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Unfairness of life......

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    Unfairness of life......

    I had posted a quote a few weeks back, and of course it didnt go too far....
    The greatest mark of ones ignorance is the depth of their belief in unfairness and tragedy...
    Richard Bach.
    So what do you guys think..please use your neurons.....
    and do comment on it , as best as you can...dont shy away...

    all i hafta say is, life is not fair, and those who expect it to be fair are in for a rough ride.

    as far as the ignorance bit neurons went on lunch break
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.






        You dont HAVE to post in each thread. If you are going to have verbal diarrhea..i.e. a lot of volume but little substance to your posts I suggest you scan the posts and spare the serious ones for mature discussion.


        P.S. Itni multipile id's rakhna theek naheen hai pyaray...
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          yaar nova .. I do agree with this to a certain point .. Sometimes we don't really put a good deal of effort into something & sometimes we work real hard and when our hardwork is washed away by some other event/thing (which wasn't in our control) .. it's right to say that it was unfair if we worked hard for it but life is a struggle and it goes on, no matter what. Wasting our time on what happened will not and can not help us. This is what I think .. I don't know if I'm right.

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            okay. :|

            kay, comment on: "The greatest mark of one's ignorance is the depth of their belief in unfairness and tragedy..."
            <btw, who is Richard Bach?>

            yaa...that IZ one tough quote which takes a lot of work for my brain workers to work @.

            kohal takes a deep goes nothing....

            Ppl tend to classify an ignorant person because of his/her prejudice attitudes towards ethnical qualities, social class , age, gender, etc. However, the true ignorant person is the one who
            - faces disappointments
            - makes accidental errors
            - is stupid enough to make the 'stupid errors' AGAIN
            He/she then, sadly, simply rationalizes him/herself that it's "Human Nature" to face such situations ~~~~> & dat's the tragedy in the ingnorant person's book. Fact is, the disappointments & mistakes could have been avoided only if the Ignorant person opened his/her eyes more to know what was coming.

            i dun't know, maybe something else about the interpretation of this quote will 'click' into my dense head later..


              yeh I agree with ya baji ..


                The greatest mark of one's ignorance is the depth of their belief in unfairness and tragedy.

                I think its saying that to believe that life can be lived without tragedy,sorrow is to live in ignorance. Like Goku said, life is a stuggle, there are the good times and the bad times. You can't have one without the other, they go hand in hand, together they are the essence of life.

                I guess it seems to reveal the pessimism of those who refuse to accept the realities of life. I mean to complain of unfairness is one thing--and we've all been there--, but when we regard this 'unfairness' as an injustice done specifically against ourselves, that is when the ignorance comes in....when we regard the hardships of life as personal injustices, disregarding/ignoring the fact that they are a part of life, and that it is not we alone who experience tragedy, sorrow, hardship,etc.

                'Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.'


                  i like that quote GQ

                  you do goku? kay, that's good. at least i made sense to someone.


                    ...depth in their belief in unfairness...

                    I'd say "depth" is the key word here....A complete denial of unfairness is not fair as well...
                    If every 'human' made law was fair then 'qanoon undha hai' statement would have satisfied all but in reality it doesn't. For example a murderer without an evidence is not more than a suspect but his freedom is "unfair" to the one who died. (O.J Simpson
                    On the other hand some people think Robinhood character....stealing from the rich and feeding the poor is fair but some humans say stealing is unfair..Am I confusing myself or u? (come on! I could have quoted oj's wife's character as a second example;-))
                    I don't see unfairness as a black and white issue....there is a grey here which doesn't give us any right to label someone as ignorant.



                      the keyword is "Belief" give it another thought


                        Originally posted by BoSS:
                        ....A complete denial of unfairness is not fair as well...
                        Aaaahh!!! Boss ji, you are making my neurons run in circles! The only thing is they're not getting anywhere cuz they keep bumping into each other...

                        Ok, a complete denial of unfairness is not fair, point established. But is there anything that is really fair??? Furthermore, unfairness cannot be denied, i said that already but, the ignorance or 'selfishness'<--maybe, comes in when u regard that unfairness as an injustice done specifically against yourself. Hmmm i think i'll stop now before i start talking in circles.



                          Aaaahh!!! Boss ji, you are making my neurons run in circles! The only thing is they’re not getting anywhere cuz they keep bumping into each other…

                          ** DB LOL ROTF Ha Ha**
                          BoSS, need we say more, she is after all related to me, ain’t she

                          For Qrsh Grl...

                          Ahem..Tts.. 2 way st, was it, right?

                          Whoa! Wait a sec there Tts I disagree with this one ..ignorance or selfishness<--maybe, comes in when u regard that unfairness an injustice done specifically against yourself

                          Ahem. Ahem.. Now we're on a roll girl. How can a kid not help thinking that it was unfair, that his father X or mother Y, were shot to death without any reason, during some dipute over property by the rival party? While the rival party instead were trying to pin down some other folks U an V, but didn't cus, we'll they didn't had the time to hunt them donw. So they killed the innocent ones...How does that applies to the kid, who had no sense b/w right and wrong, and played no part in what took place. Do we just leave it up to fate then, and say.. ohwell.. thats how it was meant to be, so there, its fair enuf. Hmm... ??? My point is... if someone is specifically solely innocent, but crum happens in their lives, how do u apply that to ur sentence above? Eh? (love doing that to u tehee)

                          reply to Nova's quote...

                          The greatest mark of ones ignorance is the depth of their belief in unfairness and tragedy...

                          HaaaaaaaaaaaaIiiiiiiiiiin JI? Tragedy too? U kidding Nova? U better be. Tragedy is right there, in a very solid state..such as tragedy of not having enuf neoron to comprehend the depth of ignorance in regards of unfairness.

                          Life comes with a tragedy to begin with. *sniff* For some it may come later on.*bhaoW WoW boohoo* We all go thru certain phases…if we didn’t our khoopris wud disagree to evolve and if that wasn’t part of the process, we as mortals wud’ve been unable to understand the word “pain.”

                          I’d say it might be the other way around. Ppl who have lived a happy, utterly perfect life, may not be albe to relate with any terminology falling under the word “hurt” Its rather simple. A kid riding his bike, falls off, screeeeeeeeeeams his head of crazy at the sight of blood that trickles from his cuts. Tell me what makes him scream? Is it the stinging of the fresh wound? Is it the colour of the blood, red too bright and scary to him, and why if so? Or what makes him yulp like that?

                          Ignorance in my opinion is… the phenomena undesired to be felt or toched by a mortal or something towards which he/she do not allow their selves to get involved and really experience the depth of the whole process. Its like wanting to be lazy, and taking things for granted, and thinking life wud always be a sweet dream of roses, but at the same time the person, who thinks such, denies the existence of those cute little kantays that come along with it.*sniffle*

                          Oh boy …enuf for me too…a’fore I get too carried away as well…


                          ps. Kohaaaaaaaaaaal HEY.... NaikOooo.. Yoo... Fraudia.. peer sab s'wla lay'km

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                            So let's see!
                            I haven't gone thru all those LONG mails and i really mean LONG when i say that.
                            Anyways what i have been able to understand from this quote is that the more one start losing faith in Happy endings and fairness in life the more ignorant one becomes.By ignorant i mean that we start ignoring all the good things in life, all the little things/values/sense of right and wrong and simply start looking at the gloomier side of the picture.
                            When you don't find a way out of yr miseries
                            then u naturally starts losing faith in nice things and in desperate search of ending yr miseries u start ignoring everything and in the process ignore good things too!

                            P.S:I think all of us at one time or other come across such times.That's how i think life is..right...

                            C U ALL


                              my favourite quote is life is a ***** and so am I!

                              I dunno who quoted this though, maybe me