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    Remember those crazy kids from that colorado highschool who shot other students ... here's what happened in my highschool today ... someone or some screwed up kids wrote in the bathroom that they will shoot everyone in the school ... the whole flippn school went crazy .. everyone left .. police was called .. and the tv ppl were there too ... I don't think the person who wrote that intended to do such a thing since it would be dumb to tell everyone about it .... I'm not terrified cuz my neighbourhood in karachi had screwed up ppl like them but I'm surprised that things like this can happen in Canada !!!! It's supposed to be a peaceful country dammit !!

    oh no,
    goku, that's awful.

    wanna know something else my lil' goku bro?
    last year, after the colorado shooting,
    a bomb threat was called out in my high school.
    then at our local college
    THEN at our local univrsity <during exams!!>

    wat morons are out dhere huh!?
    god. ppl are such losers sometimes. It's just like the story of crying for the wolf: one day, dhere's gonna be a threat where everyone's just going to brush it away as if it is another practical joke. however, may Allah forbid the potential consequences's horrible.


      The bad thing about these threats is that we don't know for sure if someone is really gonna do this .. It can be a very cheap joke or a method of getting attention and there is a slight possibility that it CAN be REAL !!!! and what surprised me even more is that it happened at your school, college, univ. too !!!! what's wrong with these people ??


        uff, i know..


          gecko...that's sad

          In my highschool, we had undercover cops as teachers; having friends in the SAC, our gang sort of knew them all.

          and it's gotten worse since last year i hear..



            "having friends in the SAC,...."

            VAAAAT!!! I am hearing this!!! Your friends are in a sack??!! Your sack or their own sacks??!!!

            VAAAAT??!! O, accha, accha, not sack but SAC...paRhay likhay logoaN ki organization!! HaaN, haaN it is alway good to have some paRhay likhay loag as your friends....
            I have one too...You...*big smile*..

            By the way, hope you are having a fun summer!
            Talk to you later! *smile*

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              *hugs Dehatan and plants a big wet one on her forehead*

              talk to u soon *smile*


                First of all, if a person is going to kill alot of people, he would never tell anybody.


                  how do you know ?? maybe he just wants to create panic ... so he'll be able to kill more .... and maybe he's bluffing .... the thing is that we can't take that chance and think that he will not do anything .. there's always a risk


                    You are right Goku but a smart person would never tell anybody unless the killer is some kind of psycho.


                      >>>In my highschool, we had undercover cops as teachers...

                      21 Jump Street-esque... ain't it!?!





                        Oh no
                        arey nahee jaaan

                        aur kia haal hay?
                        Buddha ghar parr hee hay ohh, ok

                        How is weather?
                        Wut too hot?
                        yeah me 2, oops I means wether naa

                        HayN, wut Paisay??? konsay paisay??? wut $daalar$!!!!!!

                        Hellow Hello Haalllooo nahee aawaza nahee aarahee kia ..... nahee bhae kuch sunaee nahee day raha
                        nahee nahee doobara nahee karna, aawaaz phir bhee nahee aayay gee

                        acha acha hallo halloo.....KUT

                        ************* F I N ***************

                        oh, gaash shukar jaan chootee
                        warna wo to doobara karnay walee thee

                        Trin Trin Trin.....
                        ( hyaN yeh kiaaaa ))

                        Live from Alaam-e-Barzakh


                          this problem just seems to be getting worse everywhere...maybe it just came to the media attention after the columbine highschool shooting, or maybe that shooting started it all...i can think of atleast 4 such incidents that occured after that...**sigh**