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Mind vs Brain!!!

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    Mind vs Brain!!!

    so whats the difference??
    how do we differentiate these two??
    are they same or diff???

    ae tu naikoo??

    as if Nova wasn't enuf. eheh


      Brain is whats in side your "khoparii"(skull) and mind is what you make of it!(the brain)


      Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***



        Well probably...or...probably not..this getting more confusing by the second..

        Hmmm..well guess you could say the brain is the physical part-grey matter-white matter-purple matter-blue matter-orange matter..hehehe, oops almost forgot the most important part: the neurons that run around everywhere bumping and triping over each other

        And if you say thats the brain, then u can say the mind is what the brain uses out of all that multi-colored matter, like a box of crayons.. then also what the neurons are saying to each other as they bump into each other--u know: apologizing, excusing, salaam,chitchat all of that

        ohhh sorry guys, forgive me i think exams are frying my brains.. wait a second is it my mind thats fried? okay okay..i'm going


          Heart= power supply
          surgically bypassed heart= UPS backup power

          Now if I go any further...
          God is your local power supply company. We got PG&E here.


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            Hehehe..good one


              Mind is the sole of your brain.


                same as the difference between shoe and boot.

                more seriously

                1) Brain can be preserved long time after death. It is called brain even if it doesn't function.

                2) naiklarki has brain.


                  You asked me to post in it, but I really dont know what to say...Maybe if you can tell us what led to this thought..
                  Brain is an organ , a set of neurons and secretory tissue...Mind is process of working of this organ...
                  If brian is the violin,,,, mind is the music..I dont think we can talk about the comparison , cause they are both different conceptual would be comparing music with airplanes..( or something as stupid)
                  Brain is anatomy , and histology...mind is physiology and psychology...
                  We cannot observe a brain under a microscope and tell what the person is/was like.....
                  Although , grossly , different parts of brain has different functions , and that is true to some degree to the higher executive functions too( i.e memory, concentration , abstraction/ analysis, visual spacial orientation , prosody i.e music ,language, and believe me ..spirituality and philosophical thinking etc ) But the harmony and differential effect of all these influences, is what makes a personality..i.e individual way of percieving , thinking and responding....
                  Brain is complete in the cross section of time....Mind on the other hand, changes and develops, as it gathers , analysis and remembers more and more information...
                  Before I stop , a little elaboration on one of teh things I said above.....There is a certain part of brain , which is considered anatomically part of Cerebrum,( neo cortex) i.e most advanced part of brain , but functionally developed much earlier in evolution...These are the two Temporal lobes....Lesion (injury) in this part of the brain leads to a kind of change in personality , menifested by hyperreligiosity and preoccupation with vague philosophical themes... These ppl talk a lot generally without much substance and write a lot too....The importance of this phenomenon , magnifies , if we assume( and its a theoratically sound assumption)that in a country like ours, the lack of education and provision of certain other activities hinders the working of cortex at its potential , leaving the relatively more primitive areas of brain to exert more influence then they otherwise would...i.e resulting hyperreligiosity which coupled with concrete thinking , poor modulation of affect(Emotions) etc would create religious fanatics...please note that I am not saying that it is the only factor , or even that it is teh strongest factor...but a factor nonetheless...

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                    brain is something physical and mind is non-physical?


                      What is difference between naiklarki and naikoo? If you will answer this you will get your reply.


                        It's like Body Vs Soul....

                        I am Out