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    Welcome to " Pakistani Culture "

    Hi friend,

    I welcome u in my new topic ,
    i'm so crazy to talk about on
    " Pakistani Culture & Society " .
    I'm sure most of the people disagree with me
    I ask u something ,
    Why don't we try to develop our maintality,

    why do we always say that everything is wrong in country while we know that ,
    we r a part of this .
    Why some of us interfare in other lives .
    on the other hand , we don't want to shar
    our lives with others .

    So now i,ve no objection to say that

    Those r the dirtiest part of country !!

    i have a lot of information ,
    if someone wants to get those info ,
    so ,
    plz send me email with ur opinion n get valueable info
    on above mantioned topic .

    Aamir Khan

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    Oey salam yaar, pheli baatain pheley

    naa salam na dua aur mu utha kar post karna shuru kar diya...yaar manners be koe cheeeeez hia?

    introduce karwaaoo....ho sakta hia koe i mean...
    wesey yaar girls are very delicate and sensitive topid baad main baat hog hi es par...abi time nahi hia!


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


      There is not much of a similarity in the upbringing of the males and females in the Pakistani society, and the girls rightly think what they think.

      .....So they turned away from him and said, '' A man tutored, possessed! ''
      Paagal Insaan!

      Stranger_Perhap[email protected]


        hey buddy u must have met all the wrong girls, not everyone thinks guyz are selfish, anyway thats 2 general a statement i mean in what context are u saying, u gotta narrow it down to get a real answer.
        pagal isn yes ur right there is a hell of a lot of differnce in the upbringing of males and females in pk, thats a deep rooted problem although things are loking up a bit now in some areas.
        oh and welcome 2 gupshup, not that u bothered to intro urself.



          Welcome and khush aamdeed!
          I remember nobody welcomed me
          anyway ..
          There are two different kind of girls (lets classify them)
          (1) Those who think boys are selfish
          (2) Those who think boys are not selfish

          Apart from the upbringing of girls and boys in pak. so this narrows down our search for truth to 50%.
          Now those who think bys are selfish are again of two types:
          (1) Who have experienced a selfish boy
          (or they know some one)
          (2) Who just listens to (1) and start saying
          that boys are selfish

          this leaves us with only 25% of girls who actually think boys are selfish and they have examples of it.

          Bureaucracy tells us that majority wins and hence 75% females think that boys are not selfish which is 2/3 and is a very good sign they can even pass a law against those who "think" boys are selfish.
          and you know 'bad' ppl exist every where so those 25% girls do exist and we have to live with it
          they have their own opinion

          Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?