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Roman..? Islamic Departure..?

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    Roman..? Islamic Departure..?

    Biraadar Roman,

    Assalaaaam...actually Hi! that you are secular again..

    Okay, let me get this straight...
    First of all, is this some kind of Islamic Departure??!!
    In that case, please don't waste time responding to me, 'cause whatever you will have to say will go over my head.

    And secondly, are you leaving, as in leaving as a Moderator for the Religion forum, or leaving as in leaving GupShup???!!!

    It better not be the latter, 'cause you ain't no Billy Clinton the Bhola Bhaala Sardaar of my GaoN!!!
    We ALL have Work and Personal problems!!!

    Unless, you have to do "Time" in a....*worried*....
    Didn't do anything you weren't supposed to, at that Bikini Festival you were inviting Queer to, now did you...? *Very Worried*!!

    Roman will still be around, he was asked to step in and help with the religion forum for a short term, for which he has done a great job. He committed for a short period and we kept asking him for more and more time, but now he is being freed jao baccha..ayaashi karro.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I heard a rumor that Roman is leaving gupland, but no worries coz i heard another rumor that an Athenian will join us soon


        Thank God Roman isn't leaving!!
        else i'd go nuts! dun't goo... <pls?>


          i'm serius, i'm getting a panic -attack here ppl.
          my mentor CANNOT LEAVE!!!


            Hey Dude! u go then I go! and I know u don't wan't me to go...cuz if I go then u go but if u don't go if I go then why do I go when you want to go..u r not going r u? ;-)

            p.s Can't wait for the Bikini festival..God bless summer!


              Dehatan ji & all,

              Like our pir sahib, maubadolat, aala hazarat Fraudia ji said, I only volunteered to help out for a brief period of time. I simply cannot commit to moderate the religious forum anymore due to some work related and personal problems (khuda jab daita hai to chuppar phar kar daita hai). I Simply can't afford the time and effort needed to moderate the forum anymore.

              I'll be around as a regular member though. Plus now I want to concentrate more on my career as a chatter here

              PS. BoSS, Bikini festival huh... why do you think I need more time out huh?


                Originally posted by Roman:
                (khuda jab daita hai to chuppar phar kar daita hai


                hahahahah god i just thought of something nasty
                and Roman its all your fault


                  Roman Said

                  khuda jab daita hai to chuppar phar kar daita

                  Oooeeyy Roman, Chuppar phar ta... That's a good news. Chawl Kadoon Khuwa Rehan Ain....


                    Hain really? Hai oye.. when, where, how, what, kaisay...etc.. nahi departure ki baath nahi ho rahi... dem *band Bajay* and all the good stuff... Roman... tumharay liyay Dholak kub rakhain??