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    Indian Muslims

    Many Pakistanis have constantly raised questions regarding treatment of Indian Muslims by Indians particularly Hindus, below are two posts, posted by an Indian muslims on old chowk forum. I hope you will find them informational.

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    Posted by: Rashid on June 18, 1999 at 06:02:59:
    In Reply to: And may i know ,sir what do you think India is??? posted by KABIR on June 17, 1999 at 14:40:28:
    Kabir Bhai , am officially a minority in India cos I am a Muslim. But the total population of Muslims in India is more than that of Pak. I felt no harm here. In fact i beleive i enjoy more freedom. Yes RSS , Shiv Sena etc. are fundamental groups, but they never effect our normal life. All the big talks are for power, and once there they are harmless. Don't u have fundamentalist party in Pak?
    We Muslims enjoy same freedom here as any other community. And we have part to play in India's progress. The man behind India's messile program is a Muslim(A.P.J Abdul Kalam) , our cricket team captain is a Muslim(Azar) and many army officers fighting the Paks in Kargil are Muslim. What more should I say ...
    Pakis please think about u'r country and u'r future ... don't be obsessed with India and leave us alone. Don't even try to be savior of all the Muslims of this world ... we k'no how to take care of ourself.

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    Posted by: Rashid on June 22, 1999 at 17:58:59:
    In Reply to: Re: INDIANS CARE MORE ABOUT CRICKET THAN DEAD SOLDIERS!! posted by Shiv on June 21, 1999 at 11:06:47:

    So we had some positive and negative vibes after my reply. Good nah!!! I have to agree with Shiv (Sorry AYMAN) ... i said this before, u pakistanis don't try to be our savior. We have enough "FREEDOM" (mark this word) to take care of ourself.

    In my closest friend circle , 6 of the guys are Hindu, 2 christians , 1 Sikh and 2 Muslims. We never have this feeling of being from diff. relegion at all. All of us get together to celebrate each others festivals. Now thats something which no Pakistanis can think of.

    In India every one is in a minority. We have some 25 states , some 50 different languages and so on. So if we further divide the population what we have is no one is in a majority.

    And this is what binds us together. Countries with just about 2 relegion are getting divided (look at Yugoslavia) but India at 50 is still running strong.

    What v have, which u unfortunate Pakistanis don't have, is FREEDOM. The rights which is mentioned in our constitution is actually excercised.

    But in Pakistan, the govt is a puppet and the army is the ruler. So how do u expect FREEDOM.
    I was looking into your budget allocation yesterday. 34% goes into repaying of foreign debt, 30% for the Military, 30% is govt expenditure like salaries etc. Then what you have is 6% and add curruption to it, whatz left for development ... nothing.

    Am greatful to my Grandpa who decided to remain in Bombay during partition. Because of him am enjoying this FREEDOM and prosperity in this great nation.

    I again hope that u Pakistani will understand this.And to AYMAN subject "INDIANS CARE MORE ABOUT CRICKET THAN DEAD SOLDIERS!!", you come to India and access the mood here. The respect for our Military has grown even more. What more they never muddle with Democracy .... and yes finally my friends cousin(who is a MUSLIM) is right now fighting your men at Drass(near Kargil) ... anything left ... no i guess ...

    Regards ....

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    most retarded thing i ever read.
    you could do better

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        So Rani, whats your point?

        Are you saying that Muslims in Pakistan has fewer righs than Muslims in India.


          Very entertaining. It's always a laugh to listen to hindus parading as muslims hoping that it will make some sort of a difference. They need to get a life. Rani needs to get one too. It's pretty sad digging up all this BS and bringing it here.


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              didn't read original messages since moderator has done lot of cleaning job. but one can imagine the rubbish.
              I just put this 'have u noticed' thread in 'meeting people' forum. Can have alook there unless everyone writing there was imposter.

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                well indians muslims have little choice dont they? we should respect their feelings of love towards india. its a pity that they couldnt do a thing when babri masjid was destroyed by the hindus and their govt. its also pathetic that they have to migrate from their houses in bombay to haiderabad whenever hindus decide to give them a whipping. too bad they can never have any power to be a prime minister of a country or take part in international politics....

                but the least they can do is to start concenterating in certain areas of india. so when we carpet nuke hindus we can spare their lives.


                  muslim-hindu-whatever ........

                  the only thing that matters on the subcontinent is CLASS/CASTE.

                  if you're poor in india, you get treated like sh!t. (note: the majority of muslims remaining in India are those that didn't have the resources to get out in '47)

                  if you're poor in pakistan, you get treated like sh!t.

                  .......and the darker you are, it seems the poorer you are, why is that???.......


                    It is very easy to pretend one is a muslim and slap a bunch of words together in favor of hindus. This is the most retarded and immature way of puting one's point across. I can not think and I am sure NO ONE will be able to find a muslim in India who would be favoring Hindus..or sikhs...It's obvious how indians don't have the courage to come forward and solve the problem with courage, therefore they sit behind the curtain and make these bogus statements.


                      Ignorance is the worst thing which can happen to anyone and obviously indians...are the worst victims of ignorance in this world. At least muslims living in Pakistan have a name, a place which they can call their own. Regardless of what happens and goes on there. So there are a couple of flaws in Pakistan some bad people, but then again which is a place in this world which doesn't have those. India needs to concentrate on it's own problems instead of poking their nose in everyone else's business. Since they can't solve their own problems, they come up with this propoganda to distract attention from themselves. India and Pakistan have been separated for more than 50 years now, and yet Indians still can't get over it. GET A LIFE!


                        Just read the 'have u ever noticed' thread in 'meeting people' section. Do u think all these guys are imposters. Indian Muslims do not favour Pakistan in general.

                        We will forget Pakistan exists, if u stop sending mercenaries from across the border. Otherwise, who cares.


                          This was posted in the 'Meeting People' forum and I think it does touch upon a few things somewhat.

                          This prolly won't apply to all Indian Muslims but it's something I came across that has brought forward a purdy strong perspective for me on zis matter.

                          I knew an Indian Muslim in my toddler years. We grew up together, same school, class, lived in ze same street, everything 'same-same' and together, you get the picture.

                          When we were 'bout 12, I noticed he started opposing Pakistanis and Pakistan-related things with quite a passion. At that age, I used to think "He's not hindu, he's muslim", then why's he displaying such negative sentiments?

                          Then at 'bout 15 we were at Sharjah watchin the pak-ind matches and he used to shout obscenities at pak plyrs and supporters, just like the non-mulim indians so often did. Finally, when we met many yrs later, one day I approached him on the matter, and since we were buddies he eventually told me the reasons behind it.

                          Whether it's fair or not, paks have a negative reputation in most countries. When subject to 'paki' racist remarks in the UK, (oddly enough, the subject of these remarks are usuallly indians 'n bangladeshis than pakistanis in some areas). Anyway, he used to feel really depressed and couldn't take it in stride, after a while he eventually started shooting back, "But I'm indian, not pakistani". Then media potrayal, living amongst a lot of non-muslim indians and hearing fabricated tales, wanting to associate with the 'superior' bollywood, and the general want to link to india propelled him further. Some of you might be thinking at this point that this is more of a 'country' thingie. Well, get this. His name was Javed, a name most ppl would think as Pakistani, a point repeatedty pointed out by his non-muslim indian comrades. He reversed the spelling 'J-a-v-e-d', backwards to 'D-e-v-a-j', Devaj. And from then on went about being called "Dev", a name at once accepted by his indian buddies and then it stuck everywhere with everybody.

                          Heck, when I met him many yrs later, a mutual friend said we were gonna meet someone from the street I used to live as a kid, "His name's Dev." "Dev??" I never knew a 'Dev' in my entire life uptil that point, let alone on my street. Imagine my shock when 'Dev' was introduced to me. We had quite a laugh.

                          He's stopped acting that way now, relatively. He says his behaviour of the past was immaturish and he's even taken a fancy to Pakistani culture and prefers to be called 'Javed' now.

                          And the thing that struck me most: he doesn't pronounce 'Pakistani' as 'Puk-kiss-taany' anymore, the way some Indians do. And I'm happy that I've got back a good friend who doesn't stereotype ppl like he used to.


                            Unfortunately this is true. Indian muslims are first Indian and then muslim. That is why they don't care about Kashmiris who are facing problems.


                              >>Unfortunately this is true. Indian muslims are first Indian and then muslim. That is why they don't care about Kashmiris who are facing problems. <<

                              lets take the example of christians and muslims living in serbia, bosnia or else where. russia existed longer than india did... the muslims of these countries thought of themselves as residents of proud russia. the muslims of these states faught all the wars with russia. they even married within each others culture. these muslims followed all the principles, customs that the christian russians followed. But did these christians spare their lives? They were butchered and mass murdered and rape for one and only one crime... and that was that they were Muslims.

                              The muslims of india will be facing a similar situation very soon. How prepared are they....I dont know. Looking at the history of bloodshed between Muslims and hindus, if they chose to sleep on it then too bad. There is nothing anyone else can do for them.. just like no body could do a thing for bosnian or serbian muslims.