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Non Resident Indians and Pakistanis more nationalistic?

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    Non Resident Indians and Pakistanis more nationalistic?

    Pakistanis in Pakistan want peace with India (not politicians or army) but Pakistanis settled abroad in US, UK or else where are more Anti-Indian than Pakistanis in Karachi or Multan. Same is true with Indians.

    TIME: Going by the responses on's "Subcontinental Drift" bulletin board, it seems the diaspora tend to have much stronger opinions, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis, about subcontinental issues than people in the subcontinent itself. You might say that they are more nationalistic than the families back home.
    Nandy: Yes of course, because these people do not really have the kind of roots they would like to have in India or in Pakistan. They don't have community ties of the kind they would like to have. So they have to hold on to this image they have of India and Pakistan and their own sense of commitment to these two countries--nationalist commitment. It's almost like an obsession. And this is not only true of Indians and Pakistanis, this is true of all uprooted communities. The American-Irish continue to support the IRA, more than the Irish themselves probably do. [Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat has said he finds it easier to live with Israel than with the Jewish community of the United States.

    Is it? Lemme prove that Pakistan is superior to India.

    1) pak beats india cricket team any time.

    2) Lahore is in Pakistan.

    3) Parvez Musharrf could find a wife. Vajapayee couldn't.

    4) Burqa is more sexy than sari.

    5) There would be no news coverage about India if Pakistan had no fight with it.



      Nice one yara i am proud of you.

      Live From- Dayara-e-Ghair


        OK lemme prove India is superior than Pakistan.

        1) Lata stays in India.

        2) Pak beats Indian cricket team. But Indian bookies make money.

        3) Vajapayee will not be hanged when he loses office.

        4) India has finished enquiery about kargil.

        5) Indian army cant be blamed for morons that rule India.


          Ullu, you make a lot of excellent points. Ullu the wise one!

          It is true in any migrant group, they stick to their heritage and love for their motherland more than the natives do. There are many reasons for that. E.g., Greeks living in the US are far more Greeker than Greeks living in Greece. And when visiting Greece they are so amazed to look at the modernization of thought process among natives.


            It is called,

            I love pak.. more than many ppl living pak, because I miss Pak more than ppl living in pak, one thing I can say that I donít like Hinduís of India, I have many Muslim Indian friends but no Hindu.
            Well Indian army still canít control Kargil, Weather is so bad, and then Mujahid are more passionate.
            Well I Love to see Kashmir free in my life time, ( I am not a fan of freedom of Kashmir But sack of Muslims I like to see them free)
            Kashmires is those ppl is that nation who could not live with any other nation Like Afghanises.

            Any way ,
            Take care every one


              Ok!ok! man cool it!
              Banda ban Oay!

              Live From- Dayara-e-Ghair


                >>It is true in any migrant group, they stick to their heritage and love for their motherland more than the natives do

                what is that saying...

                ghar ki murhgi daal barabbar


                  That is very true Ghalib yar, because one has to be away from Ďití to realize what that Ďití is, and what that Ďití means to one.

                  I am sure that Punjabis living in Punjab love their place, but I became a diehard only after I left Lahore.