well right???

                    Okie dokie hope that helps if it doesn't just have a good laugh at my amateur couture


                      He He ...... he he

                      Khe khe khe

                      phe phe phe

                      O hoo hoo hoo

                      Desi clothes

                      I usualy use to use, tung choori daar paajama, shairwani, Kaleem shahi joota (cuz I don like Saleem, he is so mean to me ),
                      Golden zaree kee chamk daar topi, gotay wali zambeel.....

                      bus hum to yehe pehntay hayN har waqt, wether I am going to buy some yougurt, or wether I am going to office or in any desi/ badesi pharty

                      I alway buy this stuff with name brand companies, like Mark n Spensor, Moores, Calvin CloWn, Nayak, Waheed Hussain


                      Chaltaa HooN Bhabi, salam




                          oooh i am already getting a headache




                            I can sew. But unfortunately not so expertly yet. Maybe some day I will. As far as the question goes as to how I find my way around clothes, is that I always design them and them have someone sew them for me. Always turn out really cool


                              If you can't sew then find someone who can... there MUST be people who are able to sew!!!
                              too bad you aren't here, or I would offer to do it myself.