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Imran the PM..?

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    Imran the PM..?

    I have always been of the view that Imran should be given a chance. As people are sick and tired of the corruption of PPP and Muslims league. Ironically the Paki and other third world countries people immitate every stupidity of the west except the good things the west has to offers. For example in U.S.A a perosn is not allowed to be president more than two times. on the other hand in Pakistan, the Elite stick to the politics and high offices till Allah terninates them and send them to hell. All the morons who have been in office should be baned from running ever again and new people like Imran Khan should be given a chance but it comes back to the education. Who is gona sell this idea to the illitrate masses of Pakistan..? A country with 60-65 % illitrate population doesn't stand much chance.

    Is this the Imran Khan who swore he would never enter politics and then formed his own political party ?

    This is also the man who advocates a return to Islam whilst denying he fathered an illegitimate child and subsequently refused to take a blood test which would have cleared his name had he been innocently accused.

    His party was so incompetent that he wasn't registered to vote and therefore couldn't even place a vote himself !

    I can't think of anyone in Pakistan at the moment that I could place my confidence in.

    What about the economist who works for the world bank. I can't recall his name but he was involved in formulating finance policies on behalf of the IMF during Benazirs rule. I got the impression he was a very competent person.

    Farouq Taj.


      J.M Khan,

      I agree with you here 100 percent we have tried Nawaz and BB now it is time for change. In democracy you should keep trying new leaders until someone credible shows up. We have tried BB and Nawaz and now it is time for someone else.

      Farooq sahab,
      death to IMF and death to World Bank. It is World Bank and IMF that can be blamed for half the world poverty. Those rich western banks and bankers are making money off the blood and sweat of the poor in the underdeveloped world. They give loans to countries like Pakistan and then tell them to do as they will. That guy you are talking about beacame what ever because the World Bank put it as a conditionality to the loans. They give loans and then totally control our economy. If we dont listen to there terms they dont give loans. There policies can be blamed for the misery of the third world. There so called Structural Adjustment Policies(SAP) include the following:
      -Reduction of import duty and tariffs on imports. As a result imports start coming in to the country and the local idustries cannot compete with them and chances for new industries to come out are gone.
      -All there loans have so much interest that Pakistan has been paying more interest on its debt than it has spent on Education. Most of this money has been payed to World Bank and IMF.
      -They encourage exports of cheap raw materials which go to the west to be processed into raw goods just to be brought back and sold ten times as much.

      World Bank and IMF are not humanitarian organizations they are there to ensure the dominance of the developed world. Besides it has been 50 years since we are independent it is time we make out own economic policies rather than let World Bank and IMF dictate us our econimic policies. That guy you are talking about did everything which was the will of World Bank.



        Imran for PM. yes yes yes.
        as far as my view of his alleged sin, please read my posting in the thread "whatever happened to Imran Khan".

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.