My dear people Asalam-o-alaikum,
First of all thank you very much for welcoming me in this forum. Here I would like to make a suggestion that as we can see that our enemies like Israel,India, Russia and even America and so on and on, are very well united and have a mission to destroy us or you can say erase us from the face of earth can make a common front or mahaz, why cannot we can do the same? Ok not destroy any of them but to resist them and made their evil plans only a dream for them which they can never acheive. Trust me if we had done so, earlier they had never a chance to kill our 200,000 brothers and rape our sisters and force them to become christian on gun point in Bosnia and kosov in Europe.This is very little reflection of the hatred of our enemies they have for us, they cannot even tolerate our existence among them,can't you see how they are murdering our innocent children in Baghdad.May Allah forbid, just imagine your own child or a love one dies in your arms because he or she can not get the simple medicine say like malaria or just fever because THE DAMN UNO would not let the others give you that medicine, they want that "tum log sisak sisak kay mur jao" who cares, that's what you get for being damn Muslims.Can't we see how they treated India when they made a stupid move of detonating the atom bomb,if we had done that I bet by now they had attacked on Pakistan and had ripped us apart even worse than Iraq. How come they are treating offender India and defender Pakistan in the same way? The other example is the murder of Princess Diana, it is in the newspaper that the time accident happened she was alived but nobody gave her any medical help(I beleive) the british agents who were in the garb of photographers and who made this accident happen were kept taking pictures as saying them this is what you get for marrying a Muslim beloved princess.Because they knew if she marries a Muslim man it will have a deep worldwide impact in promoting Islam. And the examples will go on and on.
Please think hard before you feedback, keeping in mind the whole world is reading this page.Talk to you all later until then Allah hafiz,