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Kalabagh , I swear

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    Kalabagh , I swear

    Though most of you probably think I am the strongest opponent of Kalabagh dam, that may be true as far your experince goes however yall haven't seen the strongest opponents. Here is an example of the feelings some people feel about the Kalabagh dam and how Punjab is trying to force its decision on the smaller provinces like Pakhtunkhwa. I am not the author of this poem. I am copying it from Frontier Post (English daily from Peshawar)july 9th, 1998 issue " Letters " section. The Author's name is given at the end of the poem and I added the translation of some Pashto words that the poet has used so those who don't know Pashto may understand the message of the poem. Now read the Poem.

    I swear!

    Not a drop from Kalabagh shall pass my lips

    Even if aab-e-hayat that drop may be;

    Even though it is nectar, the drink of gods;

    Be it may the only drop at zankadan;

    Not that drop from Kalabagh shall pass my lips.

    Long before Naukhar is sunk in Kalabagh,

    Long before Pakhtun blood waters Cholistan,

    Drowned shall be in Pakhtuns' blood Punjabistan.

    Streams of blood and fire will swell old Abaseen;

    Burn and ruin in its wake, let it be seen:

    From the border Khairabad in Pakhtunkhwa

    All the way to Shalimar, Shahi Qala

    Nothing left of green Punjab, no single bagh

    That will happen if you want your Kalabagh.

    If 'they' think that I give up that easily,

    Perish I so 'Big Brother' lives merrily!

    That won't happen, never happened since the day

    Mughals, Ferangi and Ranjit Singh held sway.

    Could Ranjit's predecessors do none could ever do,

    Make Punjab a bagh and Pakhtunkhwa to rue?

    Stand on Kalabagh's right bank every Pakhtun,

    With himself, his plar, Neekeh and God make vow:

    "I do swear by Pakhtu and Tatara;

    I do swear by my first love, my Pakhtunkhwa;

    I do vow by mor csadar, baba's shamla;

    I do swear by ancient code, Pakhtunwali;

    I do swear by Bacha Khan, Abdul Wali;

    No one dare ever touch with dirty hand

    Csadar on my daughter's head, my sacred land.


    Pashto words used in the poem and their meanings

    line 4: zankadan = Death = breath last

    line 9: Abaseen = Indus river

    line 22: plar = father

    line 22: Neekeh = grand father

    line 23: Pakhtu = Pakhtunwali = Pakhtun's code of honor

    line 25: mor = mom , mother

    line 25:Csadar = head cover, chadar,dopatta

    line 25: Shamla = Turban, paghree i.e symbol of honor

    line 26: Pakhtunwali = Pakhtun's code of honor, way of life.

    Also Ranjit singh's predecessor = Punjab

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    GOOD !


      see below

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        Yaar Khan Saab ... tuhanu kee ho gayya ay .... thandee(n) thandee(n) tarawat walee Aleechee-aa(n) khao ... jigar tay damagh noo tarawat paohanchay gee .. tay ay fazil falto maday damagh icho nikal jaan gay ... chal shabash puttar anj kar toon KB DAM da panee aap na peeween ... assi tainu pia daywaa(n) gay. Saday hathoon to pee laween Kala Baghee Sharaab (I mean KB Water).


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          Mukhtar Sahib
          Aap to hakeem type kee koee cheez lagtay hain. Kheen aap Kharboozay khila rahay hotay hain, kaheen aap elachiyaan khila rahay hotay hain. BTW, dard-e-dill kee koee dawa hay aap kay pass.

          It was quite an offensive (in very ethinic way) remark coming from Shezi, but as he said, dont take it personally. After all, you are the one who started it all. Every letter of yours, on the issue of KB Dam is against Punjab and people of Punjab. Dont you think that its too much of generalization. 95% of the people of Punjab are busy in their daily bread earning and dont know a thing about this issue. And you, sitting in USA in your airconditioned room, think that it is your birth right to condemn every act of Govt. and blame it on Punjab. If you cherish human rights and democracy that much, then you should accept the fact that Punjab is the most populated province, thus our National assembly must have highest number of members from Punjab. If that be the case then Govt. core body could (or should) consist mostly of Punjabis (no surprises here). Now if a decision is coming from Govt. then Punjabis are not to blame, all the time. Its the democracy, you should be blaming.
          Talking about being selfish, let me give you an example. Our honoured BB, when she was in power, gave Liyari (only region of Karachi, from where she won a seat) extra water supply, which drastically reduced the pressure of water in all other parts of Karachi for a long period of time.
          Enuf said.
          The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


            J.M Khan,
            Let us just hope that the present government doesnt go any further with the Kalabagh damn(notice the N). Else Pakistan is doomed. Another thing bro we Pakistani Punjabi are not predecessors of Ranjit Singh. The muslim Punjabis were on the side of Ahmed Shah Baba and were against Ranjit Singh. Another thing brother just ignore this idiot Shezi. He is nothing more than an idiot. He doesnt provide any vaild arguments, fact or points but is only calling names to others. He is a perfect idiot Jan Shah so just ignore him.

            Bro because Punjab is dominating and the other provinces are not getting what they deserve even if a bird dies in other provinces Punjab will be blamed.


              Pakistan Bachao

              Thanks for your brotherly comment as always . The only purpose of my posts ever was and always will be to express my views which I do in real life as well whatever the issue may be and nothing on planet earth could ever stop me from doing that The worse that can happen is I will be banned by the admin hahaha big deal.
              Anyway I copied and posted that poem just to emphasize how strong some people feel about this issue.

              As far SHEZI is concerned, he is very consistent in proving himself a worthless moron who does not deserve any attention so I don't even read his posts. In Pashto they say " IF A DOG BARKS AT YOU , YOU DON'T BARK BACK AT THE DOG " Only in this case SHEZI sounds more like a ***** (female dog) rather than a dog. so I ignore it when SHEZI BARKS and I really think thats the worse thing that you can do to people like him, to ignore them and let them burn inside.

              TARIQ KHAN

              You said that 95 % of Punjabis don't worry about Kalabagh. Well thats because it will NOT effect them in anyway. The only thing they get from it is BENEFITS. However for some people in Pakhtunkhwa this is a matter of life and death and I was reading a news article a few days back in Frontier Post that said some young people in a meeting sweared on QURAN to blow Kalabagh dam using themselves as SUICIDE BOMBERS if it was ever built. The Former Chairman of WAPDA says that after the Dam, you will have three provinces and a dam in Pakistan. Also if democracy means loot and domination of other provinces by Punjab than you are justifying Pashtunistan, Sindhu dash, and Azad Balouchistan as the fear of Hindu domination in a post British Democratic India was the only reason and logic behind creation of Pakistan. As far the decision coming from the government goes, if a Punjabi dominated government makes decision to benefit Punjab and Punjabis at the expense of other people, When the PM is constantly trying to be the PM of Punjab rather than Pakistan, when You ignore the 3 resolution passed by Pakhtunkhwa provincial Assembly, four resolution by Sindh Assembly, one resolution by Balouchistan assembly , a total of eight (8) resolution by the three provinces against the dam, when you ignore the decision of the " commission of common Interests " a government body where all four provinces have equal representation, when you ignore the Senate or upper house's stand against the dam, when the only people that support the dam against all these rejection are the Punjab MNAs and the Punjab provincial government that passed a resolution in favor of the dam, than this is not the decision of Pakistan government, its the decision of Punjab and the Punjabi dominated federal government. Punjabis and Punjab solely carry the blamed for the Kalabagh mess that will bring Pakistan one more step closer to disintegration.


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