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    Any confessions?

    In my three years in the US. Yesterday was the first time I went to a church. Which was a real learning experience for me. The thing which inerested me the most was a cage type of a box with beautifully craved wood. When asked what was this my friend told me that it was a confession box where people who have something in them or performed a sin and wanys to confess to it can do it in the box and the priest listens! Which was kind of cool.

    So I had an idea how about starting an interactive confession box through this post and me acting as the priest or Maulana or whatever. Koyee apnay dill ki bharaas nikalna chahta hay????? And lets see who has commited the deadliest sin of 'em all! Jeetnay waalay ko meri taraf say personal inaam! Which will be a surprise!

    Betay, my dil is very kamzor iss liay i don't like surprises....pehlay inaam show karao...pasand aaya tou hum baRe se baRe gunnah ker leiN ge


      Dear AliBeta, only Catholics have such boxes in their churches, and not other Christians. Here is my confession:

      I am in Love with Naikoo. She is a lot more mellifluous and sweeter than her sister.


        haiN ahmadi saab that is ur confession???
        **water cooler definitely ahmadi saab ka hova**

        Ps. have i ever told you that "You are my Hero"..."Super Hero"....???


          I love the confession box philosophy of Christian religion. I have gone to church couple of times to see how it looks from inside. But never actually went to the confession box itself (I don't count my sins as sins and I liked how church looks from inside. Big and spacious with wooden benches and a certain smell inside.

          I think just like bathrooms, we all should have a little wooden box in our homes as well where every night we should sit in and just confess things to ourselves. Cleansing starts from admitting to the self first, not to God.


            Roman, that sounds almost........gross.

            hm, my confession.....i dunno where to start.
            uff, they're so bad, that i am just embarrassed & regret it......


              sorry alibeta, i know i'm being too ambigious


                anyone here been to vatican city?? it is the most awesome place...i loved it when i went there...just the's sooo calming and soothing...


                  Spent a whole summer around Vatican area. I studied in Rome as part of my international module during masters, and was a few minutes walk from the vatican. Usually went there every few days since the locals told me that vatican mail service was faster and more dependable than the Italian one.

                  I agree that it is a soothing place. In my view its because people act kind and nice around that area and this holds true for most religous areas for most religions. The Bahai center is another example.

                  I feel the same sense of calm in Madinah and the mosque in Thatta.
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    Respected, Pir Fraudia Roohani Noorani,

                    "Spent a whole summer around Vatican..."

                    Vatican!!! VAAAT??!!! We have a Krish-Chan Pir???!!!

                    MaiN kehti hooN wapis kijiye! the Amreekan Donuts that I left at your Paak doorsteps the other day!!!!
                    I am on my way to work and probably will Die on the Freeway, due to my association with the Kirsh-chan Pir!!!
                    Alvida gupshup kay Musalmaaaan bhai behnoaN!*Sob*!!!


                      Oye dehatan..paindu

                      I said..around..not "in"
                      I was in rome and vatican city is in rome.
                      Good spiritual leaders are those who understand the faith of all the people who may come to them for guidance one day.

                      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                        my confession????/
                        ummmmmmmmmmmm.sweet and simple,yet very sad and heart breaking....
                        while my stay in pakistan i was going to a friends house, me and some other friends had planed a short trip to the shop too. on the way there when we turned right from the well and then left from the corner house and then left again from the tubewell, i acciadently stepped on a poor poor goats foot...
                        but thank god it was wearing a good pair of trainers or god knows what would have happened,.the goat just gave me a look and trotted of on its way to the grocery store to buy some carrots for her tea...
                        anyways, since then i have been extra carefull between goats...

                        keep good



                          dearly beloved...
                          today we are gathered here to make and take confessions....

                          and my true true confession is........

                          i have some bad spelling mistakes....

                          but i dont care,,,
                          i'm just worried for all my fave gupies...
                          hope u can read my writting and spellings....



                            holy maulana,

                            i'v a confession to make.
                            I'v just killed a duplicate unix log on in a very ruthless manner!!!

                            any chance for my bukhshish???

                            [This message has been edited by KK (edited June 06, 2000).]


                              Kohal, gross??? what do you mean?