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    Choudhry Sahab Assalama AllaQum

    Tuhadian Wadian Wadian Zamina tay Wadian Wadian Jagirain.

    Aik Guzarish Sadhi we sun Lawo. Aa jarey Engarazee Ae aino bool bool kay Sada Moon Denga Hu gey aey. I think this is the time we should look into a Urdu Chat Chut kind of thing.

    What do you think guys and girls and..... Well I guess that will cover everbody... or Maybe not......

    Johny, Chaudary Sahib nu Makhan la rehya aiN?



      Oye johny .. teray makhan de lassi bana ke pee javan .. meri jaan da totay .. I am trrying to get rid of keyboards altogether .. how about Voice chat? and later video chat?

      Urdu chat is possible at this very moment. The probelm is how many of us can type it fast enough? .. hardly any yaar ..

      so.. I am spending my time and energies coming up with a voice/video chat. We need a couple of servers to handle the extra load .. but Ais saal deyan faslaan changian hoyan nay .. expecting lots of maal .. ...

      sabr kar meray yaar .. u shall get rid of these clunky keyboards ..


        I know what to mean, but the problem is that most of chatting and putting post from offices or Schools and they usually don't have Audio/Video cards. For me if I put a Video camera on my PC or try to install an Audio card, I'll have to explain this to my management. With Urdu Keyboard, I am pretty sure we will get use to it after we use it for some times. It'll be a same process like we learn how to use this english Keyboard without any typing courses, I am sure we will learn urdu keyboard to.

        NYA, Mukhan la lain day, Mil kay Khawan gay..

        PS. I also mailed a Mithai ka Duba to Pir Sahib and one is coming in your way to. I send the bill to Naiko and Naiko I am waiting for that Blank Check to.


          Johny, what are you talking about? I spent whole my life in learning English (and still suck at it) and typing it and now I have to do the same with Urdu????

          I'm not doin' it.


            Shaabash hei Johnny...shaabash hei.....bale Aafreen hei....huh huh
            Her baat meiN naikoo ka naam daal diya karo....meiN ne kab kaha urdu chat chaiay...huh???

            Azkar...all u have to do is add 2 urdu fonts...its not a big deal...and i'll teach these nalaiqs, nikamaas how to type in urdu


              Naiko, You are welcome.... atleast I am a true friend... no time if you need a favor, let me know.....

              oooooops My forehead is bleeding