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    Chat Gossip

    - Should I be worried of a raqeeb or sitam zeedaiy roosia koi aur hai?

    - GUPSHUP has been the most present, consistent, and loyal chatter so for, and quite amazingly, he/she (or it?... Azkar please specify the gender) also knows the art of saying the same thing over and over again (with Jasoos being lagging just a lil behind). I specifically like the words 'Please' and 'click' in GUPSHUP's requests (assuming that it's a she).

    - Jasoos gave me the title of 'Bore Admee' today, and I'm sticking to it.

    - Apparently, Rarediamonds & Gold (why there isn't a space between 'rare' and 'diamonds'?) is having some sort of chronic ISP disconnection problems... she comes and goes like there is no coming and going.

    - Again, why the teddy bear, Kohal?

    - NaikLarki's nick wasn't working today for chat. To keep things based on equality around here, I suggest the Not*So*Pious*Twin should also have same level of privileges.

    - Apparently, garam_masale does not discuss his productions there... some artistic snobbery, huh?

    - DB came, she saw, she talked about exams, and then she left. hayaa heard it, got shocked, and screamed - only God knows what will happen when Jasoos and X Factory will get together.

    - BoSS impressed me by not being able to spell dirhea, I only follow the legend.

    ABC eye witness news



      i know miss paki. talk about an assuring news anchor...heheh..

      Originally posted by Roman:
      [B- Again, why the teddy bear, Kohal?

      i dunno........cuz the SMILEYS are used to much on chat & they don't even have a smiley which wears glasses.

      btw, one additional Chat Gossip:
      due to gupshups's chat, there is now a SPIDERWEB in who's who's little baiya/baji <<goku!! >>, or older baji/baiya OR nana/nawasee etc. It's soo complicated i tell ya....


        Well,now I've heard entirely different set of events... There's an on going rumor that Phoolmala likes to bungi-jump from the Brooklyn bridge with her hair dyed in color red...she's also known to be pretty hard on drivers who have parked their cars in a no-parking zone with the flashers a cop she gets them towed in no time.. way to go Phoolmala! these suckers piss me off too..

        And Uncle Nova had some of the Albert Einstein's genes planted during a pentagon's experiment, gone happened back in the fifties while he was still a toddler..nowadays, he's often mistaken as Einstein himself while he's shopping with his newly found love in some Virginia's mall..many kids in his biology class are ecstatic to find out that they are being taught by Einstein himself...more to come

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          he's in Virginia!??
          *yay* i finally found out where he is.

          not that it makes any difference from before tht i now know....


            Rom....bore...u might be...
            but you are the only sensible person around here...tell them that privileges part again n again...balkay u better tell them to give me "Ism-e-azam"....

            Kohal yes Nova saab is in VA....if you wanna know more...u know where u cud find me
            and ofcourse i am not a defender of free world

            ps. Outlaw sahib....yes she is doing background check for u

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              Roman my biraadar in Islam,

              Chalo ye thread shuru kiya, toa Adam bezaar, unsocial beings can also get a taste of this new Chaat....*Smile*

              Talk to you later!


                Hey nobody was on chat yesterday
                oh well
                this chat thing is actually pretty funny ya know .. as kohal bajee said we have bhais/bajees/nanas etc ....

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                  Apparently NL is having connection problems due to her cheap (ok, very cheap) ISP. She's following R&D's tradition.

                  Apparently, is not paying her enough. Ha, I feel superior.


                    Roman, u have me thinking now. Well it has always been written down like that without any space between Rare and diamonds.

                    As far as my coming and going, there was something wrong with aol..that day and it was throwing all the users off line. But hey I now know how much u all missed me every time I was gone


            's what I found out last night:

                      Naikoo thinks that Nova and Roman hate her.
                      Fraud is somewhere around Chicago just like bizzy.
                      MNI prefers to speak urdu rather then french in the chat room.
                      Muscle Girl and devuchka wanted to know what each other was wearing while they were chatting.
                      Fraudia wants to write for "that other" website and was welcomed with open arms.
                      Elmo wants to send something to his isp so that they will get julaab.
                      Girl from Quraysh is a Qureshi.


                        Originally posted by Muzna:

                        Fraudia wants to write for "that other" website and was welcomed with open arms.

                        Fraudia should spray the arm pits of those open arms with some heavy duty deodorant before going.


                          damn, why is it that every time I log on chat I start watching music videos on VH-1? Well, I am gonna have to clear that up with Naik some other time.


                            i'm on chat for a couple of mins, and just then, someone calls bout luck...happened like 4 times today


                              I've a secret, I've a secret.

                              Somebody asked me a question in chat today.

                              You are not gonna believe the question!

                              Ah, if I could only figure out what the blackmailing amount should be!