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    Whatz The Deal?

    When I went to pakistan in 97 after 14 years...I discovered automatically..that pakistan...was many ways..than canada...

    One difference that stuck out the most...was the fact that men and women..STARED YOU DOWN....seriously...I mean whats up with that? Can't someone go about their business without gettin gawked at? Itz not like parts of my body are hanging outta my clothes or something.

    And another thing..whats up with the gluttious maximus pinching??? Don't they get enough on their plate at home....? Why go and touch/slap/pinch someone that you don't even know just to get pleasure? What if someone did that to YOUR MOM, YOUR SISTER, YOUR FEMALE COUSIN etc etc etc...wouldn't you get pissed off and want to teach that pervert a lesson?????

    Since no one was around to defend me..I defended myself by punchin the guyz...some ppl thought that was wrong...but ISN'T IT WRONG for them to touch/pinch/slap a total stranger in public?

    " is life when life unveils her holy face, But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror, But you are eternity and you are the mirror."

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    22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .

    oh no hinnz..
    now soon enough, you're gonna have to face it all over again....
    but no problem with that, right?

    you'll work your martial-arts on those googers & losers who gawk at ya, haina?

    *hayyyy-YA*---> [kick]
    you're a tough lady with an attitude, i see you doing such a thing.


      hahah a ya ya..da kickboxin will come into play!!

      I just don't backwards a muslim country can be..seriously..imagine if all the girls went around pinchin the guyz...eww...on second thought..DON'T imagine that
      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .



        no, but seriously, on a more serious note you are right.
        those men (& women) have a mentality like that. usually, it's the less educated ppl who behave in such a way. you don't usually see a Pakistani Commerce student, or an Engineering student gawking his/her eyes out at someone.
        it's their mentality -- and god how they have to GROW UP.

        I swear, in Saudia Arabia...soemtimes things were just as bad. those morons..

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          take a needle with ya
          you know the big ones that are used for making quilts and all
          hide it bw your fingers
          next time you feel pinched jab it as hard as you can in the dorks body

          that oughta straighten em out


          thats what i did when my dadi decided to take me on a spree to mangal bazaar

          me never gonna go back


   it really that bad out there now?? haven't been back in 5 years now

            that's a total dissappointment...**sigh**



              You get the kind of treatment, you expect

              dont act like "Afrangi" you will be fine..


                I think this is not only lack of education.

                Have you ever noticed that when you go out those poor ppl stare at you like you are an alien out in there area.
                Wealth also does matter.
                My car had a little accident with a rickshaw
                back in '98 when I went back, and even though it was that stupid rickshaw wala's fault, all the rickshaws stopped and their drivers started saying that it was my fault. and they even said that "we" ppl with cars, treat poor like dogs?

                I mean come on!

                I remember, once I went to multan cantt. I saw a chinese couple wlking in a garden and then suddenly a very little child maybe 5 or 6 hit the chinese girl with a stick on her bum. and then ran away laughing!

                What do you call that? I felt ashamed being paki.
                Do you call that act as uneducation? do you expect a child of 5 to be well educated?
                It was in their blood, it was their nature.
                They have developed hatered for rich ppl.

                Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?

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                  hey u are right pk guys are totally weird, pinching and staring at u is like their full time job, But ur right if u give em a dose of their own medicine they soon disappear. u know i always had a male with me when ever i was out( no special reason just happened like that) But even so when we were out in lahore a guy tried 2 do a bit more then pinching and we all nearly ended up fighting!!! i tell u its hard being civilised in pk streets, although educated ppl are not so bad.



                    Dear Hina, now imagine if someone who has lived all his/her life in some remote village of Pakistan ends up in Canada. How will Canadian react? They will be just as curious about the attire, mannerism, and gestures of that person as Pakistanis will be to a foreigner. It is just curiosity on people’s part.

                    Pinching and other stuff is wrong no matter where it occurs. It is not true for all parts of Pakistan. If you were to walk in Islamabad, no one will stare at you twice, not because you may be ugly as hell (which many Canadians are) but because Islamabad has a fair amounts of foreigners living there and people are used to seeing foreigners.

                    Next time you travel back, go with and open mind. And show some Pakistani kind of attitude. Female members of my family in Lahore complain about lack of pinching. You gotta have the right attitude.


                      Kohal...tell me about it..Saudi was like that too when my family and I went for Umrah...hell we were totally covered there..yet it still occurred

                      haha Anchal bajan...good idea!!

                      Desi yea it is..I got hit 4 men old enuff to be my FATHER!! it was totally inappropriate and DISGUSTING!

                      Wasim..I didn't act like n e thing...I didn't dress differently...I didn't think I was so important because I was a foreigner...

             I feel for ya...what ended up happening afterwards?

             seems to me that you believe that the MEN are the victims and the ppl who are causing trouble are the ppl gettin hit....

                      As for staring..I certainly do have a problem with it..I mean for heaven's sakes..haven't they seen a girl before?
                      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .