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The Unknown....

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    The Unknown....

    What we know is little....In any subject...
    Interesting thing is how we handle the unknown..
    Firstly many ppl are overly obsessed by the unknown, instead of trying to learn what is known,,, they would rather speculate about unknown..
    Secondly, and more interesting is the content of these speculations....its a reflection of the personality...If we try to analyze what we paint unknwon to be we can learn a whole lot about ourselves...
    A little story...A friend of mine used to live in stel town , fine night we were driving down to his home from city , when he took teh car off road , told me to close the eyes , and after five minutes when I opened them we were parked in the middle of a very old..Chaukhandi type grave yard...It was a very dark night with dimly lit stone graves, and thorny bushes appearing as shadows.....He dared me to go sit in teh middle of the garve yard for 15 min..Of course I refused..but that had me thinking..What was I afraid of?? That the skeletons of teh dead would get to life and hurt me??? Even if they do get up why would they wanna hurt, wwhy cant they be friendly.......It was ofcourse all within me....I was projecting my own hostility on to them......I have that anger botled up deep inside somewhere....does it sometimes come out in certain situations, whithout me even realizing that.....
    We are all the greatest mystery books ever written.....It can be real fun to look into ourselves....not to criticise, but just to know...
    ( By the way , I strted thinking about it cause of that other thread where ppl are talking about some supernatural stuff)

    ufff, nova ji,
    i don't know if you know or not, but it's really really bad if you & stand, or sit on someone's grave. maybe you walked around someone's grave -- that' fine.
    but no sitting/standing on ppl's grave, it's kinda....disrespectful to the deceased.

    khair,i was just watching this indian show off this station in toronto, Get this, what a major coincidence, but they showed a video of a song remixed by Bally Sagoo -- the song "noorie." They had a girl with long black hair, walking around in a white night gown. She carrying a candle; & her footprints on the sand were backwards.

    nova, i dunno, supernatural stories are fun. however, at the same time, i know someone who came across a jinn...or something....& it freaked her out for life. She has died though, so may Allah have mercy on her, Ameen.

    khair, supernaturals.
    you gotta admit, they are a big deal to you when being a kid <<right?>>. cuz of that, it makes some sort of impression once you're grown up,
    i think.


      #3, and know what else nova?
      it doens't necessarily have to be "..the skeletons of teh dead would get to life and hurt" you in the graveyard.
      i dunno, wat about if it was a faint figure of a human walking around. Or, what about if it was a normal looking human; but, something freaky lay of him/her. it could be anything right?
      hm, i heard a story where the freaky part was based on 'hearing the clashings of chain in the pitch-dark night' -- so even the sound of chains could freak one out.
      to keep it short..........i was basically freaked out one night cuz i heard the clunks of BOOTS on this isolated chaat <<roof>> in khi @ 3 am in the morning. It was a foggy night. Everyone was supposed to be asleep. i could have had a heartattack when i heard that sound, but, thank god i didn't pretty .......freaky stuff...

      uff, this is absurbd. :| i know some responses i'm gonna hear will be soemthing like 'there's no such thing as 'the unknown. ppl who even have the slightest belief are naive' or soemthing like that.
      but we can't ignore such a topic right....

      i remember one time in my Arabic class, we were actually talking about Jinns. Though, our teacher, an awesome teacher & Islamic scholar ended the topic by saying "We shouldn't really think about such beings. It's just that we know they exist in a different world, or maybe in a different dimension. Though, there's not enough to be known on how Jinns really are...just don't thing about them.."



        >even if they do get up why would they wanna hurt, wwhy cant they be friendly.......It was ofcourse all within me....I was projecting my own hostility on to them......I have that anger botled up deep inside somewhere...<

        i dont agree. we are scared of the unknown because we have been conditioned to be scared of it. parents using ghosts to scare kids into behaving, all those scary ghost movies one sees as a child, stories one hears from older kids about the vampire in the cemetery... all this leaves a mark on a child's mind.. friendly ghosts dont exist much in folklore and rumors..

        a slightly OT but interesting thing - if you look at what man has been worshipping over the last 15000 years, you'll find that it's always been connected with the fear of the unknown. starting from fire, wild animals and natural phenomena in prehistoric times, to sophisticated all-powerful Gods whom you cant see or understand, in the present day.
        Simple ain't easy.


          I guess we are scared of the unknown for the simple fact that it is the unknown. Because we know nothing about it we have no idea of what to expect...and its this uncertainty that makes us fear it.

          I mean we all must have experienced times when we felt lost, as if we were floating through space--no not floating make that falling, with nothing to grab. I guess you feel that at the times when you're starting something new,taking a step into the unknown,--going where one has not gone before--when you're trying to get somewhere from nowhere...and u feel so uncertain, unsure, i guess you're just afraid of the future may bring.

          Basically i guess, its the uncertainty that makes us afraid of the unknown, because we do not know what lies beyond the boundaries of what we do know, and that ignorance makes us feel insecure..maybe??

          'Between the idea/And the reality/Between the motion/And the act/Falls the Shadow.' [T.S.Elliot] And i guess you could say that shadow is what makes the unknown so ominious.....

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            i guess it's in human nature to alwayz be attracted towards the unknown...simple example, tell someone NOT to open a door pretending it's very very secretive, and sooner or later they are gonna do it just out of curiosity...cuz to them it's the unkown...they don't know what's behind that door...maybe that's not true in all the cases...

            and the human mind has only so much capacity...why can humans hear sounds b/w a certain frequency range?? cuz it's limited...similarly, the limitations of the human mind make the unknown "unknown"

            does that make any sense?


              oooh u saw it 2 kohal...i posted that in the supernatural thread earler today